Dreamland Imaginarium Manchester Review

dreamland imaginarium manchester

Flying birds, neon lizards and giant ball pits – what’s not love right? May we present to you one of the most exciting soft play attractions in the UK right now… DREAMLAND IMAGINARIUM MANCHESTER! 

What is the ‘Dreamland Imaginarium’?

At the start of February, we got the chance to visit the multi-sensory paradise that is Dreamland Imaginarium Manchester.

The Dreamland is made up of 4 colourful worlds equipped with heaps of fun activities that are designed to play with your senses. There are also lots of creative and interactive activities on offer from giant connect four to a monster-themed bouncy castle and so much more.

If you’re curious about what’s on offer, follow along for our review of Dreamland Imaginarium Manchester. We will cover all details from the location of this attraction to a deep dive of each multi-sensory experience, with a breakdown of each room.


Dreamland Imaginarium is relatively easy to get to. It’s located in Regent Retail Park meaning there are lots of car parking spaces and disabled parking spaces too. We drove to the Regent Retail Park for Manchester’s City Centre which took about 10 minutes.

There is bold signage for Dreamland as you drive into the car park. It’s one of the first buildings as you pull into the car park.

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100 Regent Rd, Salford M5 4QU

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The 4 Worlds in Dreamland Imaginairum Manchester…

dreamland imaginarium manchester

Fantastical Flora

The first world we entered was Fantastical Flora. As soon as we walked through, we felt instant feelings of tranquillity like we were transported to the inner belly of a jungle. With the tooting sounds of birds and the delicate tingling of wind chimes surrounding us, our experience was instantly immersive.

Dotted around the yellow pathway were log stools – all at different heights as if they were freshly cut from nearby trees. Every exit way was a leafy arch dressed in glittering fairy lights with creatures intertwined in the leaves. There were vines hanging from the ceiling and enormous yellow, pink and orange inflatable flowers beaming down on us.

There were many quirky features in this room especially when it came to sensory activities. As the lighting was quite dim, the glowing ‘press me’ buttons immediately caught our eyes. Fixed at the perfect height for toddlers, we pressed these luminous buttons, waiting in trepidation for what would happen.

We pressed the button and stood back and to our amazement, a line of bees danced across the wall. As we looked beside the bees we saw a plaque reading: ‘Copy Our Movezzzzzz’. We also noticed to the right of the dancing bees was a giant connect four… and an even bigger connect four game!

There were also four cylinders attached to the wall full of different flowers. This added another layer of sensory fun to the room as you could smell each flower!

Feeling a little like Alice after falling down the Rabbit hole, we moved to the next room…

Dreams of Flight

After leaving the fairytale land of Fantastical Flora we ascended into the clouds in Dreamland’s even dreamier room. What immediately caught our eyes in this room were the giant inflatable birds that hung from the ceiling and the giant luminous gecko in the corner.

This room seemed to be focused on light as there were many ‘push me’ buttons dotted around the room. I instantly felt the inner child pour out of me as I clambered to the wall to press each of the four buttons clustered together. Each button was a different colour which I guessed controlled the colour of the lighting… I guessed right!

The giant gecko in the corner lit up in breathtaking colours from a deep purple to a bright a light green, a fierce red and an electrifying pink. I probably spent a little too much time having fun with this but it really was addicting! It made me, even as an adult, realise the instant human curiosity and joy of playing with colour and light.

There was another button further along which rounded up some bluebirds that bobbed up and down the wall. these interactive birds encouraged kids to jump up and reach them, alternating between higher and lower along the wall. As soon as I pressed the button a toddler ran straight over to get in on the button-pressing action.

As we moved through the room we noticed small trampolines in pink clouds and peculiar squishy eggs which kids could squeeze and roll around with in the soft play zones.

When I looked around the room toddlers were running around or cradling squishy eggs and their parents were chatting with one another. I think it’s important to highlight just how relaxed parents and kids were in this room. Kids were preoccupied with beautiful colours and tactile activities rather than crying or throwing paddies. There was nothing in this to overstimulate children or stress them out. Each activity was subtle and wonderful with lots of space on the ground to run around.

Underwater Enchantment

Now the Underwater Enchantment room was probably my favourite room. I love all things to do with the beach and ocean and this room felt like a serene paradise. I loved the water patterns that were projected onto the whole of this area. You felt as if you were at the bottom of a shallow seabed with sunlight reflecting onto the sand.

This tropical sea bed has my favourite interactive features too and seemed somehow larger than the other rooms. There was a giant ball pit with colourful balls. A giant octopus had been built above it, looking as if it was cradling the ball pit in its tentacles.

There were small blue bouncy hoppers perfect for toddlers dotted around the floor with sea-themed tactile mats. There were also magnetic fish on the walls! One feature we really wanted to try out was the bubble machine but sadly it wasn’t working on the day we arrived.

One of my favourite parts of this room was the giant jellyfish hanging from the ceiling. You could change the colour of them. They alternated between turquoise, indigo blue and white. There were also inflatable corals, giant fish and a funky pink and purple tentacle archway. The walls were splashed in a sparkly blue material which looked beautiful on all the pictures and videos we took as the light seemed to bounce off it, just like water!

If you have any mermaid lovers in your family they will feel right at home in the Underwater Enchantment room.

twister in monster hideaway at dreamland imaginarium manchester

Monster Hideaway

The final room we entered was a chaotic blend of monster-themed carnival games, funky lighting and a monster-themed bouncy castle. This room felt like a party room in comparison to the others.

It was decorated with neon paint splatters and had a giant game of twister on offer too. There were prompts dotted around the walls to encourage imaginative play through monster role-playing. This room was definitely designed for kids who live on the wilder side.

I had a go at the interactive basketball stall and took a peak at the bouncy castle which was full of excitable children. I found so ribbons and tried a ribbon-dancing routine for about 30 seconds until I realised I was holding up the queue and should probably let the kids have a go…

Dreamland’s Floral Cafe

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the dream-like storybook theme carried on through to the Dreamland Cafe. With cartoonish picnic tables, log tables and inflatable snails, the cafe felt like it was at the heart of a mystical woodland.

There was food and drink menus placed on every table. We didn’t get a chance to try out some of the food and drinks on offer but we saw a fridge full of innocent smoothies, fruit juices, San Pelligrino cans and bottled waters. They also had a generous menu of hot drinks with Matcha on the menu too!

Not only is the Dreamland cafe a cafe with refreshments but there are also shelves full of storybooks and other fun activities on offer too like the small soft play area next to the cashier desk.

There are also spacious toilets with baby changing facilities in each one.

Final Thoughts

We loved visiting the Dreamland Imaginarium as it is a place filled with lots of surprises where kids imaginations can run wild. There is an excellent range of activities on offer to spark joy and wonder in every room. From disco floors to giant ball pits and interactive wall games, there are so many captivating sensory features to try out.

I loved how every room reloved around the senses, it made you realise how wonderful and important our senses are to us as humans. Even I, an adult, thoroughly enjoyed each world we walked through and all the games on offer.  There are lots of great activities parents can get involved in with their kids too which makes a change from sitting on the sidelines while your kids play – which often happens with most kiddie attractions.

My favourite room without a doubt was the Underwater Enchantment room and there seemed to be so many different sensory activities on offer. I think the Dreams of Flight room came second in my hierarchy of worlds.

I think you could complete this experience in 1-2 hours with your kids. If you were visiting this attraction from outside of Manchester I would recommend staying overnight so you can explore the rest of the city too.

Who would the Dreamland Imaginarium Manchester be most suited too?

This attraction is designed for children aged 1–7 years old and was created to encourage development in younger visitors.

What is the importance of sensory play in young children?

Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills.

How long will Dreamland Imaginarium be in Manchester?

The Dreamland Imaginarium experience is hosted by Fever. This attraction will tour the UK but will remain in Manchester until Sunday 12 March 2023. 

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