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Ah, the internet! Where would we be without it? But the marvels of being online don’t come without their concerns, especially when it comes to keeping children safe online. 

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After hearing from some of our parents on Instagram recently about their concerns and opinions on their kids using the internet and going online, we’ve put together 10 ideas for staying safe online for kids From Roblox safety to handy internet safety tips for parents, these 10 tips will be able to help put your minds at ease and enjoy your time online together as a family!

  1. Safe search engine
    If your kids need to do some online research, whether that’s for homework or just for fun, give Kiddle a whirl! Designed specifically for kids, this safe search engine will only show results that are kid-oriented and family-friendly, so you don’t need to worry about them clicking on something by accident. 

  2. Youtube Kids 
    From watching really funny videos and cartoons to adorable animal videos and even yoga, Youtube Kids has everything that kids could possibly want! It’s the perfect kid-friendly version of Youtube showing only family-friendly videos, plus the app comes with special parental controls too.

  3. Sky Broadband Buddy
    Got Sky Broadband? Check out Sky Broadband Buddy, a great feature for any parent looking to have a bit more control over their family’s internet usage. You’ll be able to create different filters for everyone in the family, set time limits and bedtimes, and you’ll be able to keep an eye on what your family does online. 

  4. Disney+ Kids Profile
    Hands up if you’re loving Disney+! It’s great fun for the kids (and the adults too), and with a Kids Profile and Parental Controls, it’s even better for families. When you’re using the kids’ profile, your kids will only be able to see films and shows that are suitable for them, plus it even comes with a ‘Kid-Proof Exit’ feature, so they can’t easily get out of the kids’ account! 

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  5. Checking games security features 
    Phones, tablets, and laptops are a great way for kids to play some really awesome games, but it’s worth checking through the security features to see if you can make the games even better. For example, in one of the latest crazes Robloxs, you can turn off the social features, so your kid can enjoy their favorite games and stay safe too.

  6. Setting screen time limits
    Setting screen time limits is a great way to help your kids stay safer online, and it’s a great way to let them enjoy the internet, while also getting to spend some quality time together as a family away from the screens, you could even create a daily timer too.

  7. Parental controls on the TV
    There are loads of awesome kids shows on TV today, and there are loads of great shows for parents to watch too, but you might not want your kids to be able to watch some of these shows, so check out the parental controls on things like BBC iPlayer to keep things extra secure! 

  8. Social Media
    Got teens or tweens? Even with the age restrictions on social media, you might still want to double-check your kid is staying safe. Check out the Family Pairing on TikTok, where you can link your account to your teens and set different controls, including screen time, controlling direct messages, and setting restrictions on content they can see too.

  9. Google Families
    Google Families is a great way to keep your whole family connected and keep the kids safe too. With the Family Link app, you can help your kids create good habits with their tech, plus you can keep an eye on how much time they’re spending on different apps, approve or block certain apps and manage in-app purchases too! 

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  10. Parental Controls
    There are all sorts of ways parental controls can help you make sure your kid is staying safe online! From preventing App Stores or iTunes purchases so there’s no accidental spending to restricting what types of content can be seen online, it’s always good to double-check the settings on your kids’ devices. 

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