Family Halloween Costumes

Spooky season is soon approaching, so the scary costumes must come out of the closet! It’s time to scare everyone this season with your scary costumes. Family Halloween costumes are always the best and will look great in family photos too. But if you’re struggling with ideas here are a few suggestions to help you.

We are going to show you a great family costume selection which are affordable and costume ideas for the spookiest night of the year! Are you ready for our scary suggestions? Then pick up your makeup brushes and get ready for some Halloween ideas!

family dressed up in halloween clothes with pumpkins around them
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Disney Inspired Outfits

We all love Disney, having family character costumes will make you stars for the day and have the perfect costumes for the whole family!

The Incredibles

picture of the incredibles standing together
This costume idea is the heart of every child’s favourite film! A superhero saving the day and looking cool on the job. The Incredibles is a family of five and will let everyone join in with this family costume idea whilst looking strong in red.

This high-quality costume idea will allow your children to feel strong on Halloween and be ready to fight any villains during trick or treating.


Each costume is sold separately online, ranging between £15-£25.

The Lion King

child dressed up as a lion with fluffy ears and a painted lion face too
Loud roars and bushy tails, the Lion King costumes are great for all the family to get involved in this idea! All the family will be roaring at their neighbours on Halloween. Even if you are wanting a quick DIY Costume you can always get some brown face paint and draw whiskers on the face cheeks to make a lion!

Then a pair of lion ears will help complete the whole look. Even if you have a dog, a roaring lion costume will allow the dog to feel a part of Halloween.


Lion ears and tail, ranging between £3-£12 online or in stores.

Each costume is sold separately online, ranging between £15-£25.

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The Addams Family

family dressed up as the addams family
Who doesn’t love the Addams family? Scary but funny costumes which will let your children dress up as vampires for the day! Each family member can get involved and pick which character they want to be from the film. Even on a budget, there is a wide variety of ideas that you can use.

To dress up as Wednesday from the family, plaited hair with a normal black dress and a white shirt. To dress up as Morticia Addams a long black dress with light white makeup will do the trick. This can all be done on a budget!

However, if you are wanting to buy the costumes they are available from any store to buy online.


Each costume is ranging from £25-£35.

children making outfits on halloween

DIY Costumes

Who doesn’t love affordable and quick costumes made from home? These adorable costume ideas will ensure each family member can be involved in Halloween whilst being on a budget.

Cops and Robber’s Family

police officer and robber standing together
This exciting costume idea will allow the family to save money and be able to have fun on Halloween. One family member must be dressed as a police officer and the rest of the family as robbers. There is a wide range of clothes you can use for this Halloween outfit.

The robbers can wear all-black outfits with a black backpack to ensure the costume comes to life. The police officer can wear a blue shirt and trousers with a homemade police officer badge.

A Royal Family

two kids dressed up as a prince and princess with crowns
Now which child doesn’t want to be seen as royalty? Being a prince or princess with a crown is an adorable costume idea for kids. Each family member can be involved in this great outfit idea and everyone can become royals together.

For the princesses of the household, a simple long dress with cute accessories such as a crown or a necklace will help complete this look. For the princes of the household, a simple shirt, blazer and trousers with a crown will show the royalty in the family.

A Cat Family

child dressed up as a cat with whiskers
This awesome costume idea may be generic but it’s fun for all the family to dress up as. This last-minute outfit idea won’t take a couple of hours but even a quick few minutes!

This meowing outfit will let all family members be in character for Halloween day! A quick paintbrush of whiskers on the face and flurry ears will let everyone enjoy their fun night of trick or treating.

The Smurfs

children dressed up as Smurfs with blue painted faces and white hats
Putting blue paint all over your face may be difficult to wash off but it’s the perfect Halloween outfit. Painting each family member with blue paint on the face and arms, everyone will know you are from The Smurfs!

After face painting, everyone wearing white outfits will definitely complete this look. But don’t forget the white beard for papa smurf and the hats for everyone.


Whitebeard and smurf hats range between £5-£7 on Amazon.

A Zombie Family

man dressed up as a zombie with ripped clothes and red paint
It’s time to make a mess of your clothes and rip any old clothes apart. Being a zombie means you can look as messy as you want! This affordable idea allows you to wear ripped clothes or even let the children rip the old clothes too.

To make the outfit look as if it’s from a horror movie. Use red paint on the face to make it look like fake blood! Splashing the paint on the ripped clothes will be a lot of fun and bring the outfit to life! Even painting the face white with round black eyes will complete the look. Making the whole family look like dead zombies.

three children holding up pink and orange pumpkins

Movie Fancy Dress Costumes

Let’s see which popular films we can use as great costume ideas for Halloween!

Ready and action…

Harry Potter

everyone dressed up as harry potter with capes and wands
Capes, wands and magical powers let’s turn ourselves into wizards for Halloween! This classic costume idea is great for the family to get involved in an all-time popular movie. Everyone can dress up as different characters from Harry Potter and still have the powers of a wizard on Halloween. Who doesn’t love wands and wearing a cape?

Available at Argos ranging between £15-£25 per costume.


four people wearing the ghostbusters costume
Fighting off ghosts and saving everyone, the perfect outfit for Halloween from a classic film! Costumes for kids and adults are available online to let everyone trap any ghosts this Halloween!

This outfit idea lets the family be heroes for Halloween by fighting off spirits with their fake neutrino wand. To make the outfit more appealing, any member of the family can dress up as a ghost! The entire family can be involved in this fun costume idea!


Outfits available and ranging between £30-£45 per costume.

101 Dalmatians

child dressed up as a Dalmatian dog for halloween
This costume idea is great for both kids and adults! As each family member can order fancy dress outfits or even place black polka dots on white clothing. This will let the whole family look like the dogs from the film or even dress up as Cruella De Vil. After trick or treating, the whole family can have a movie night of watching 101 Dalmatians!
5 pumpkins in the air with candles inside and they are showing an evil smile

Have you found your perfect family outfit for Halloween? Whether you are dressing up as a superhero, movie character, or a smurf. We hope you have found the right outfit for the family to wear for the scariest night of the year!

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