25+ Interesting Libra Facts For October Babies

Whether you’re a believer in astrology or not, you can’t deny how intriguing and interesting it is…so why not delve into all these facts about Libra’s! You know you want to…

Firstly, in Ancient Babylonia, astrology was used by priests for divination purposes. But nowadays, we use our knowledge of astronomy, mathematics, physics, biology, chemistry, geology, psychology, sociology, anthropology.

Your horoscope predicts events for the coming week based on where the sun, moon, and planets are in relation to your birth chart. And people often hear things like “You’ll find out who you’re meant for…” or “Be careful not to lose something.” And your birth date also determines which constellations appear above the horizon when you look up into the sky. Astrologists use this information along with observing where the stars and planets happen to be right now to create an astrological forecast.

Many people look at someone’s birth date when meeting them for the first time, but some astrologers believe that we can learn something from each sign too. It may not be true for everyone, but some people claim their zodiac sign has an effect on them. Are these claims accurate? We’ll let you know! Discover some amazing facts here!

A quick note before we move forward: Astrology isn’t Science and this blog is just meant to be entertaining! They’re not facts, they’re opinions!

Libra Scales

Facts About Libra Astrology:

  1. Libra is the Zodiac sign for October. It’s ruled by Venus You’ll be born under the constellation Libra from 23 September to 22 October.
  2. In astrology, there are technically two zodiacs for each month. Libra ends on 22 Oct, leaving scorpion, which begins on 23 Oct, with the rest of November.
  3. Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, which comes after Virgo and before Scorpio.
  4. It’s the only zodiac sign representing something not living (inanimate).
  5. The constellation Libra lies in the Southern hemisphere. It’s between Scorpio and Virgo, so it looks like they’re sitting next to each other in the zodiac.
  6. In the Northern hemisphere, Libra appears in the springtime; in the Southern hemisphere, it appears in autumn.
  7. The symbol for Libra is a set of weighing scales because the name of the constellation means ‘scales’ in Latin.
  8. Libra’s have excellent taste and appreciate fine things. They’re perfectly curated and aesthetically pleasing. They certainly know their stuff! If you need some fashion advice, they’d be perfect for helping you pick out an outfit…
  9. Libra’s love for beauty and the arts makes their creativity shine through, so they tend to be drawn into creative professions like art, design, music, writing, film making, etc.
  10. A diplomatic Libra is great at seeing conflict from both sides as well for resolving issues peacefully. Making them both excellent at leadership and friendship!
  11. In October, Venus rules Aquarius, which means you’re creative, artistic and intellectual. You may be interested in philosophy, psychology, astrology or metaphysics.
  12. It has been estimated that Lanx Borealis (Libra’s constellation), lies around 1,200 light-years away from Earth, and it shines at an average brightness equivalent to 130 Suns! What a scorcher!
  13. In ancient times, people believed these stars were part of an animal called the zuban (or zuben) which had four claws. They thought that when one star was visible above the horizon, the others would be below it. They also believed the constellation was shaped like a scorpion because they saw it as a symbol of death.

    Get to know some interesting facts about the personality traits of a Libra:

  14. Those born under Libra tend to be good communicators. They’re easygoing and approachable by nature.
  15. Libra’s are extremely social people who enjoy spending time with friends and family. They’re always ready to meet new people and are also happy to hang out with their existing group of friends for as long as they possibly can!
  16. Those who were born under the constellation of Libra will often be extremely kind and considerate. They’re concerned about making sure their friends feel good too…how sweet!
  17. Libra’s are idealists who want to see the best in others and themselves. If you need help making something out of a difficult situation, ask a Libra!
  18. These Libran also tends to be intelligent, good at solving problems quickly, and analytical thinkers who enjoy analysing things from different angles.
  19. Balance and equality are two of Libra’s most important characteristics. They don’t like the idea of being unfair or unkinder to anyone!
  20. Libra’s charm makes them extremely likeable and they tend to be popular among their friends and family members too.
  21. People who were born under Libra tend to think carefully before taking action, weighing all the pros and cons of their choices before acting. They may worry if they feel like they’re going to make the wrong choice. It may be hard for you to decide which way to go.
  22. Librans can be pretty indulgent. It may be important for people to take care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc., but there are times where taking care of yourself isn’t quite as important.
  23. Libra’s tendency toward selfishness means they often see their own needs before others and don’t always take into account everyone else’s feelings.
  24. But they dislike conflict and excel at bringing people together. It’s not always easy for people who are naturally gregarious to maintain a balance between keeping up appearances and making others feel comfortable.
  25. For Libra’s, the world is at its best when they have someone else to share it with. They might find themselves struggling with loneliness if they spend too much time by their lonesome…

Libra Star Sign

These famous faces use their Libran traits to their advantage to reach the highest levels of success they could ever dream of achieving, (we aren’t friends with any of them, so please take our opinions with a grain of salt!) And if they really did write something like this fact, then they probably wouldn’t be posting it online…

  1. Tennis superstar Serena Williams has a September birthday but she’s still thoroughly Libra. She has not only the sun in Libra but four planets as well, making her one super Libra!!
  2. Actor and rapper Will Smith was born on September 25th, has charisma, good nature, and social skills that make him an ideal candidate for any position he takes up.
  3. Kim Kardashian is another Libra. Her ability to charm and flare makes her a classic Libran personality, but her desire to help others shows up strongly in her Libra sense of fairness coming into play here.
  4. Kamala Harris is a Libra. She’s intelligent, has great communication, thrives on justice and is very people-orientated. We’re not sure if these descriptions fit any particular personality type, but they certainly describe some personality traits associated with the Libran archetype!
  5. Another famous Libra is Mahatma Gandhi. A great example of someone embodying the Libra need for Justice and Equality for All is an individual who has dedicated their entire career to fighting for equal rights for everyone.

What are the differences between the Chinese zodiac and western astrology?

Both systems use times of birth for their calculations; however, each system uses different numbers of zodiac signs and has its own set of twelve characters (or “signs”) with associated personalities and fortunes.

According to the ancient Greeks, the twelve signs were derived from the ancients’ musings about archetypical animals, human personality traits, and their relationship with each other and their years of birth. Later, a myth about a celestial race (the Chinese Zodiac) was developed to explain why there were 12 months in a year.

In contrast, Chinese astrology uses the sun, moon, planets, stars, and other celestial bodies instead of constellations. Constellations were named after Greek myths and astrology theories were developed from their supposed influences on humans’ personalities and life. Additionally, the Chinese zodiac has no fixed number of years; instead, each animal sign lasts for one year at most. However, the western zodiac uses months as its basis.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility – Is He/She Right for You?

A key aspect of using the Chinese Zodiac for dating purposes is determining whether two people would be good together romantically. but if there’s no chemistry between two people, Before getting married in China, zodiac compatibility is usually checked.

If someone has an attribute associated with one particular zodiac sign, then they may be considered to possess characteristics of that sign. However, if people don’t share any commonalities between them, then there won’t necessarily be anything special about them.

What is the luckiest/unluckiest Chinese zodiac sign?

There is a famous saying that 10 goats out of 100 are not complete (‘9 Goats’ means ‘incomplete’). It has been widely believed by the general public that most people who were born during a year of the goat are destined for misfortune. Many Chinese people also think that people who were born during a goat year will become followers instead of leaders. Even though this is outdated, it really affects Chinese society.

In contrast, the dragon is the least desired zodiac sign, with birth rates dropping off significantly during its year. It’s not easy to say which zodiac signs are lucky and unlucky, as every sign has its own strengths and weaknesses. But in terms of social interactions, there are differences between people who belong to various combinations of zodiac signs!

Libra Zodiac

A very interesting insight on astrology and we learn something new every day! We hope you enjoyed reading this!

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