Everything You Need To Know About Disneyland® Paris Christmas

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Let’s make this festive season even more magical…with a Disneyland® Paris Christmas adventure! Get ready to immerse yourself in the magical world of Disney as the holiday season takes over the park.

From enchanting decorations to special entertainment, this is the perfect time to create unforgettable memories… And here’s everything you need to know!

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About Disneyland Paris Christmas

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Disney’s Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris is a highly anticipated event that’s running from November to early January!

During this festive period, the park is set alight with the glow of dazzling and colourful lights, sparkling ornaments, and festive decorations, creating a truly magical atmosphere. Despite the chilly weather, the holiday spirit warms every corner of the park, making it an ideal time to gather your loved ones and experience the magic together!

Alongside the incredible and joyous atmosphere, your beloved Disney Characters are set to return! Including Santa Claus himself…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…especially when they’re spreading joy throughout the park!

Disney Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris

christmas decorations

Disney Enchanted Christmas is a truly magical and festive experience that shouldn’t be missed. The Disney Park transforms into a winter wonderland, filled with dazzling decorations and a festive atmosphere that will warm your heart! With a transfixing Disney Christmas tree with sparkling lights and shimmering ornaments!

One of the highlights of Disney Enchanted Christmas is the incredible entertainment on offer. Here’s the top things you need to experience at Disneyland Paris Christmas:

  • Walk down Main Street, U.S.A, under intermittent sprinkles of snow
  • Boogie and giggle with Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade
  • Gaze at the majestic Christmas tree as it lights up the night sky. It’s 78ft tall!!
  • Meet beloved Disney Characters and Santa!
  • Plus so much more!!

Not only is there so much to do, but as night falls be sure to catch the nighttime spectacular, Disney Dreams of Christmas. A mesmerising show combining iconic Disney music, and breathtaking fireworks, creating a truly magical moment for all.

Not forgetting the sparkling and awe-inspiring decorations throughout Disneyland Paris! Main Street, U.S.A. is adorned with lavish decorations, with its turn-of-the-century charm that will transport you to a bygone era. And don’t miss the Sleeping Beauty Castle coming to life with a dazzling display of lights and music!

But the festive details don’t stop there. You’ll find charming Christmas decorations, from garlands and wreaths to festive lights and ornaments. Every corner is adorned with holiday magic, creating a truly immersive experience.

Whether you’re visiting with family or friends, Disney Enchanted Christmas at Disneyland Paris is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. Book your tickets and embrace the magic and joy that this festive event has to offer!

Disneyland Paris Christmas Parades & Shows

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One of the highlights of Disneyland® Paris Christmas celebrations is the enchanting Christmas parades that take place throughout the holiday season! Mickey’s Dazzling Christmas Parade is the star of the show, featuring a dazzling array of Disney Characters spreading holiday cheer.

During the day parade, Mickey Mouse, Tinker Bell, Donald Duck, and many other beloved Disney Characters come together to celebrate the festive season. Adorned in their finest holiday attire, they ride on beautifully decorated Christmas-themed floats, captivating guests of all ages. The streets of Main Street U.S.A. come alive with the sounds of joyful music and the sight of sparkling lights, creating a truly magical atmosphere!

As day turns into evening, the parade transforms into a spectacular nighttime spectacle. The floats become even more dazzling as they illuminate the darkness, casting a warm glow on the surrounding area. The lights twinkle and dance in rhythm with the enchanting music, filling the hearts of everyone with the holiday spirit.

Of course, no Christmas parade would be complete without a visit from the jolliest man of them all – Santa Claus! Guests can catch a glimpse of Santa Claus as he makes his way through the parade, spreading love and joy to all.

Whether you choose to enjoy the day or evening parade, Disneyland Paris offers a magical experience that truly captures the spirit of Christmas. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this festive celebration filled with dazzling lights, beloved Disney characters, and the joy of the holiday season.

Sing and dance along to the Christmas Classics

disneyland paris christmas show

Another joyful activity to experience in Disneyland® Paris Christmas is the musical show Let’s Sing Christmas! where guests can sing and dance along to all their favourite Christmas classics. This joyous and interactive show features beloved characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, and Goofy!

As the music starts, the entire audience is invited to join in and sing along to well-known holiday tunes. The infectious energy of the performers and the lively atmosphere make it impossible to resist tapping your feet and clapping your hands in time with the music.

Meet 'n' Greet Your Favourite Disney Characters

chip and dale hugging guests

During the Christmas season at Disneyland Paris, guests have the wonderful opportunity to meet and greet their favourite Disney Characters.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Pinocchio, and even Jack Skellington from “The Nightmare Before Christmas” could make appearances, delighting both children and adults alike. Who knows who else will turn up?

These meet and greet sessions provide the perfect chance to get up close and personal with the iconic Disney Characters. You can pose for photos, give hugs, and even get autographs too! It’s a truly magical experience that creates cherished memories for the whole family.

Christmas Food at Disneyland Paris

disney christmas food

When it comes to the holiday season, Disneyland Paris offers more than just magical shows and enchanting parades…

The theme park also treats visitors to a wide range of delectable delights that are sure to satisfy even the most fussy eaters. From traditional festive treats to unique and creative culinary creations, Disneyland Paris Christmas is a culinary experience like no other.

Explore the magic of winter where you can taste a selection of tasty and scrumptious dishes. From stuffed poultry and chestnuts to raclette cheese, crepes, and mulled wine to wash it all down. The market also offers a delectable selection of holiday-themed desserts and sweets, including a gingerbread house, Yule logs, and festive macarons!

For those looking for a more upscale dining experience, the Disney hotels offer a range of festive menus that cater to all tastes. From gourmet buffets to fine dining experiences, guests can enjoy a sumptuous meal in a cosy and enchanting atmosphere. Indulge in traditional Christmas favourites such as roasted turkey with all the trimmings, succulent prime rib, and decadent Christmas puddings.

No Christmas celebration is complete without hot chocolate, and Disneyland Paris offers some of the most delightful versions of this beloved winter beverage. Warm up with a cup of thick and rich hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and sprinkles. It’s the perfect treat to enjoy while strolling through the park and taking in the festive decorations.

Disneyland Paris Christmas Merchandise

disney ears for christmas

Looking for a magical souvenir to commemorate your visit to Disneyland Paris during the holiday season? Look no further than the Disneyland® Paris Christmas merchandise. From festive apparel to adorable plush toys, there is something for everyone!

Embrace the holiday spirit with a cosy Mickey Mouse Christmas sweater or show off your love for Disney Princesses with themed accessories. Don’t forget to pick up a limited-edition Christmas ornament to add a touch of Disney magic to your tree. With an array of delightful options, you’re sure to find the perfect keepsake to cherish the memories of your Disneyland Paris Christmas experience.

The shops in Disneyland Paris are open all day, allowing guests to explore at their leisure. Each store is adorned with Christmas decorations, creating a festive atmosphere as guests peruse the wide selection of souvenirs. Whether visitors are searching for the perfect gift, a new addition to their ornament collection, or a delicious treat, the shops at Disneyland Paris are sure to offer something magical for everyone.

Disneyland Paris Hotels

disneyland hotel in paris at night

Make your visit even more special by staying at one of Disneyland Paris’ enchanting hotels, such as the 4-star Disney Sequoia Lodge, Disney Hotel Santa Fe or the Disneyland Hotel.

These accommodation options offer a joyous atmosphere with festive lighting and enchanting ornaments, so you can fully immerse yourself in the holiday celebration!

Disneyland Paris TicketsDisneyland Paris Tickets
christmas tree at disneyland paris

From the dazzling tree lighting ceremony to the spectacular nighttime shows, there is no shortage of festive entertainment. Whether you’re watching the Disney Dreams nighttime spectacular or marvelling at the parade heading down Main Street U.S.A., you’ll be mesmerised by the enchantment that fills the air.

Make this jolly season truly unforgettable by celebrating a Disneyland® Paris Christmas! Embrace Disney magic, holiday cheer, and meeting beloved characters and create a holiday celebration like no other. So, gather your loved ones and create memories that will fill your hearts with joy for years to come.

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