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Weird and Wonderful: 15 quirky attractions you need to visit

Harry Meredith

06 November 2017

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Sometimes it’s easy to think that you’ve seen it all, but we’ve created a list to prove that you haven’t. Tucked away in the nooks and crannies of Great Britain, your family can find some incredibly weird and wonderful attractions. We’ve handpicked fifteen of our favourites and we can’t wait to share them with you.

If you think you’ve been to a weirder attraction than the ones on our list please comment below and tell us all about your adventures.

  1. Mann Cat Sanctuary, Isle of Man

    Visit an attraction where the cats are in charge. At Mann Cat Sanctuary, hundreds of fluffy felines and purr-fect pals roam freely across seven acres. With so much space the cats get to choose where they live, which encourages natural behaviour. Come with your family to say hello, and as entry is free the sanctuary asks for food donations instead. Top tip: You’ll be the most popular human around if you bring some cat treats for tea.

    The many cats that live on Mann Cat Sanctuary

  2. Grimm & Co, Rotherham

    Hop on your brooms and put down your potions, Grimm & Co in Rotherham is open for business. Founded in 1148 by Master Graham Grimm, this apothecary has been and will always be the spot for magical beings. Come and join in with writing workshops, or learn about hexes and magical accessories. Make sure to check out the Library of Forgotten Books, where your little one can take a book home for free.

    Grimm & Co's store front

  3. The Kinema in the Woods, Lincolnshire

    If the usual trip to the cinema involves your little ones pulling on your sleeve to take them to the bathroom, or constant pleading to buy them popcorn, Kinema in the Woods is the cinema that your family needs. It is a picturesque picture house tucked away in the Lincolnshire countryside, and is one of the only cinemas that still provides an interval; perfect for minimising your chances of missing the most important part of the film.

    The Kinema in the woods with the lights on at night

  4. King Richard the III Discovery Centre, Leicester

    There’s nothing weirder than finding a fifteenth-century king’s skeleton beneath a car park. Come to the King Richard the III Discovery Centre and discover fascinating stories, past and present. There will be plenty for your family to do, as there are medieval workshops, interactive displays, and regal fancy dress.

  5. Tomb of the Eagles, The Orkney Isles

    The Tomb of the Eagles may have an unusual nickname, but it is an important and fun landmark that your family has to visit. Discovered accidentally by a local farmer, this site helped reveal how islanders lived three thousand years ago. With a visitor centre, a slide in tomb, and plenty of activities, this is a day out that mini-archaeologists will love.

    An eagle flying over the Tomb of the Eagles

  6. Plantasia, Swansea

    It’s not often that you find an attraction this proud of its plants, but at Plantasia, they’re definitely the star of the show. Visit a rainforest in the middle of a city and discover a hothouse overflowing with exotic wildlife. This is an attraction where the plants and habitats take centre stage, but if you look closely you’ll find plenty of animals too.

    An peculiar plant in Plantasia

  7. Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, Glasgow and Strathclyde

    Walk into a world of peculiar puppets at the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre. Explore an enormous collection, and try your hand at crafting your very own puppet. Let your little ones learn about how puppets are made and enjoy a bizarre but educational day out.

    A creepy puppet sitting beside a red kettle

  8. Mother Shipton’s Cave, York

    Discover how the waterfall at Mother Shipton’s Cave turns anything it touches into stone. This attraction has amazed visitors since 1630, and could be a fantastically mystical day out for your family. See for yourselves the teddy bears that have gradually turned to stone beneath the waterfall.

    Objects turned to stone by Mother Shipton's waterfall

  9. Hellfire Caves, Buckinghamshire

    Hidden beneath a church lies a sequence of tunnels with a mysterious past. Delve deep underground with your family and explore Hellfire Caves. With winding tunnels that reach three hundred metres beneath the surface this is a great day out for mini-historians and explorers alike. But be careful, as there are spooky ghosts who haunt the tunnels.

    A carving in the walls of Hellfire Caves

  10. Only Foals and Horses, Lancashire

    You’d be a fool not to visit Only Foals and Horses in Lancashire. Come and visit a sanctuary that takes care of neglected or mistreated horses. You can say hello to Tinker, Trigger and Solomon when you visit, but make sure you don’t lean on one of the barn doors; we all know what happened to Del Boy!

  11. Fossils Galore, Cambridge

    Dig up some fun at Fossils Galore, Cambridge, and find out how your family could go fossil hunting. Peer into the preparation laboratory, and see the museum’s team carefully restoring exhibits. On your trip you’ll even get the chance to meet a fossil finding beagle called Crystal!

    An ancient fossil at Fossils Galore

  12. The Gnome Reserve, Devon

    Wander through four enchanted acres at The Gnome Reserve whilst wearing your very own gnome hats. Deep in the mystical woods you’ll find an enormous collection of gnomes and pixies in some enchanting scenarios. They’ll be hiding along the pathway, and peeking behind the trees, but can your little ones spot all of them? After making over seventy television appearance, we hear the gnomes are getting quite used to the spotlight, luckily our Trusted Explorer Kate can tell you more in her review of the Gnome Reserve.

    A bunch on gnome's chatting in the woods

  13. The Clink Prison Museum, Greater London

    Bring your little criminals to one of England’s oldest and most notorious prisons. Discover the darker side of London at The Clink Prison Museum, and visit the former home to some of London’s cheekiest thieves. Touch old torture devices, archaeological artefacts, and listen to the secret tales the prison has witnessed over the past 600 years.

    A Victorian axe and stone used for beheading

  14. DangerPoint, Flintshire and Wrexham

    Look, stop and go to DangerPoint. Treat your family to a fun and educational day out that will teach your children about the dangers of the outside world. This is the perfect place to teach your child about transport, home, and school safety in a fun environment. Make sure to check out the attraction’s free activity booklet online before you visit, which is full of informative quizzes, pictures, and colouring pages.

    Transport safety at DangerPoint in Flintshire and Wrexham

  15. Scotts Grotto, Hertfordshire

    Visit Scotts Grotto, a peculiar attraction where no one quite understands what it is. Built for, or by the 18th-century poet John Scott, this series of inter-connected chambers could be an elaborate garden feature, or an extravagant writing room. Come and discover for yourself just why this unusual grotto is still being visited three hundred years later...  

    The entrance to the mysterious Scotts Grotto

Tell us about the weird and wonderful attractions near you, and don't forget to search for your next day out at dayoutwiththekids.co.uk



Harry Meredith

06 November 2017

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Harry is our intern at Day Out With The Kids. After living in Leicester, Bath and Vermont he is always on the lookout for his next adventure. He loves anything to do with polar bears, and when he was 12 he was ranked the 14th best Pokemon player in the UK!

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