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Bolton Skatepark

  • Bolton
  • Outdoor
  • Ages 9+
  • Ice Skating and Rollerskating

Attraction Information

Bolton Skatepark was designed and built by well known shred kings Freestyle and opened in 2015 so it's still all smooth and new! It's an all concrete course that's set up in a single and continuous flowing loop that comprises both street and transition elements: perfect for all tastes! For those in the know we have more detail...

One side of the course begins with a taco off which then leads 2 different ways: one starts with a stair set, rail and hubbas following onto a hipped bank, then finishing with a quarter pipe at the return ramp ending. Theother path begins with a flat bank and pole jam leading down to another flat bank but lined with hubbas and a rail. Leading on from this is the earthquake gap by the roll over and it finishes with a mellow quarter pipe for a smooth return.

In between and alongside these 2 runs are several bonus features out of the loop: a small mini ramp with bowled corners and a range of staggered ledges, plus on the back end of the skatepark there is also a small rhythm run featuring 2 quarter pipes at either side with a mid height jump box and a neat roll over in between them.

And if you didn't follow that then simply the reviews indicate Bolton Skatepark is a great effort with something for everyone to love from beginner to pro. The arrangement of the obstacles in a continuous loop is a nice touch and makes you feel terribly graceful on your shred!

Worth noting there are no on site toilets but there are facilities nearby in the supermarket.

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Opening hours

Daily daytime access.



Travel & Contact Information


Dawes Street, Bolton, Greater Manchester, BL2 1HQ, England

Phone number

01204 334321



Click here to visit Bolton Skatepark's website.

FAQ & Additional Information

Bolton Skatepark has not told us about their parking.

No, there are no toilets available.

No, there are no baby changing facilities.

Yes, you can bring a picnic.

Bolton Skatepark has not told us about their dining options.

No, Bolton Skatepark is not wheelchair friendly.

No, Bolton Skatepark have stated they are not pushchair friendly.

Bolton Skatepark has not told us if they are dog friendly.

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