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Perfect for families and fans, this experience brings to life the magic of ABBA. Parents and children alike will revel in the infectious tunes, immersive exhibits, and engaging activities, making for an unforgettable day out.

The ABBA Voyage concert in London is a spectacular tribute to the timeless legacy of the legendary Swedish pop band, ABBA. Taking place at a specially designed arena in the heart of the city, the concert is a stunning fusion of cutting-edge technology and soul-stirring music, designed to transport fans back to the heyday of ABBA's fame while presenting a fresh and exciting experience.

The immersive show begins with the ambiance itself, setting the stage for a mesmerising journey. The arena, designed to encapsulate the essence of ABBA's music, is adorned with elements reminiscent of the band's Swedish roots. Sleek and modern, yet undeniably warm, the space is a perfect canvas upon which the magic unfolds.

Central to the concert is the groundbreaking use of holographic technology, which brings the iconic band members to life on stage. Agnetha, Benny, Björn, and Anni-Frid are recreated with startling precision and vivid detail, moving and performing with an authenticity that makes it hard to believe they're not truly present. This cutting-edge technology marries perfectly with digitally remastered audio of the band's classic tracks, making for an experience that is both nostalgic and novel.

But ABBA Voyage is more than just a visual and auditory feast. The concert takes fans on a narrative journey through the band's history, chronicling their meteoric rise to fame, their creative journey, and the timeless appeal of their music. The storytelling aspect is thoughtfully interwoven with the performance, making for an experience that is engaging and enlightening.

Every song performed at the concert is a trip down memory lane, from the upbeat dance anthem "Dancing Queen" to the soulful ballad "The Winner Takes It All". Each track is delivered with a level of craftsmanship and attention to detail that honors the original while breathing new life into it.

Audience interaction is another highlight of the ABBA Voyage concert. Fans are encouraged to sing along, dance, and fully immerse themselves in the music. This participatory element turns the concert into a communal celebration of music, transcending age and geography.

The concert also pays homage to ABBA's roots and inspirations, providing fascinating insights into the creative processes and influences behind some of the band's most iconic tracks. This educational element adds depth to the experience and allows fans to engage with the music on a more intimate level.

Accessibility and inclusivity are central to the ABBA Voyage experience. The venue is designed to accommodate fans of all ages and abilities, ensuring that everyone can partake in this musical journey. Information regarding accessibility, ticketing, and amenities is readily available, showcasing a commitment to providing a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

In summary, the ABBA Voyage concert in London is a masterful blend of nostalgia, innovation, and heartfelt tribute. By marrying cutting-edge technology with a profound respect for the band's legacy, the show offers fans a unique opportunity to reconnect with the music they love while discovering new facets of ABBA's enduring appeal. It's an experience that resonates with fans both old and new, making it a must-visit attraction for anyone seeking a journey through the golden era of pop music.

Sara from Liverpool's recent Experience:

"Stepping out of the dazzling lights of the ABBA Voyage show in London, I'm still humming along to the infectious beats of "Dancing Queen". As a woman in my mid-30s, I grew up with ABBA's timeless tunes, and tonight's experience felt like a heartwarming embrace from nostalgia.

The evening began with a delightful pre-show dinner. The menu was a perfect medley of flavors, each dish crafted to complement the musical journey we were about to embark upon. I savored a plate of Swedish meatballs, perfectly spiced and accompanied by a tangy lingonberry sauce. The meal wouldn't have been complete without a glass of bubbly champagne, effervescent and celebratory, much like ABBA's music.

When the show began, I was transported. The use of technology was astounding. The stage came alive with holographic recreations of the band, each member so vivid and lifelike that it felt as if ABBA themselves were performing just for us. The holograms were perfectly synchronized with the music, and the visual effects created an immersive ambiance that was simply mesmerizing.

As the familiar chords of my favorite ABBA songs filled the room, I couldn't help but be swept up in the energy. When "Mamma Mia" began to play, I found myself on my feet, dancing along with abandon. The room was electric, and everyone around me was sharing in the joyous spirit of the music.

Reflecting on the experience, the ABBA Voyage show was more than just a musical performance; it was a celebration. A celebration of music, technology, and the pure, unadulterated joy that comes from losing oneself in a melody that resonates with the soul. Tonight, I wasn't just an observer; I was a part of the ABBA legacy, dancing and singing my heart out amidst a crowd of fellow fans."

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Interactive Hologram Concert

Step into the world of ABBA as the attraction boasts a cutting-edge hologram concert. Watch as digital avatars of the band take the stage, captivating audiences with lifelike performances. This unique blend of tech and music creates an unforgettable experience.

ABBA's Journey Exhibit

Explore the ABBA's Journey exhibit, where families can learn about the band's history. Interactive displays, authentic memorabilia, and fun trivia make this a delightful, educational experience that speaks to all age groups.

Kid-Friendly Activities

The attraction ensures kids are entertained with interactive and age-appropriate activities. From singing along to ABBA's hits to engaging exhibits, the ABBA Voyage is crafted to inspire and amuse young minds.

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Regular Times
  • Monday, 13:30 - 22:00
  • Tuesday, Closed
  • Wednesday, Closed
  • Thursday, 13:30 - 22:00
  • Friday, 13:30 - 22:00
  • Saturday, 13:30 - 22:00
  • Sunday, 13:30 - 22:00
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Pricing & Tickets

General Admission
  • Adult (17-18+) : £21.50

Auditorium Seating – from £21.50

Dance Floor – from £77

Dance Booths – from £159.50

Accessible Seats – from £21.50

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Yes there is parking.

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Contact Details

Abba Arena
1 Pudding Mill Lane
Greater London
E15 2RU

By Train: London boasts an extensive and efficient public transportation system. The nearest Underground stations to the venue are likely to be well-connected to the city's major train lines. Visitors can check Transport for London's website or use a navigation app to plan their journey via the Tube, ensuring a convenient and time-effective trip. Additionally, London's mainline train stations, such as London Waterloo, London Euston, and King's Cross St. Pancras, are well-served by national rail services and are just a short Tube or bus ride away from the venue. By Car: For those who prefer to drive, London's network of roads and motorways make reaching the ABBA Voyage venue straightforward. However, it's important to note that the city can experience heavy traffic, particularly during peak hours. Visitors should use a GPS or navigation app to plan the most efficient route and to stay updated on traffic conditions. Parking Information: While specific details about parking facilities near the venue are not provided, most attractions in London have nearby parking options. Visitors can look for nearby car parks using parking apps or websites, which can also provide information on pricing and availability. Additionally, some car parks offer pre-booking options to secure a space in advance.

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