Things To Do At Home This February Half Term!

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As a parent, it can be hard to figure out plans for the school holidays, especially when February half term so close to the previous year’s Christmas break. Money may be tight and maybe you can’t get the days off work. With half-term literally around the corner, we’ve come to help you with our top 10 things to do at home this February half-term! And it’s a saviour for when there’s bad weather and you physically can’t leave the house…

So, you don’t have to worry about how to keep the kids entertained while at home! We’ve compiled a list of engaging, fun-filled and interactive activities that promise to keep the whole family entertained during this break. From creative crafts to indoor adventures, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Get ready to make this February half-term one to remember with our top picks for at-home fun!

Top 10 Things To Do At Home This February Half Term

mother and daughter diy science

1. DIY Science Experiments

Unleash the inner scientists in your family with some DIY science experiments. From making a homemade volcano to creating slime, these activities are not only educational but also loads of fun. With hands-on activities that use household items to demonstrate simple scientific concepts, you can watch your children marvel at their creations.

You’ll need:

  • A small bottle (like a soda bottle)
  • Modelling clay or Play-Doh
  • Baking soda (about 2 tablespoons)
  • Vinegar (approximately 240ml)
  • Dish soap (a few drops)
  • Red food colouring (for lava effect)
  • A tray or plate to catch the eruption

1. Prepare the Volcano Structure:

  • Place the small bottle on the tray or plate. This will be the volcano’s “crater.”
  • Use modelling clay or Play-Doh to form the volcano around the bottle. Leave the bottle’s opening uncovered and shape the clay so it looks like a mountain. Be creative!

2. Mix the Lava:

  • In a separate cup, mix about 240ml of vinegar with a few drops of dish soap and red food colouring. The dish soap will make the eruption foamier, and the red food colouring will give it a lava-like appearance!

3. Fill the Volcano:

  • Carefully pour the baking soda into the bottle in the centre of your volcano.

4. Erupt the Volcano:

  • Now for the exciting part! Pour the vinegar mixture into the bottle and watch as your volcano erupts with bubbly, red lava!

A super exciting and fun activity that the kids can get stuck into!

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2. Indoor Treasure Hunts

Transform your home into a treasure hunter’s paradise. Hide clues around the house leading to a treasure (this could be a small toy, a book, or even a homemade voucher for a special one-on-one time). This half-term activity is easy to put together at home, encourages problem-solving and offers a fun way for the family to explore the home together!

It’ll be filled with family fun – why? Because the parents can come up with the treasure hunt clues and the kids can team up and find the goodies!

Here are a few examples you can use:

Clue #1:

  • “Where letters rest but never sleep, your next clue waits but not too deep. Find the spot where we keep the mail, inside or out, you must prevail.” Answer: the mailbox.

Clue #2:

  • “This next clue needs a keen eye, in a place where books lie high. Seek the shelf where stories are told, your next hint is within a book’s fold.” Answer: the bookshelf.

Clue #3:

  • “Cold as snow but not outside, here’s where many snacks reside. Open the door to chill and freeze, your next clue hides with ease.” Answer: the fridge.

Clue #4:

  • “Time ticks away in this next spot, where hands go round but the face does not. Look close where time is told, and there your next clue will unfold.” Answer: a clock in the house.

Clue #5:

  • “The final clue is near a place of rest, where dreams are had, and sleep is best. Under the pillow where your head lays at night, find what you seek to end your plight.” Answer: under their pillow.

You can make it a jam-packed programme and a fun mind-scratching activity that’s a break from school but also still encourages them to still use their minds.

kids baking together

3. Bake-Off Challenge

Host your own family bake-off challenge this February half term!

Pick easy recipes that kids can get involved with, like cookies, cupcakes, or simple bread. Not only does baking together promote teamwork, but you also get to enjoy delicious treats at the end of it!

From pancakes for pancake day, cute fairy cakes to yummy chocolate cornflake cakes! They’re simple, and tasty and your kids will love getting stuck into baking. Plus, they can sip on hot chocolate while tucking in to a well-deserved cake!

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boy painting a rainbow on the window

4. Arts and Crafts Day

Set aside a day for some art and craft activities! This can include painting, drawing, making jewellery, or even upcycling old items into new creations. Whether you download an activity sheet and print it off for the kids or let them come up with their own ideas for activities!

It’s a fantastic way to encourage creativity and can keep the family occupied for hours. Plus, you’ll have homemade decorations or gifts by the end of it. Use a bunch of colours, coloured tissue paper and maybe…just maybe…some glitter *eep!*. 

Let’s face it, art can get a little messy…but that’s the fun of it (especially for kids) and it’s the memories they’ll remember! Plus, you can also get kid-friendly paint that easily comes off with some water IF they were to get a little too messy (hehe).

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family watching films

5. Family Film Festival

Create your own family film festival! Kids LOVE animated films (I certainly do…maybe that makes me a big kid then?).

Whether it’s the latest upload on Netflix, Disney+ or any streaming service you have! Let each family member pick their favourite film, make some popcorn, and settle in for a day of back-to-back movies.

You can even make movie tickets and set up a concession stand with snacks and drinks for a more authentic experience… You know the little ones will love it. Don’t forget the comfy pillows and cosy blankets!

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family in a tent indoors

6. Indoor Camping

Who says camping is only for the outdoors?!

Set up a tent in the living room, get some sleeping bags, and spend the night telling stories and playing games. This is a great way to break the routine and can be especially exciting for younger children. The school holidays are when the kids should be allowed to break routine and relax (they’ve earned it after weeks of school!).

Doing something unconventional like camping indoors will be super innovative and make them so excited – and you can’t say no to their happy faces.

kid playing tennis

7. Learn A New Hobby

If you have older kids, why not encourage them to take up new hobbies? Could be crochet for kids, where they can make their knitted versions of their beloved characters, cook a new recipe, scrapbooking, learn a new instrument or make a sculpture with paper mache or play-doh!

Hey, they could even start practising a sport in the garden, if it isn’t the typical miserable British weather.

Let them experiment and explore themselves, help them discover what they’ve got a special talent for and watch them (and their confidence) grow!

family game night

8. Board Game Marathon

Dig out those board games and have a marathon session! From classics like Monopoly and Scrabble to newer games, there’s no shortage of options. Board games are excellent for learning strategy, and patience, and can be a great way to stimulate friendly competition.

My personal favourite is Sounds Fishy from Potato Games.

Here’s how to play:

  • There’s a question asker and the rest answer the questions. The asker will hold up a card that has a question for them to ask, the other side of the card will display the answer written in blue (which they’re not allowed to see!).
  • Those who are answering, are all given fishes that they have to keep face down. One fish will be blue, the rest will be red. For those who have a red fish, you have to make up a fake answer to the question asked. Those who have the blue fish, have to say the right answer, but you can say it in a way that sounds fishy.
  • The aim of the game? For the question asker to eliminate all the fake answers before the true answer. If they succeed, they’ll earn coins, if they don’t, the red fish do instead.

Sound like a fun game? Check it out!

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little girl doing yoga

9. Home Yoga or Dance Party

Get active with a home yoga session or throw a dance party! There are plenty of online tutorials on YouTube that cater to families and kids and they’re all available with a click of a button.

It’s a foolproof and fun way to stay active, and you might just find your new favourite hobby… I’ve seen dance parties for Taylor Swift online, I know that’s one I’d try out…

little girl gardening

10. Gardening

If you have a garden or even a small outdoor space, get the kids involved in gardening!

Encourage them to use their green fingers and start planting seeds – ready for the summer!

They can learn all about different plants, and watching them grow can be incredibly rewarding. Plus, it’s a great way to teach responsibility and the importance of caring for the environment!

I normally sow my sunflower seeds in February – why not start doing that? Then they can watch their sunflowers grow over the year.

This February half term, make the most of your time at home with these fun-filled activities. Not only will they keep the kids entertained, but they’ll also create lasting memories for the whole family. Enjoy this special time together, exploring new interests and reigniting old passions.

And if you’re looking for family events or half-term events to take the kids to we have plenty of those too! Check out our February half-term blog or visit of the UK’s many amazing attractions. From SEA LIFE London and Alton Towers, Thorpe Park or even a LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. They’re famous attractions for a reason…

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