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Nelson's Column

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Trafalgar Square and Nelson's Column in Westminster

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Nelson's Column
Raised in 1843 and now one of London`s best loved and most iconic monuments, Nelson's Column remembers the charismatic one-armed, one-eyed admiral who defeated the infamous Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805! You can extra drama to it by informing the kids (quite correctly) that the bronze platform and panels beneath the statue were formed from the captured and melted down guns of the enemy! Cool!
There are also 3 plinthes with other famous military statues on around the square, plus a 4th which is now dedicated to contemporary artwork displays!
Last time we checked you could still buy bird food and feed the pigeons in the square, a la Mary poppins!
Math loving kids will enjoy using the Imperial Measures carved into the stone of the north terrace wall: find out what the strangely named archaic measurements like Perches and Chains convert to in modern feet and inches!
Plus Whovians can check out the smallest police box ever built, which is on the southeastern corner.

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Trafalgar Square,
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