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Looking for an enriching place for your kids to go to after school or on weekends? Where they can learn new skills, socialise with kids their age and improve their development skills in a safe and inclusive environment? Have you ever thought about searching for ‘kids clubs near me’?

They’re super useful and there are a wide range of them – no matter what activities your kids are into!

What is a Kids Club?

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A kids club is a recreational program designed specifically for children. Whether its during school holidays, after school or on weekends. They provide kids with a fun and educational environment to socialise, learn new skills, and engage in various activities!

Kids clubs are can be in community centres, schools, and holiday resorts. With lots of supervised activities and services catering to children of different ages!

They can typically include arts and crafts, sports, games, and sometimes even academic enrichment programs. While providing a safe and nurturing space for children to interact and develop important social and communication skills. Clubs serve as a valuable resource for parents and caregivers seeking a positive and enriching environment for their children to learn and grow!

Types of Kids Clubs

There are multiple kids clubs to choose from. That each offers unique experiences and activities for kids! Whether it’s a sports club for athletically inclined youngsters, an arts and crafts club for the creative, there can even be science clubs for those who love to experiment and learn all about how things are made!

Not only do they provide a safe and enjoyable environment for kids, but also a place to learn new skills, make friends, and have fun outside of school.

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Sports Clubs

Sports clubs for kids are invaluable in encouraging physical, social, and psychological development. Offering a diverse range of activities designed to enhance your child’s physical fitness, coordination, and motor skills.

Whether it’s team sports or individual activities, kids learn valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, and resilience! Sports clubs can include a whole host of games and drills that cater to different skill levels, making sure that every child can find a sport they enjoy and can excel in.

While also providing an environment for kids to build friendships, learn sportsmanship, and develop a strong sense of teamwork. Activities may include team sports such as football, basketball, or cricket, as well as gymnastics or swimming.

Having a positive and supportive environment where kids can develop their sporting skills, as well as essential life skills, can help boost their confidence and overall well-being!

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Holiday Clubs

Holiday clubs can make family vacations super fun, exciting and a chance for parents to spend quality time together!

These clubs provide a structured and safe environment where kids can engage in various activities, from social interaction and teamwork to communication skills. Not only that, but holiday clubs encourage physical activity, helping children stay active and healthy during their break from school!

Whether it’s fun activities like arts and crafts, outdoor activities like swimming and surfing or even learning a language! Your kids can discover and develop their talents and interests, boosting their self-esteem and confidence. Holiday clubs also contribute to a sense of community, enabling children to form friendships and build a friendship network that can be around the globe!

Kids Club Examples

rock climbing at above adventure

Above Adventure, Kilmarnock

Not your traditional kids club – but who likes to stick to traditions anyway?

Above Adventure is a rock climbing centre where your kids can engage in the physical activity of rock climbing! They’ll learn all sorts of skills, like spatial and directional awareness as well as hand and foot coordination and agility. It’s a great kids club to be a part of if your children want something fun, different and a hobby they can further develop in later life!

Each session will last 60 minutes and will include all the essential equipment!

Shape Location Get directions

The Grange Church, Woodstock St, Kilmarnock KA1 2BE

Opening Times

17:00 for ages 5-8 (rope climbing)

12:00 for ages 0-4 (rock rascals toddler group)
18:00 for ages 9-15 (rope climbing)

10:30 – ages 5-15 (bouldering)
12:00 – ages 5-8 (rope climbing)
13:30 – ages 9-15 (rope climbing)

10:30 – ages 5-8 (rope climbing)
12:00 – ages 9-15 (rope climbing)


Kids Club £8.00 per session or £30.00 per month

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Bird on water

Scottish Wildlife Trust

A fantastic way to encourage your kids to explore nature and the great outdoors!

Every month a group of all sorts of ages will engage in fun events and activities that are designed to help kids and young people get in touch with the outdoors and connect with nature. From pond dipping, nature crafts, minibeast hunts and exploring using a map!

Whether they’re primary school-age children or a little older – they’ll get involved in all sorts of fun activities dedicated to knowing the beauty of nature a lot more.

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girl learning a language on her laptop

Colegas Spanish for Kids, East Sheen

Languages are important to learn, especially at a young age when they can be developed and nurtured over time. And there’s no better person to learn from, than a native speaker. Which is why in this after-school club your kids immerse themselves in the Spanish language.

The teacher provides a natural approach that is also super communicative and helps your kids develop their skills using fun games, songs and engaging activities. They are super interactive and effective.

Shape Location Get directions

Christchurch Road, London SW14 7AW

Opening Times

Tuesday from 16:00 - 16:50


£17.00 per session

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Leapfrog Sports, Nationwide

Let’s kick up the heat, and think about enrolling your kiddos into a sporty kids club! Where they engage in fun and active multi-sports classes aimed at kids 2-7! They can burn off energy in a positive and pressure-free environment that will only better them.

Through a range of sports, they can develop their movement skills, like balance, agility and coordination. Every week they’ll be doing something different.

Not only is it about keeping them occupied and providing an environment where they can burn off their excess energy. But it’s also the perfect place for them to build their confidence and make friends with someone their age.


4 week trail £15.00

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mother balancing baby on her legs at gym

Yoga Buds at The Eden Project, Cornwall

Not exactly a kids club, but this is a weekly session where parents and baby can enjoy a relaxing session of baby yoga, a massage and then a gentle walk around Eden’s gardens.

It’ll help destress parents as well as provide the baby with a comfortable and relaxing hour. A baby massage helps the baby develop awareness of their body and coordination, but a space of interactive play! With stretches, exercises, movements with rhymes and stories and support for the parents.

It’s an intimate bonding experience for the family and a different activity to engage in.

Shape Location Get directions

Eden Project, Bodelva, Cornwall, PL24 2SG

Opening Times

Selected dates from January to March 2024 10:00 - 11:15


£8.50 per session

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We hope you’ve found some inspiration on what kind of kids clubs you can enrol your children in. Whether it’s to develop their physical, mental or social skills or just to enjoy a bit of fun after a day or week of school.

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