In The Night Garden Characters

Do your young kiddos love In The Night Garden and all its wonder and magicalness? With its lovable community of diverse characters, that love and care for each other, there’s no question why! It’s a calming show that lots of children love all over! It’s great as part of kiddies’ bedtime routines as it can soothe and relax them. And I bet they’d love to know more about their treasured characters or maybe you parents just want to remember who they are? We’ve got you, with our blog of In The Night Garden characters!

Did you know it’s set in a real woodland right here in the UK?

boy watching tv in a blanket

Our Guide to the In The Night Garden Characters



First up, is the main man himself. He loves nothing better than playing, jumping and bouncing around being energetic. But sometimes needs reassurance and comfort, which is where his comfort blanket gifted from Upsy Daisy comes in handy! He’s a curious individual too, always finding new adventures, but has a vulnerable side too.

Upsy Daisy

upsy daisy

She’s bright and is a shining light in the garden. Upsy Daisy is quite the optimistic and happy dolly and her favourite thing to do is dance around the garden! She loves to involve everyone and encourages all the other In The Night Garden characters to join in! Her bed is also one of her favourite things, but it has a mind of its own and it does chase her around the garden!

Upsy Daisy is also Igglepiggle’s best friend!

Makka Pakka

makka pakka

A curious individual who lives in a small cave at the edge of the garden. He loves to collect and wash his little stones (he may even wash his friend’s faces too!). And can be seen pushing his Og-Pog vehicle which carries his sponge, soap, uff-ruff dryer and a special trumpet. Whose face will he wash today?

The Timbliboos

An extraordinary name for extraordinary characters! There’s Eee, who is pink and yellow, Ooo who is brown and pink and Unn who is red and green!

They live in a unique bush where they love to stack their special blocks, bang their drums or make music on their piano!

The Pontipines

the pontipines family

A large family of 10 who live in a house at the foot of a tree. Their family is made up of 8 children, 4 are girls and 4 are boys, and their parents. They’re always dressed in red!

The Wottingers

the wottingers

There’s also another family that lives In The Night Garden – The Wottingers!

They live next door to the Pontipines and are always dressed in blue. They also are a family of 10 and have 4 girls and 4 boys.

The Haahoos


They’re big, they’re colourful, they’re the Haahoos! They travel at their own pace around the garden and are very gentle with their pillowy nature. But because they’re also big, they can get in the way and stop the Ninky Nonk in its tracks!

The Ninky Nonk

ninky nonk train

A fabulously colourful train that travels through the hedges, up and down the trees and all over the garden.

Pinky Ponk

pinky ponk

Another transportation character is the Pinky Ponk, which is an airship! It soars gracefully in the air and promises anyone who climbs aboard wonderful aerial views of the garden. Neat!

The Tittifers


A group of brightly coloured birds who tweet and sing as individuals throughout the show. Later on, they group together and sing a harmoniously beautiful song as a signal for sleepytime!

kids running in the garden

So, now you’re well informed on your child’s favourite In The Night Garden characters! But have you ever introduced them to Mr Men and Little Miss? We bet they’d love those colourful characters! It was certainly a staple in my childhood!

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