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MFA Bowl Crewe

"what are we doing today?"

Come on down to MFA Bowl Crewe for some classic tenpin: a classy whatever-weather family activity that's loads fun for all ages! A simple yet terribly addictive game to play, even the youngest player stands a fighting chance if you opt to use the handy ball rolling ramps and those cool pop up gutter guards! The kids can't really go wrong! There's also a variety of lightweight balls for the not-quite-so-smalls that want to bowl their own ball as well as all the heavier sizes for you big folk too!

With the modern automated scoring system once you've had the now traditional fight over the silly names for the scoreboard there's nothing else to worry about except showing the kids who's top of the bowling food chain.

Or maybe not! Which kid doesn't like a chance of showing up their grown ups? One of the reasons that bowling is ideal for a family tournament! And with cool multi game discount deals folks can split up the pins without breaking the bank!

Plus you've got pool tables to try and regain some dignity on if you got trounced by the kids, loads of video games and other amusements to dispose of their excess pocket money and Fat Sam's Cafe with a pretty great though treat style menu which includes Mexican Street Food! It can rain all it likes, you'll be having fun today regardless!

MFA Bowl Crewe
Phoenix Leisure Park
Dunwoody Way
Telephone: 0843 290 8939
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Admission: 2015 Prices:
(1 game 2 games 3 games)
Adult (Sunday 6pm through Friday 6pm)
£4.50 £7 £8
Adult (Friday 6pm through Sunday 6pm)
£4.50 £8 £10
Junior (Sunday 6pm to Friday 6pm)
£3.75 £5 £6
Junior (Friday 6pm through Sunday 6pm)
£3.75 £6 £8
  Opening Times: 2015 Opening Details:
Open daily, booking advised.

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