Easter Decorations

The days are lighter, flowers are blossoming like wildfire and the animals have woken up from their dreamy hibernation – but let’s not forget the other major signalling of Spring… IT’S EASTER TIME!  Easter is a joyous occasion traditionally celebrated by Christians to mark the resurrection of Jesus Christ and to honour the salvation of humankind. 

So why do we celebrate with eggs and colourful decorations? Eggs are a symbol of rebirth & life! They were introduced in the Christian Medieval times and they were eaten after 40 days of Lent on Easter Sunday as a treat. 

And where do the bunnies come in? Well, the first ancient stories of bunny’s laying and hiding eggs in nests began in the 1500’s in Germany. These fascinating tales arrived in America in the 1700’s and as time progressed, the much-loved stories became a tradition among families. Activities like decorating nests, painting eggs and holding Easter egg hunts gradually became ingrained in our Western culture, to mark the cheerful return of Spring!

So now you are wondering, how am I going to celebrate in style this Easter? What traditions will I follow, and how can I get the kids involved with some eggs-ellent Easter crafts? Well, worry no more, we have a selection of cute & crafty ideas you can try out this Easter with the kids!

Little boy painting Easter eggs

A Glass Hurricane Vase / Tumbler

This is a must-have item that will dress up your dinner table and give it some p-zazz! You can get glass tumblers in many different colours and with lots of different patterns that have been melted into the glass. The variations in design can make the light from your candles bounce and radiate in many ways. These are available everywhere, as they are a popular item, and inexpensive too at shops like IKEA, The Range, Primark Home, and Wilkinsons! Get the kids to help pick the tumbler or pick some coloured candles to go inside!

Embroidered Napkins

Buy a bulk-load of basic white napkins and embroider them with Spring and Easter patterns. Whether that be Easter eggs, flowers, trees, or simple running stitches, it’s a great way to get creative and bond with your kids around Easter time. We all know what great benefits there are to creative activities and their calming effects. This is probably an activity best suited to older children as needles are involved. It’s also a cute keep-sake for when the kids grow up. 

Milk Bottles

Hear me out with this one… Washed out glass milk bottles, coke bottles or any small glass bottle/jar can be turned into simplistic, savvy, and beautiful dinner table decorations. Once they are cleaned out & de-labelled, you can fill with water and put flowers to create that lovely Spring setting. Or you can buy bottle-top/cork fairy lights, which are small fairy lights that fit perfectly into glass bottles. 

You can purchase these on Amazon in a multipack for under £10, or you can support small online businesses on websites like Etsy where individual cork fairlights can be purchased for as little as £1.42! The kids can help with collecting and washing out bottles, and hey, they are being taught to recycle too!

Flowers in glass bottles

Easter Egg Card

You will need…

– Coloured card

– Scissors 

– Watercolour paints

– Water

– Paints brushes

– A pencil 

What better way to decorate your own home and other people’s homes, than with an Easter card! This decoration is SO simple and quick to create with the little ones. All you need to do is…

– Fold some coloured card and draw an egg shape in the centre of the card.

–  Cut out an egg shaped hole in the centre of the front of the card. 

– Leave that to that side for a moment

– Next, take a plain white piece of paper

– Wet your paint brush with water or sections of your paper.

– Dip your brush in water colour paints and dab lightly onto the wet parts of the paper. 

– Take another colour and do the same. The colours should merge and bleed into one another, creating a pretty marbled effect. 

– Leave that dry for half an hour, preferably somewhere near a radiator or on a drying rack. 

– Once dry, cut the watercolour paper into the same size as one of the folded sides of the coloured card. Glue the watercolour paper face down onto the inside of the card over the egg shaped hole. 

– When you turn over the card, the watercolour paper should look like a painted egg as it covers the egg shaped hole.

– Wait for that dry, and write in your message!


What would Easter be without Easter eggs and other chocolate treats? For your next Easter Egg hunt around the house why not use chocolates you and the kids have made! Fuse together Easter decorations with a fun day out at a chocolaterie. Here are some chocolate workshops around the UK & Ireland…

kids piping chocolate

Paper Egg Carton Art

There are lots of creative ways to use paper egg cartons for your kiddie Easter decorations. It’s a great way to recycle used home items and it’s very cheap too, as eggs typically cost between £1 – £5. Here are a few ideas to turn a bland empty box into a colourful array of designs!

Hatching Chick

You will need…

– Paint

– Scissors

– Orange paper

– X2 googly eyes

– PVA glue

– X1 large yellow pom pom

– Egg carton

Super easy and adorable, the hatching chick is a great decoration to make with your little ones. It’s a very quick process too!

– Cut your egg box down to one individual egg cup, make sure it still has its lid too as this will be the hatching egg.

– Paint your egg cup white

– Once dry, cut little zig-zags at the top of the eggs cup and the bottom, so it looks like the cracking of the egg.

– Take a large yellow pom pom – the fuzzier the better, this will be the baby chick.

– Place it inside the white egg cup

– Take your two googly eyes and stick them with PVA to the pompom, to create the start of the face.

– Next, cut out a small triangle from the orange card.

– Fold the orange triangle in half and take a tiny bit of glue to stick the one folded half of the triangle to the lower part of the pompom – this will create the beak.

Spring Flower

You will need… 

– Paint

– A straw (any pattern)

– Scissors

– A pompom

– Egg carton

Nice ‘n’ simple, this egg carton design is great for the little ones as they can be as messy as they wish!

– Firstly, cut your carton down to 4 egg cups – this will become the head of the flower.

– Paint your flowerhead in whatever colours you wish, just make sure it is as colourful as possible!

– Wait for that dry, and grab yourself a paper straw – stripy ones look the most fun.

–  Once the paint has dried, glue your stripy straw at the base of the flower with PVA glue. This will become the flower’s stem. 

– Keep pressure on the glued part of the straw for a few minutes to ensure it sticks.

– Lastly, glue your poppom at the centre of the flowerhead with PVA. 

– If you wish to add some glitter for that extra WOW-factor you can!   

Easter decorations

Egg-cellent Basket

You will need …

– Paint

– Thick ribbon

– PVA glue or a stapler

– Egg carton

– Chocolate eggs

This is another fun and simple arts & crafts idea that you can use as both an Easter decoration and as a basket for your next Easter egg hunt!

– Firstly, cut your egg carton lengthways in half, so that the lid and tray are separated. (You don’t need the lid)

– Next, paint the inside of your egg carton in one bold colour, hot pink for example.

– Let that dry, then paint the outer part of the box in a different colour, I’ll be using purple!

– Once that is dry, pick some thick coloured ribbon, about 2cm wide and measure it against the width of the box.

– Once you’ve measured it, cut the ribbon with your scissors and use either PVA glue, or staplers to attach each end of the ribbon to the side of the egg carton. (this is your handle for the basket)

– Once that is done add in your chocolate eggs! 

Bunny-tastic Bunting 

Accessorize those lonely doorways and blank walls with some pastel coloured adorable bunny bunting! Whether you pick them out online with the help of your toddler, or whip out the art supplies for some DIY mayhem, it’s sure to brighten up your household just in time for Easter.

bunny bunting

Fabulous Faux Flowers

Bring the blossoming Spring flowers from your garden into your home with some faux flowers – this is the kind of mixed media craft we live for! You can make some faux flowers with your kids out of many different materials, including household items. Whether that’s pieces of coloured card, painted newspapers, shiny materials like tin foil, or cut up fabrics, anything is great for this. You can use them to decorate your house or as part of your Easter Egg hunt.  

Cute Crockery

What’s a fancy Easter dinner without some exceptional crockery? If you are looking for a fun day out with the kids and somewhere to make some beautiful and unique plates, bowls & mugs, you should check out some of your local ceramic cafes! Here are a few you should check out near you…

Get Fired, coulsdon, Greater London

Tan y Ddraig Ceramic Cafe, Conwy, North Wales

Bourn Pottery, Cambridge

Hot Pot Pottery, Christchurch, Gloucestershire 

Salt Pots Ceramic Studio, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

Dotty Pottery, Norfolk, Norwich 

Pottery Corner, Chorlton-cum hardy, Manchester

Chessell Pottery Barns, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

Pot N Kettle Ceramic Cafe, Nottingham 

Wot Pots,Somerset & Bristol

Paint A Pot Plac, Lincolnshire, East Midlands

The Melting Pot, Bewdley, West Midlands

Green Frog Pottery, Worcestershire, West Midlands

kids pottery creations

Paper Fan Decorations

Tissue Paper fan decorations are one of the cheapest and most timeless decorations you can use in your home. Whether it is paper fan lanterns, snowflakes, honeycomb-Easter Eggs or paper fan angels, there’s lots you can make and buy online. Amazon is great for affordable packs of paper fan art. Here are a few packs from Amazon you can try… 

Honeycomb garland, stretches 7ft, multi-coloured from £2.37 

Hanging tissue paper garland / streamers £8.99

Pastel Pom Poms Flowers Kit, starts from £10.99, for a pack of 7.

Green and white and bunny lanterns, pack of 12, for £12.69

Party pack with bunting, lanterns, pompoms for £13.99 

Found some cool Easter ideas to try? Whether you want to get crafty, recycle or buy your decorations on a budget with the help of your little ones, hopefully this blog has been a Spring-board (I’ll stop with the puns now) for some Easter decorations inspo. 

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