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Wrapped Up: How to keep kids warm on winter days out

Kara Guppy

28 December 2017

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It is that time of year when you want to stay snuggled under a warm blanket with the kids, watching your favourite films on the TV and drinking copious amounts of hot chocolate whilst the wind howls outside or the leaves glisten with pretty frost.

Getting outside is important for everybody's health and there is no such thing as the wrong weather, just poor clothing choices.

Kara with her family in the snow

Here are my 10 top tips for keeping warm, when it's cold outside:

  1. Start with a base layer

    A base layer is your first line of defence against the cold. Base layers are designed to regulate your body temperature and should be close fitting to trap a thin layer of warm air against your skin. A base layer will also ‘wick’ away perspiration from the skin to keep you dry. If you get the base layer right you are much more likely to stay warm and they can be bought from most outdoor stores. On top of your base layer, an effective mid layer provides great insulation by working hand in hand with your base layer to trap air between layers. A microfleece top is an ideal mid layer for kids, and because it is lightweight and highly breathable and it won't affect their movement.

  2. Don't wear jeans

    Jeans are often the choice of trousers in many households, but in cold weather, you are better with a pair of fleecy tracksuit bottoms to help keep you warm and snug.

  3. Snowsuits

    For children under the age of 3, I would recommend in investing in a snowsuit to help keep them warm and dry, plus there is nothing cuter than seeing them toddling around looking like the Michelin man. Once they are a bit older, there are more capable of regulating heat and a good quality winter coat is all they need, unless you are spending lots of time playing in the snow, where you could add some skiing salopettes or waterproof trousers.

    A girl playing with a sledge in the snow

  4. Socks

    There is nothing worse than cold feet when you are out and about. Wear your normal socks, plus a pair with a wool blend over the top to keep your toes toasty and warm.

  5. Gloves

    The best way to keep little hands warm, especially in the snow, is to wear a pair of magic gloves (you know, the ones which look tiny but stretch to fit your hands), underneath a pair of waterproof gloves or mittens for double the protection.

  6. Hat

    If your head is cold, your body automatically sends blood to your brain to try and warm it up, which makes you feel cold, so wearing a hat is very important. There are some fab designs out there, so possible to find a suitable one for the most hat fearing child.

  7. Footwear

    Walking or insulated boots with a decent grip are best for when it is slippery outside.

    Two kids on a sledge in the snow

  8. Keep your neck warm

    New to our wardrobe are neck gaiters, which sit around your neck a bit like a scarf and cover your neck. They can be pulled up over your face if it is particularly cold or windy.

  9. Hand warmers

    Pop some inexpensive hand warmers in your pocket. They were a godsend in Scotland last year after playing in the snow and are perfect for warming little fingers if they get cold.

Do you have any other tips for keeping the kids warm outside? Let us know in a comment below!



Kara Guppy

28 December 2017

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Kara is a mum of 6 children aged 3 to 23 and lives in Dorset. Kara and family live by the motto 'Collect Moments, Not Things' and are known as a thrill-seeking family. Kara is one of our much loved Trusted Explorers, which means all content has been written exclusively for in exchange for a contribution to their family piggy bank. All posts are first hand, honest and based on real experiences.

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