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Work the Room: How to decorate a shared bedroom for young kids

Fritha Quinn

09 November 2017

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I'm Fritha, mum of two living in Bristol. I'm so excited to be sharing how I designed my children's bedroom with you, and hope that it provides some inspiration and ideas if you are looking to do the same with your children.

Living in the city with a two bedroom house we are often stuck on space. Since my daughter, Mabli, recently turned one and a half we decided it was about time she moved from sharing with me and my husband to start sharing with her five-year-old brother, Wilf. I wanted to share how we transformed his room to be a shared space and how we made that accessible for both their ages and interests, something that's really important when kids are sharing rooms.

Fritha's bedroom before the move, with a cot for her daughter

The first thing to consider was how we made a small-ish space workable when you have to factor in two peoples sleeping space, clothes and toys (so many toys!). We felt like a toddler bed was a bit of a waste of money for the amount of time my daughter would spend in there, considering she was approaching two years old anyway. For us, a bunk bed was a no-brainer and we chose a bunk bed that was adult single sized rather than child size because it is able to detach and be used as two singles, meaning they will serve them until they leave home!

A bunk bed in a bedroom shared by two kids

The next thing we did was find a dresser that we could use for both their clothes. They have a shared drawer for PJ's, socks and pants and then each have separate drawers for tops and bottoms. I feel like limiting the amount of space we have for clothes also stops me buying things they don't need for the sake of it (tempting as it is).

Mabli is just about growing out the age where she puts things in her mouth but even still we keep all my sons lego on the high shelves that she cant reach just for peace of mind. These fun storage boxes are both practical and they look great on the shelf; it's all about finding those little touches that bring everything together.

A shared bedroom for kids, with a dresser, shelves and a chair

We tend to have books all over the house but we have these wire racks on Wilf's bed so that he can read in the morning. Especially when it's super early and we send him back to bed, he can put on his little side lamp and read some of his books. The wire baskets are actually supposed to be for putting in your kitchen and we picked them up from Amazon. We then have the toddler cardboard picture books on the two shelves in Mabli's reach. These are made from IKEA spice racks and painted, and because they show the books face on, they make for great decoration too.

We also have a chair in the corner that my husband or I can sit on to either read to the kids or just chill out with them in their room whilst they are playing. Lots of the bigger toys like the train tracks are stored in boxes under the bed and then slide out when needed - another great way to maximise space whilst keeping the space from getting too cluttered.

Fritha and her family in the newly decorated shared bedroom

So that's how we designed our kids bedroom. I hope you like what we've done with it and love it as much as we do, I think we've managed to make it a nice space for both their ages and interests. I'd love to know if your kids share and how you've managed to make it work, so leave any tips or tricks in a comment below! 

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Fritha Quinn

09 November 2017

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Fritha is a Bristol based mum of two children under five. She runs the multi-award winning lifestyle blog Tigerlilly Quinn and loves spending time on days out with her family!

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