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Travel Hack: 10 tips to prevent your kids getting travel sick

Kara Guppy

25 July 2017

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Travelling with kids, young and old, can be a challenge, especially if travel sickness in children is an issue you have to deal with. 

As a family we are seasoned travellers, both home and away but it has taken some time to get our travel kit perfect.

Anyone can suffer from sea sickness, so make sure you have these tips to hand!

Travel sickness is not something we tend to suffer with, however, on a particularly rough ferry crossing we all became ill as the rain drove at the window and the ferry lurched and rolled over the waves.

Motion sickness is a term that describes an unpleasant combination of symptoms, such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting, that can occur when you're travelling. It's also sometimes known as travel sickness, seasickness, car sickness or air sickness.

These travel sickness tips are great for both kids and adults

Now we are prepared for travel sickness in children and know how best to avoid it, so here are some top tips that may help you!

  1. Ensure you have bags at the ready, a change of clothes and invest in sea bands to wear. It may be a mental thing but they worked for us

  2. Look at the Horizon if you can – when a ship is riding to a heavy sea or a plane is experiencing turbulence, everything is moving. The only thing that is stationary is the horizon and looking at it will often reset your internal equilibrium

  3. Watch what you eat and drink – avoid greasy food and sugar which can make you light-headed and dizzy
  4. Avoid books and computer screens – Reading, whether on a device or paper, is a sure-fire way to get you travel sick

  5. Play games – games like I-Spy, Yellow Car etc help keep minds off it

  6. Go to sleep – well it worked for Sebby

  7. Chew Gum / suck a sweet – takes your mind off travelling

  8. If on a boat stay in the middle – A ship balances at its centre so that is the place where motion is least pronounced. The bow and stern should be avoided at all cost

  9. Lay Down – Some say that lying down prevents histamine from reaching the brain, decreasing nausea. Try laying on your back to prevent your stomach from being pushed into the deck by your body weight – this is only really possible if you have a cabin though.

  10. Mind over matter – it really worked for us on the return ferry journey

These travel hacks can also help anyone who feels sick on a plane

So to prepare the kids for any form of travel:

  • Eat a light, non-greasy meal before you board
  • take a change of clothes (just in case),
  • bring your own water, as food and drink in can be expensive
  • Find the kids areas (if they have one), nothing like a bit of distraction to help with a long crossing
  • Sit facing forwards and if you have a window focus on the horizon

Do you have any tips to avoid travel sickness in children? Leave us a comment below, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

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Kara Guppy

25 July 2017

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Kara is a mum of 6 children aged 3 to 23 and lives in Dorset. Kara and family live by the motto 'Collect Moments, Not Things' and are known as a thrill-seeking family. Kara is one of our much loved Trusted Explorers, which means all content has been written exclusively for in exchange for a contribution to their family piggy bank. All posts are first hand, honest and based on real experiences.

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