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Things To Do If You're Worried To Visit Attractions: At Home Activities!

Posted 3 May 2022
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Are you worried to visit attractions still? Whether it's lockdown restrictions, lockdown rules or you don't feel entirely safe in busy crowds where there are the odd few not wearing masks. That’s okay because there are plenty of things you can do without having to leave your house (if you don’t want to), or to face big crowds.

Check them out:

At-Home Escape Room - 

Escape rooms are immense fun, whether you’re into your mystery thriller, horror stories or mystical and magical adventures. And nowadays you don’t have to worry about going to an escape room place anymore because most offer an at-home adventure! So, you won’t be missing out! Escape Live is a perfect example, they have so many different options from a Casino Heist to Magic School and detective games! You can either play from one house, or different households with a zoom call. Safe and fun.

Check it out here

Escape Rooms

Bring The Zoo To You!

Do you have kiddies that love all animals and wish they could go to the zoo and see them up close? Don’t fret, because Edinburgh Zoo brings the wild to your home, with their webcams! They currently have live streaming of their Pandas, Lions, Koala, Penguins and Tigers. Watch them prowl around their enclosure, climb trees, take a dip in the water or have something to eat. I know I’ll be watching the koalas! 

View them here

Koala at Edinburgh Zoo

Listen to Podcasts -

There’s a hugeeee variety of podcasts online now! Kid and adult-friendly. Whether you’re into your crime docs and want to listen to some killer commentary, or your kiddies want to listen to their favourite stories reenacted by others. There’s also educational podcasts, funny historical ones and plenty more. Find one that your family will love, gather them all around and have a listen.

Headphones for Listening to Podcasts

Visit a US National Park - 

Have you ever wanted to visit a national park in the US but during the current pandemic it isn’t the right time? Well, you can still visit them, but just online! With the latest Google Earth technology and satellite imagery, it’s never been easier and you can experience it in an entirely new way…and then when you can, go visit it for real!

Whether you go virtually visit Arches National Park in Utah, Grand Canyon in Arizona, Yellowstone in Wyoming or any of the 63 National Parks in the USA. Take your pick and go for a ride (on your sofa, of course!).

Laptop for virtual tour

You’re a Wizard…

For those super super fans of Harry Potter, you can actually enrol in all the classes that are featured in the books and more, via the Hogwarts Is Here website, created entirely by Harry Potter fans and volunteers. Learn about the history of each subject, what magical creatures there are in the wizarding world, what spells to cast when in battle and you can even create potions, who knew! Sign up and enrol in wizardry school now and yes it does mean writing essays that will be graded, so get your thinking caps on! 

Check it out here

Hogwarts Is Here

Draw With Google!

Do occupy your kiddies time for a while, have them play with Google. They will be told what they have to draw, and an AI has to guess what it is! It’s interactive, fun, enjoyable and can go on for as long as you want!

Have a go here!

Draw With Google

Try Making Origami -

It’s a new year, so why don’t we learn something new and develop interesting skills? 

Origami may sound like it’ll be tricky, but there are plenty of videos, websites and instructions just for kids, so it’s laid out simple and easy! If I can make origami, I’m you and your kids can too! You can make dogs, flowers, butterflies and so much more. 

Have a look at these


British Museum Virtual Tour - 

Take a deep dive into history and go on a virtual tour to the Museum of the World. Discover the oldest relic they have and explore the rich history of civilisation on all of the continents: Africa, North & South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. All from the comfort of your own home.

Check it out here

The Museum of the World

Get Some Fresh Air -  

Although it’s important to stay safe and social distance, it is more important to get fresh air and get outside, for your mental health and sanity! This doesn’t have to be to any attraction where they’ll be crowds, it can be your local parks, or even more challenging walk like Cheddar Gorge in Bristol, Malvern Hills in Worcestershire or any hills around you. It’s outdoors, so you’ve got plenty of space, fresh air and you can feel safe.

Malvern Hills

Bristol International Balloon Fiesta 2022 - 

The Bristol Balloon Fiesta is back this August, after 2 years! It’s also the one attraction where you can go to and still feel safe because it’s open air. You can either decide to go and fly in a balloon (but there will be other people) or you can just sit and watch the balloons take flight. Lots of family fun and magnificent views.

Read more about it here

Hot Air Balloons

We know it’s still a difficult time and hard to get out and do some fun, but the fun can be brought indoors with all of our options here and more! It doesn’t have to be a boring year again. If you fancy looking for more things to do, then check out our other blogs below:

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