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Rainy Days: Fun filled indoor activities

Emma Vanstone

06 April 2017

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With the school holidays coming up, it’s always good to have some rainy day activities on hand to keep the kids busy if you end up stuck indoors for most of the day.

The activities below are all ones we’ve tried and really enjoyed at various points over the last 12 months.

Drawing around children on paper - wet weather play

Draw around each other

One of our favourite creative indoor activities is drawing around each other on a long sheet of paper. You can then either turn it into a science activity by drawing in things like the brain, heart, lungs and skeleton or decorate with funky clothes and accessories instead.

This is quite a mess free activity if you use felt tip pens or crayons, but if you wanted to take it up a notch, paint and glitter would add an extra special touch.


Roll of paper

Pens and crayons

Painting on ice

Paint on Ice 

This one requires a little bit of preparation, but keeps my children busy for hours!


Baking sheet




Paper towels


Painting fish onto ice


Pour water into a baking tray and leave in a freezer for a couple of hours.

Once the water is frozen, remove the tray from the freezer and leave for about 10 minutes to melt slightly.

Paint over the surface of the ice.

Once the picture is finished place a sheet of paper over the top and rub so it absorbs the paint, then leave to dry. Once dry, the painting can be further decorated using felt tip pens.

Wipe the ice clean and start again.

Make secret writing with a lemon

Write secret messages 

We sometimes turn this into a treasure hunt and hide items around the house for each other to find using clues from the secret messages.


  • Lemon or lime juice
  • Paint brush
  • Paper


Write a message on the paper using lemon or lime juice.

To reveal the message place the paper in an oven on low heat – a grown up should do this.

Another way to write secret messages is to write in white wax crayon and then reveal the message by gently colouring over the top with coloured crayons.

What are your favourite wet weather activities?

You can also have a go at...


Make your own board game

Create your own secret codes for a friend to crack

Make treasure maps by painting white paper with tea or coffee.

Make your own marble maze in a shoe box lid.



Emma Vanstone

06 April 2017

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Emma is a busy mum to three even busier children. Emma finds it difficult to stay indoors preferring to be out exploring and passionate about the importance of science education and making it fun for kids.

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