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Planning is key: A budget family day out

Bethanie Owen

27 February 2017

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As we have young kids, we try our best to take them out on as many adventures as we can. Whether it’s a day out to the cinema, a park resort, a day on the beach or a nice walk along our local cycle track. We just love making memories with the kids and capturing those memories. As a family of 5, we do have to budget and if you have kids that are all different ages like ours, I’m sure you might find it difficult to find some places that are suitable for all ages.

Two girls posing together on a stone in a field

As a family who loves going out for as many as adventures as we can, we do have to make sure we have a budget. Money can be tight for most people these days and trying to grab a bargain for tickets can be challenging but do-able. If you’re a family that likes to budget money when planning a day out or a family who want to change their spending habits, these are just a few tips that could help you;

Packed Lunch - Grab a bag and pack some snacks, sandwiches and drinks for the whole day. This can save you a lot of money. Our kids love going out for food, but they really enjoy having a picnic outdoors than having food indoors. Make sure to pack extra snacks if you plan to go out for the whole day. This will stop you going into shops buying sweets and drinks.

Young girl on a playground swing

Visit somewhere with no shops – There are many places in North Wales you can visit that have no shops for you to spend. If you’re a family like us, then you will enjoy exploring new villages, visiting beaches when the sun is out, climbing some mountains and enjoying those breath-taking sceneries. Thekids will absolutely love it. When our girls see a shop, they always want to go in and buy something. This can be quite a pain at times and one of our reasons why we tend to visit places that have no shops. Finding somewhere that have no shops nearby tend to have more space for the kids to explore and run around. This will sure tire them out by the end of the day –result! No spending and sleepy kids at the end of the day

Two girls sitting on a bench with their faces painted

Plan where you want to go – Planning is key! We always struggle when we have to decide where to want to go out for the day. When we finally decide, we pack things that are suitable for that place. Also, planning ahead means you save more money on petrol driving around thinking where to go. Our girls love choosing where they want to visit so you could get the kids involved by shortening your decision and letting them pick a number or you could just simply ask them where they want to go out of your choices.

Little girl sitting on a field looking out at a view

Plan ahead – Similar to above but if you need a ticket to visit somewhere, planning ahead can save you a lot! Many places offer good prices with entry tickets at certain times of the year. Keep a look out for newspapers, leaflets or if you’re like us and always recycle the papers before even looking at them, check online.

With these nifty little tips, you can prepare to have a fantastic day out and not worry about overspending. We'd love to know how you plan for a day out on a budget. Comment below!


Bethanie Owen

27 February 2017

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Beth is a Mum of 3 children aged 7, 4 and six months and a UK Family Lifestyle blogger at

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