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Daring Dragons: Paper Plate Dragons and Other St. George's Day Crafts for Kids

Posted 19 April 2021
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My kids love any excuse for a celebration but with Christmas, Valentines Day and Easter all out of the way excuses for a celebration can seem a little thin on the ground. I'm very thankful therefore for St Georges Day - a day for all things dragons, knights and maybe a red rose or two. Today I'm sharing how to make these fun rocking paper plate dragons as well as sharing a few ideas from some of my favourite bloggers for St Georges Day crafts that kids love!

Rocking Paper Plate Dragon craft for kids

A rocking dragon craft activity for St Georges Day

What you need: 

A kid holds up his St George's Day craft activity

How to make this dragon craft for St George's Day: 

  1. Paint your paper plate green

    To make your rocking paper plate dragons you'll need to start by painting a paper plate green, we found it easier to paint the underside as this is less likely to have a shiney picture already on it (got to love the leftovers from kids parties) and painting this side also makes it easier when you want your draggon to rock later. You can either fold your paper plate in half now before you paint it or fold it afterwards.  Of course if you can find some green paper plates then you can happily skip this part and get on to the next step!

    A little girl painting a paper plate for a St George's Day craft 

  2. Make your dragon (and your own St George!)

    Once your paint is dry you will need to make the features for your dragon. On green card we drew out our dragons heads, wings, tails and legs before cutting them out. I originally drew a bit more of a scary dragon but got told off by my kids and told to make him more friendly - an irony not lost on me as they then hunted for pens to add flames to their own creations. At four years old my daughter needed a bit of help with cutting out the shapes for the dragon but was happy to colour all the different bits in herself while at seven years old my son was more than happy to do everything himself - in fact you can see the tiny St George he made himself afterwards to do battle with his dragon!

    A little boy cutting green card for a St George's Day craft

  3. Stick your dragon decorations to the plate, and rock!

    When they were happy with the features they'd made for their dragons they stuck them on with glue to their paper plates. By having the rounded sides of the paper plate underneath the dragons are able to rock if you tap them at one end - perhaps they are chasing after St George himself?

    A dragon paper craft with stuck on wings for St George's Day

More St Georges Day Crafts and Activities for Kids

If your kids enjoy messy play then they’ll love this dragon themed small world from Nurturestore. It’s super quick to set up too - perfect if your in a rush to find a way to keep the kids busy.

My kids adore a themed lunch and this St Georges Day themed lunch from Eats Amazing is super cute but also achievable too. I love the idea for a dessert as well!

Want something the kids can play with afterwards? This no-sew dragon sock puppet from Kids Craft Room is a great idea for kids that like acting out the adventures they’ve learnt about - plus it’s a great way to use up all those odd socks.

Wooden spoons can be really cheap to buy and these wooden spoon dragons from The Gingerbread House are a great way to use them creatively - I love the funny eyes these dragons have.

How cute are these wine cork knights from Red Ted Art? The shields are super adorable too, a sweet craft for older kids.

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