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New Year's resolutions: Making it through January

Catherine Warrilow

01 February 2017

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It’s February. Already. We’ve survived what a friend of mine refers to as being like one long Monday.
So with Spring feeling a teeny bit closer, it’s not all bad. And I quite like the New Year - new thoughts, new plans, new adventures and everything else that comes with January.

Whether you’re someone who makes resolutions or not, I challenge you not to have at least given some thought over the past month to what you would like to change about your life, daily habits and hobbies (or lack of) for the year ahead.  So how are things looking?

For me it’s been a mixed bag. I don’t like diet and health resolutions because I always break them by January 2nd.  But I always start thinking about our daily lifestyles around the end of the year - what do I want to do differently in the year ahead? I try and do it in a positive way, but like all parents I expect, those demons creep in - the packed lunches are boring, we always rush to school, I don’t listen properly when the children are reading...

Like lots of parents I juggle work and parenting, trying to find the holy grail of balance, organisation and calm - please tell me if it exists?! And whether you can fit meal planning into that?  So far in January I have failed miserably at getting our dinner time schedule organised!

So, like I said, I try not to set unrealistic resolutions, no tick in the box for meal planning yet.  I also decided to myself at the start of the year that I’d try a few other new habits.  It’s not flipping easy!  Here’s how I’ve been getting on...



I have a Garmin smartwatch which I love but it annoys me every day when I miss my targets!  I must get a run in, I need more steps I keep thinking!  So when school went back on January 3rd I vowed to walk the kids to school in the morning rather than the usual drive.  Amazingly a short 15 minute walk each way equates to 3500 steps. I had a great few weeks at the start of January and then life got in the way - I really must find a way to get more active - maybe Sunday walks with the incentive of a pub lunch at the end.

My final thought is this - it’s rare that a day goes to plan, and the looming voice of ‘you’re failing at your resolutions’ just compounds the issue.  So, it’s February and I’ve decided that if I do nothing else, I will keep a smile on my face, play music loud, whether in the car or kitchen and just enjoy whatever ever 2017 comes up with!  How about you?

Family walk in Oxfordshire

Listen to my body clock

So some people say they’re night owls, others are up with the larks.  How do you know?! I’m tired at night and in the morning! I’ve always been a bedbug and I love my sleep - I love my pillow!!!  So what’s the answer?  I’ve been trying to go to bed 15 minutes earlier and get up 15 minutes earlier.  So far I’ve gone to bed later and got up later.  I need advice here people - if you’re like me and flinging around odd shoes and forcing hats onto heads 10 minutes after you should have left the house, let me know!


Toddler sleeping in bed with nightcap

Put a game on the table every day

This occurred to me when I was decluttering the toys and finding homes for new Christmas presents.  I discovered many an unplayed game and undone jigsaw puzzle and felt sad they never get an outing.   So, my pledge (and so far so good), is to put a game on the table every day.  So far it’s been a brilliant way to make me (mainly) spend more time with the boys over dinner.  We’ve had a matching pairs games, story dice and jigsaw puzzles.  And I do intend to keep this going permanently! I also find that they boys are more likely to answer questions about their day if they’re distracted by a game.


Children playing board games

Looking for inspiration? Here are a few ideas for things to do in January and great days out in February!



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