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National School Sport Week: Recreating sports day at home

Bethanie Owen

22 June 2017

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Our girls love playing outdoors; whether it’s an adventure day out, the local park, or even in our back garden. If your kids are anything like ours, then hosting your very own sports day at home is the perfect way to encourage outdoor play, with a healthy dose of competitive spirit thrown in too! We’ve done it many of times and the kids absolutely love it, and it always comes with plenty of laughs too.

Here are my top tips on making your home sports day fun and enjoyable with the kids:

Create a sports day in your own back garden, by creating fun obstacles for the kids

1. Make sure that you have the right activities for the kids’ ages. Our girls can get really frustrated and stressed if the activity is aimed at an older child and too difficult for them. It’s not fun and games when they’re struggling to do an activity.

2. When outdoors, especially in the sunshine, it’s important to have plenty of drinks and snacks on standby. Having them close at hand means they’re easy to grab on the go, and you can always factor in fun breaks to allow them to refuel.

Sports day at home is a great way to keep kids active

3. Go to different places. You can make a day of it by going away to a local park, a field or anywhere that’s big enough for the little ones to run around, plus with more space it’s easier to invite friends and family to take part too.

4. Mix the activities up, and make sure everyone has a chance to be the winner. Some activities could be competitions with each other and others can be a competition against their own time. For example, if there’s a running competition, you could get your kids to see if they can beat their own time.

5. Praise, praise and praise! Our girls love us cheering them on when they’re playing activities. Even if they’re near the end, still cheer them on. You can even do some fun awards and certificates, ensuring everyone has something to be proud of at the end of the day.

You don't need lots of equipment to be able to recreate sports day at home

6. Instead of watching, join in with the activities. The kids will absolutely love it. Our girls really enjoy it when we join in with their games. We all get a bit competitive but it’s a good laugh.

There are quite a few different activities the kids can do but if you’re stuck here are a few ideas:

  • Bean bag race – Put the bean bag on the kid’s head and get them to race against each other, or the clock. This is one of the girls’ favourite activities on sports day.
  • Potato/Egg and spoon race – For the little ones a potato may be best and an egg for the older ones. I always laugh watching this when the kids do it!
  • Running race
  • How far can you jump?
  • Skipping rope – How many times can your kids jump the rope?

How far can your kids jump?

Our girls love sports day at school, so it’s always great to turn the once-a-year event into something you can enjoy at home too. Before starting, we sit down and decide on which sporting activities we’ll be doing, and they can always suggest something new too. It’s always weather permitting because there’s a lot of rain in Wales (and the rest of the UK!), but with summer on the way we can keep our fingers crossed for some sunshine. Our girls are spending most of their time outdoors these days, which is great for them to get some fresh air.

If your kids love sports day at school, why not have a go at creating your own at home?

We’ve done most of our sports days at home in the garden, but it’s also a great chance to get out and about in your local area. Head to your local park and find ways to include the swings, slides and see-saw in your challenge, plus you can always invite other kids to join in too. If you’re lucky enough to live by a big field too, then this gives you plenty of space to have lots of activities set-up at the same time!

Have you ever hosted your own sports day at home? Tell us your stories in a comment below, or join the conversation  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!



Bethanie Owen

22 June 2017

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Beth is a Mum of 3 children aged 7, 4 and six months and a UK Family Lifestyle blogger at

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