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Monkey Business: 11 things you didn't know about Go Ape

Lisa O'Keeffe

28 June 2017

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Have you heard of Go Ape? If you’re not familiar with their tree-swinging, zip-lining, adventurous monkey business yet, their tree-top adventure courses are a great alternative to the usual indoor haunts. As an introduction, here’s (an unconventional) 11 little-known facts to help you get to know them better.

Zip wires are one of the highlights of any Go Ape adventure

1. Their Tree Top Junior adventure is for all little monkeys over one metre tall
Age is no barrier at Go Ape. If your mini-Tarzans are over one metre tall, and are comfortable climbing a ladder, adventure awaits. The Go Ape instructors are friendly and supportive and will encourage your little monkeys right through to their triumphant, zip-line finale. You’ll be amazed at how much taller little monkeys walk after conquering the course.

2. For kids over the age of 10 (and 1.4m/4ft 7’’), an even bigger adventure awaits…
Go Ape’s classic Tree Top Adventure features full-scale obstacles and crossings for older children and grown-up Gorillas to tackle. One of their most popular obstacles includes the infamous Tarzan swing. Conquering the Tarzan swing is theoretically pretty straightforward. All you have to do is clip yourself on, take a deep breath, and step off a platform into thin air. Yep, we said thin air. Trust us, once your Tribe has conquered this bad boy, they’ll feel like they can walk on air, never mind swing through it.

3. Go Ape’s Tribe love it so much, one couple actually got married in the trees
In harnesses, 30 feet up in the Scottish tree tops. Nope, we’re not joking. Go Ape have also been the chosen location for two proposals, proving that love really is in the air (30 feet up in the air, specifically).

This couple love Go Ape so much, they got married in the trees!

4. You could burn up to 660 calories
We’ve all heard the benefits of exercising outdoors. Research by the University of Essex has revealed that green exercise is associated with increased feelings of revitalization and decreased feelings of anger, confusion and depression. Getting the kids active outdoors could be the perfect way to recharge their batteries ready for the next school year.

And while you might be tempted to watch from below with a mocha, did you know that on average, during 100-120 minutes of ‘Go Ape time’, the average amount of calories burned are:

  • Males – 660 calories (equivalent to a six-inch pepperoni pizza)
  • Females – 510 calories (equivalent to a bacon double-cheeseburger)

So, health benefits all round. You don’t even have to wear spandex (in fact, please don’t).

5. There are secret tricks to conquering their trickiest of obstacles…
Ssshhh. If you want insider tips and tricks, head to the “perfect your style” series on their YouTube channel. Daniela at Trent Park’s top tips on tackling the “Stirrups” are: keep your toes pointed; move one leg at a time, putting all your weight into the stirrup as you do; and try to keep your leg locked in the stirrup for extra stability. Good luck!

Learn how to perfect the stirrups, one of the trickiest Go Ape obstacles

6. They once launched a banana into space…
for the Teenage Cancer Trust. The helium-filled meteorological banana balloon, which had a camera and tracking device, reached an altitude of more than 105,000ft, where there was less than 1% of the earth's atmosphere above it.

7. They’re introducing a brand-new adventure, for younger children than ever before

Nets Kingdom will be launching late July, at their Black Park location near Uxbridge. An expansive network of tree top trampolines, giant ball nets, walkways and slides – all high up in the forest canopy.  Fun for the whole Tribe to bounce, crawl and clamber through, their new adventure will be completely encased in hammock-like netting – safe as treehouses.

Speaking of which, they’ll be building a few of those, too. With an endless supply of fresh air and nature, it’s a refreshing alternative to soft play.

8. Izzy whizzy let’s get zippy

Did you know that over the last 15 years, the Go Ape Tribe have collectively zipped their way to the moon and back seven times! For superfans of the zip wire, their Zip Trekking Adventure is a fantastic destination for families with children aged 13+. Exclusive to the spectacular Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, perhaps it’s one to pencil in for your next family adventure?

There's no better feeling than zip wiring through the trees at Go Ape

9. They’ve just welcomed their 7 millionth customer to the trees
Go Ape’s seven million-strong Tribe has so far included Olympians, octogenarians, and adventurers so enthusiastic, they’ve conquered every single location in a single season.

Which isn’t as crazy as it sounds. Trust us, once you’ve been bitten by the adventure bug, you’ll be hooked.

10. If you stitched all of their rope ladders together…
you could climb the equivalent of Mount Snowdon. That’s a lot of rope ladders! Their Tribe have also Segway-ed their way around the equator.

11. They like to monkey around with their Tribe…

Announcing a range of new products including Tree Top Segways, Big Orange Balls, a canopy-height “Travel-ape-or”, and “hang tough” metal rings. Always on April 1st, though. Hmmmm.

Go Ape are no stranger to April Fool's jokes, like this new obstacle

Go Ape are located in 31 spectacular parks and woodlands around the UK, from Scotland to Southampton. Check out our special Go Ape page to see where your next fresh-air-with-the-family adventure could be…



Lisa O'Keeffe

28 June 2017

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Lisa is Brand Manager at Day Out With The Kids. Originally from London, she now lives in Birmingham and is a big kid at heart!

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