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Stories and Scribbles: How to make writing fun for kids

Bethanie Owen

18 June 2018

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Writing is a great way to spark creativity, ignite imaginations and let kids have some fun, but it can sometime feel like a chore. Here are some tips for helping to make learning to write fun for your little ones.

I absolutely love writing. I'm a huge fan of pen and paper, always have been. Our eldest daughter, Mia, took an interest in pen and paper and it's now one of her favourite things to do too, she loves writing and drawing. Our middle, Elliw, has started to show an interest, but not as much. As most kids are, she can get pretty bored and quite lazy when it comes to writing, but she does enjoy it sometimes. We've tried to do many things to make writing fun for them both, and I think it's so important for them to take an interest in writing, not only as a hobby but it's will really help at school too.

How to help your kids enjoy writing

Be Patient

When your child is learning to write, it's really important to try and keep your patience. Learning to write can be difficult, especially certain letters. Cheer them on, or if you're like me and like toembarrass them a little, sing a song! Mia always finds it funnt when I sing happy songs to her when I praise her.


If your child has just started to learn, don't push them into the deep end. Start from the beginning. To start from the beginning you can draw the letters lightly then they go over it, the next step is to do dot-to-do letters, which they can write over. The last step is they learn to copy letters, so make sure the letters are clear. Elliw is still going over dot-to-dot at the minute, but if you have a child who's very confident in trying new things, they may skip the tracing stage.

National Stationery Week: new stationery can help spark an interest in writing

This Scentco stationery is the perfect way to inspire your child to do some writing!

New Stationery

Go out to the shops and let them choose their own pencils, pens and crayons. If they're anything like our girls, they'll love going out shopping to get new stationery. They always seem to go for the glittery, brightly coloured ones, or the character ones.  

Writing Books

Many stores sell learn-to-write books for kids, and there are different stages too. These are perfect for doing at home, and you could do it once or twice a week (or more, if you wish) before bed or during the day over the holidays, or if they haven't started at school yet. 

Writing workbooks are a great way for kids to learn how to write

Don't Do too Much

My eldest enjoys writing and could happily do it all day, but she would get really bored if I were teaching her to write words all day. It's great to let them discover things for themselves, for example Mia will often come up to me and ask me how to spell something, or to check if a word she's written is right or not. 

Go Outdoors

Do some writing activities outdoors, on your walk or even in the back garden. You could play some games by asking them to find certain things, but having to write down everything they discovered instead of shouting it out. These games are really popular with our girls, and encourages them to practice their writing in lots of different scenarios.

How do you make writing fun for your kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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Bethanie Owen

18 June 2018

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Beth is a Mum of 3 children aged 7, 4 and six months and a UK Family Lifestyle blogger at

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