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Make & Do: Easter Bunny Baskets

Stephanie Withers

24 March 2017

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The Easter holidays are right around the corner, which means many of us parents are scouring Pinterest for some fun craft ideas to make with the kids. However, occasionally the results you see on Pinterest compared with your own creation don’t always share much of a resemblance. This happened with our latest attempt, a DIY sew your own bunny basket, to be specific. It was, well, a shambles! So we went back to the drawing board, or rather drove straight to Hobbycraft to pick up their Mache Bunny Shape Basket for £5 each.

How to make an Easter bunny basket

As parents we’re all busy bees and we feel it’s OK to not be a Pinterest master. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you need a little help with the construction side of things so that you and the kids can enjoy the best part about arts and crafts - the decorating! The fun thing about these baskets is they can be used for a whole variety of Easter activities, such as for collecting eggs in during an Easter egg hunt or even as an activity at an Easter party where the winning design gets to take home a big Chocolate egg.

How to make an Easter bunny basket

The fun doesn’t need to stop there. After Easter is over, these baskets could be used as a piece of room decor to store number games, puzzles or other learning games in. Then when Halloween arrives why not turn it into a bunny vampire or a zombie! There are so many ways it could be customised to suit your family needs and encouraging the kids to get their creative thinking caps on!

How to make an Easter bunny basket

Here’s how we went about designing our special Easter Bunny Basket. We kept our design fairly simple, so that we can have more fun customising in the future - maybe we’ll turn him into Batman, with a superhero cape! Or, you could also add a big bow and a daisy flower crown for a more girly look. We’ve almost forgotten this wasn’t the original grand design we’d set out to achieve, as there’s no doubt we had a lot more fun creating this basket all together. Enjoy!

How to make an Easter bunny basket

You’ll need:

1 Bunny Basket
Paint colours of your choice


Cotton Wool
Sharpie Pen
Shredded Paper

1. Firstly, we painted our bunny a light grey with a contrasting white handle. Don’t forget to add a little shading to the bunny's face to create some definition. You can use some pink paint directly on the bunnies face to make the cheeks, however we decided to use some old coloured card.

2. Leave your bunny to dry overnight.

3. Next, we drew on our bunny's eyes and nose with a Sharpie pen.

4. Followed by sticking on the little pink cheeks and some cotton wool to make a tail.

5. Finally, add in some shredded paper and VOILA, you’re done. You have a beautiful (stress-free) bunny basket. Now all he/she needs is a cute name? We went with, Smokey!

How to make an Easter bunny basket

Have any of your Pinterest attempts ever gone wrong? How did you salvage the situation? We’d love to hear!



Stephanie Withers

24 March 2017

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