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Let's get crafty! Making a junk mirror with small toys

Catherine Warrilow

07 January 2018

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We arrived home after a week away visiting family over Christmas and as my husband, Tom, gradually unpacked the car into our modest hallway, that realisation sunk in. Where the flipping heck is all this stuff going to go?!

Now I’m not unreasonably tidy or organised, but I do enjoy coming home to a house that’s relatively safe to navigate.  Just the basic stuff, you know, no toy swords crossing the stairs, a clear route to the dining room in amongst the Lego and Hot Wheels. I like toys to be out and played with, but there’s a limit right?!

So I set about pulling open drawers and cupboards, seeing what could go to charity, be passed on to my brother and his baby daughter, be re-gifted to friends with younger children and the like. And as I got deeper into boxes and corners, I realised it was an Armageddon level task - this was not going to be a quick fix.

I decided that all of the tiny bitty toys would have to go. The Kinder Egg, Happy Meal and novelty toys. The broken action figures, ticket stubs and badges. I started to feel a bit sentimental.

And then it happened.

The boys spotted me beavering away and decluttering their treasure troves.

“That can’t go, I love that one armed robot,” wailed Noah.

“Where did it even come from?!” I replied.

“It came from that car boot sale, the one with the ice cream van that we went to the day Sully fell in the mud.”

How do they remember every tiny detail?! He proceeded to ‘aah’ and ‘ooh’ over every tiny morsel in the shoe box of ‘junk’ I had selected to evict.  So many special memories in these tatty broken momentos I soon realised.

It was clear that none of this stuff was going anywhere fast. So to cut an even longer story short, this is what I did with it, and this is how you can do the same!

How to Make a Junk Mirror

  1. Find a mirror (I scoured the charity shops) with around a 1 inch wide wooden frame.
  2. Invest in a glue gun if you don’t already have one (if you don’t, you haven’t lived).
  3. Collect every single little toy, ticket, badge and souvenirs from the bottom of drawers and cupboards.
  4. Start by gluing the largest objects in place, spaced out around the mirror. For me these were trading cards.
  5. Then add the toys, largest down to smallest, using the tiniest ones to fill in little gaps. 

I also added a Happy Meal watch (I cut the strap off), so our mirror also has a clock!

We’d love to see your creations - post them on Twitter with the #dowtk hashtag. If you're looking for more craft ideas then check out our truster explorer Penny Alexander's guide to Pottery Painting!


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