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Brilliant Birthdays: 15 Ways to Make a Lockdown Birthday Special

Posted 22 February 2021
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Kids got birthdays coming up and you’re facing a lockdown birthday? We’ve all been there! This past year has certainly been anything but ordinary, and birthday celebrations are no different, but there’s still loads of fantastic ideas to bring some joy and get your family into that party spirit. We’ve rounded up 15 tried and tested kids lockdown birthday party ideas from real parents who celebrated birthdays this past year, and rest assured, the kids loved it! From that all important birthday cake to recreating your favourite restaurant at home, there’s everything you need to add some magic into your day. 

  1. Make party bags 

    An in-person party might be off the table right now, so pack up some of that party spirit into a little bag and make party bags that can be sent out to your would-be partiers. There’s all sorts of great favours you can dish out, from some bubbles and balloons to a tasty slice of birthday cake! Why not go even further and do a party bag opening on zoom together?
  2. At home restaurant 

    Make your birthday feast that little bit extra special and bring your favourite restaurant to you. Stacey Brooks did just this and transformed her dining room into a Frankie & Benny's restaurant with banners and balloons and even a themed menu, it’s all you need for some at home restaurant inspiration! 

    Stacey Brooks at home restaurant

  3. Home cinema

    Bring some movie magic home with the ultimate home cinema. It’s all about the experience - start by making your very own ticket stubs, and you could even get creative with your seating (you’ll be amazed by what you can do with a big cardboard box), load up on some popcorn and sweets, all before dimming the lights and let the magic start, you can even go all out with some special cinema-style popcorn bags

  4. DIY arcade 

    No need to save up all your pennies for this one! With some clever crafting, you can create all your favourite arcade games right in your living room. Chris Hays and Kayleigh Holt created a super special arcade in their home, and even made their very own mini bowling alley. You could even make your own tasty milkshakes for an extra special arcade treat too.

    Chris Hays and Kayleigh Holt at home arcade for their kids lockdown birthday

  5. Dressing up 

    There’s nothing like a birthday celebration as an excuse to dress up! Whether you go down the fancy dress route and dress up as your favourite characters, or pop on your glad rags and go all out, having a dress up party is great fun, plus it’s the perfect chance to snap some great family photos! 

  6. Decorating your home 

    If you’re celebrating at home, you might as well go all out! You might not be heading off to a party so bring the party to you in your living room, and you’ll be surprised by what you can get online at Amazon! There's impressive balloon arches and bunting, plus complete themed decorating kits! From dinosaurs to unicorns, there’s something to suit any party. 

  7. Themed party 

    Now you’ve got the decorations, it’s time for everything else! Whether you’re planning for a dino mad birthday, or recreating the ultimate Peppa Pig party, it doesn’t just have to stop at decorations. From costumes to themed food, there’s all sorts of ways you can get creative, even if you’re  doing a themed party around their favourite colour, there’s plenty of ways you can make it extra special. 

  8. At home teepee

    Take the word ‘staycation’ to a whole new level by having a sleepover in your own living room! Some of our families on Instagram suggested hiring a teepee or some special tents to go in your living room and having your very own birthday glamping experience, after all, there’s nothing more exciting than sleeping somewhere else not in your own bed! 

  9. Treasure hunt 

    Come rain or shine, a treasure hunt is a great game to play indoors and outdoors! Hide some treasure around your home in the form of some mini chocolate gold coins, and if you want to go an extra mile, create some clues to guide your treasure seekers on their way. All that’s left for you to do is sit back and have a cuppa! 

  10. Zoom with family and friends 

    We’ve all done our fair share of zoom calls this past year, and if you’ve not had enough of them yet, a zoom party is the second best thing to a real party! There’s plenty of ways you can make your call more special, from organising a fun quiz, to getting one of your kids classes involved! From gymnastics to football teams, your kids tutors might be able to organise a virtual class to get into the party spirit.

    A little girl celebrating her birthday over zoom in lockdown

  11. Party games 

    Ah, party games, who doesn’t love a round of pass-the-parcel? Play your favourite tunes and strike a pose for musical statues, or if you’re happy to make some mess, have an egg and spoon race, although we’d recommend heading outside for this one! You could even have a go at making your very own pinata, but if you’re not feeling crafty, there’s plenty you can buy online ready to hang up and smash down.

  12. Baking session

    Birthday celebrations can only mean one thing, and that’s a big birthday cake! Get the whole family involved and try creating your delicious cake together, but it doesn’t have to stop at just the cake. Birthdays are a great excuse to indulge on all your favourites, and Aneesa on Instagram came up with the idea to create the ultimate dessert table, but be warned, it’ll be gone before you have the chance to blink! 

  13. Birthday Crafts

    Feeling creative? Or if you just need to sit down for an hour or so after eating all that cake, there’s loads of great crafts you can get stuck into to celebrate and remember the day. Dig out some paint and create a family handprint art that can hang in your home, or create a photo collage of all of your favourite birthday memories both past and present, there’s all sorts of things you can make to remember the happy times! 

  14. At home face painting 

    A firm favourite party choice! Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a fully fledged artist to create something special, from favourite animals to something that matches your party theme, there’s loads of ways you can get creative with the paints. Feeling brave? Let the special birthday girl or boy take the brush and create a masterpiece on your face! 

  15. Family walk 

    If you’re itching to get out the house for a little bit, pop on your coats and head off on a special birthday walk. There’s plenty of things you can do on your way to make it extra special, from bringing along some birthday balloons so everyone can wish your little one a happy day, to an outdoors scavenger hunt and some outdoors games, check out our outdoors activities blog for some more ideas! 

We hope you’ve been inspired to create the best birthday party ever, but just remember that it’s the time together as a family that makes it extra special! If you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out some of our other blogs: 

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