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Floating Fun: 10 Best Inflatable Water Parks Near You

Posted 29 July 2021
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Inflatable water parks are the new big thing this summer and we can see why! Giant floating water obstacle courses, featuring big water slides, trampolines, climbing walls and many more devilishly creative obstacles, are popping up all over the UK and they promise to make your summer holidays as action-packed (and water-soaked) as they get.

We’ve selected our favourite floating aqua parks across the country to help you find the best inflatable water park near you. Ready to get drenched?

Oh, and before we start, we’ve got a tip for you: inflatable water parks work with pre-booked sessions at set times, so make sure you secure a time-slot in advance!

  1. Sheffield Cable Waterski & Aqua Park

    Sheffield Cable Waterski and Aqua Park

    Dive in and discover Sheffield Cable Waterski & Aqua Park, an epic watery adventure filled with slips, slides and plenty of splashes! Enter the exciting Total Wipeout-style inflatable outdoor water assault course and discover a series of fantastic obstacles to make your way over. Zoom down the giant inflatable slides, clamber over the climbing walls, and launch yourself at the incredible blast bag!
    Looking for some more thrills? There’s plenty of other exciting water sports you can try out here too, including Junior Kneeboarding for adventurers aged 8 - 12, plus you can even try out Wakeboarding too!

    Dive in and book now

  2. Aqua Park Rutland, Rutland

    Aquapark Rutland fun

    You won’t find another inflatable water park near you as cool as Aqua Park Rutland! Measuring over 100m by 80m, it’s a true giant. Boasting a splash-tastic collection of bespoke obstacles, the park has a little something for everyone - families, kids (aged 6+) and water-loving adrenaline junkies alike.

    Fancy a thrill? Pluck up the courage to take on the UK's tallest inflatable obstacle: The Rutland Mammoth and face a 5.5m leap into the water. Find out if you can beat the kids at Aqua Park Rutland’s famous Totally Wipe Out challenge and have a go at the new additions to the park. From the epic Monkey Dome and Blast Bag Extreme, to the slippy-slidey Neptune and the Super Trampoline & Climbing Wall - summer of 2019 brings plenty of new features for you to try!

    If you live in Wales, there’s no need to travel to the East Midlands to find an Aqua Park inflatable water park near you - Aqua Park Cardiff is just a splash away.

    Make a splash at Aquapark Rutland


  3. Adrenalin Quarry, Cornwall

    Adrenalin Quarry is all about family thrills. The centre is home to zip wires, go-karting, water sports and more but our favourite summer activity is the giant, floating, inflatable water park. Featuring trampolines, monkey bars, slides and swings, this isn’t any regular aqua park - this is an adrenaline-fuelled water assault course, fit only for the wildest daredevils! Having said that, thrill seekers aged 6 and above are welcome to come, so you and your kids can play together.

    Each session at the Adrenalin Quarry Aquapark starts on the hour and lasts 45 minutes. Ready for your wipeout adventure?

  4. Southlake Aqua Park, Cambridgeshire

    Bouncy lake inflatables, sunshine and clear waters - what more could you need for a perfect summer day out? Southlake Aqua Park is great for families as it’s suitable for kids as young as 6. You can climb, slide, bounce and swim to your heart’s extent, surrounded by friendly atmosphere and fun vibes. Plus, your kids will just love leaping into the water from the heights of the giant floats.

    Safety is a priority at Southlake Aqua ParkThere - there are lifeguards on watch and everyone has to wear a life jacket, so you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just relax and have fun!

  5. Adventure Dock Co., Merseyside

    Fancy trying something new and exciting this summer? Make your kids’ summer holidays a whole lot more exciting when you face the bounciest obstacle course on water in the North West - the inflatable water park at Adventure Dock Co.

    Situated at the heart of Liverpool, just a splish-splash away from The Royal Albert Dock, this floating aqua park will have you bouncing, splashing, sliding and most importantly - laughing on your family day out. It’s equally fun for big and small kids (aged 6+), so don’t let being an adult stop you from getting soaked. Our favourite bit is going down the free-fall slides…

  6. Sheffield Cable Waterski & Aqua Park, South Yorkshire

    Get ready for slippery slides and tricky challenges as you dive into the fun at Sheffield Cable Waterski & Aqua Park! This is a Total Wipeout type water assault course, designed for thrill seekers over the age of 7 (min 122cm tall). From battling with air blasts at the Blast Bag to facing the enormous slope of the Freefall Supreme inflatable slide - your little adventurers will have the time of their lives!

    Each session lasts 50 minutes and you’ll have plenty of awesome features to explore in that time, including inflatable slides, trampoline, inflatable climbing wall, runways and lots more.

    Boy sitting on water inflatable

  7. Cliff Lakes, Staffordshire

    If you live in the West Midlands, you’ll find the best inflatable theme park near you at Cliff Lakes near Tamworth. With climbing walls, trampolines, blast bags and big slides all waiting to be conquered, your little ones are in for 50 minutes packed with wet and wild fun. There’s even a special corner for adrenaline junkies!

    Rather just watch your kids than take on the epic water obstacle course with them? No problem - you don’t have to get wet if you don’t want to. Cliff Lakes is as safe as it’s fun, so anyone over 8 years old is welcome to play and no adult participation is required.

  8. Share Discovery Village, County Fermanagh

    Here comes a proper local gem from Northern Ireland! Share Aqua Park at Share Discovery Village is situated on the stunning Upper Lough Erne which means you’ll find yourself surrounded by breath-taking scenery - perfect for when you want to escape the stress of city life. Then again, once the kids (ages 6+) start clambering across the giant (and super slippery) water obstacle course, they’ll scarcely notice the views…

    In summer 2019, the prices for the inflatable water park start from £10 per hour, which makes it great value for money too!

  9. Lincolnshire Water Park, Lincolnshire

    If you’re located in the East Midlands and you’re looking for an inflatable water park near you, head out to Lincolnshire Water Park in Grange Leisure Park; you won’t regret it! After all, when there are trampolines, big slides and blast bags involved, your day out is sure to be a success with the little ones…

    Want to know more about this awesome water obstacle course? From becoming a King of the (7-metre high) Mountain to hopping into a giant spinning hamster wheel, you’ll find plenty of thrills for everyone to enjoy!

  10. New Forest Water Park, Hampshire

    Measuring over 4,000sq meters New Forest Water Park is one MAHOOSIVE inflatable aqua park! As this is a water obstacle course, you’ll have the chance to face off against your friends and family and see who can conquer the many exciting obstacles first. To be honest, regardless who does best, everyone will be equally drenched at the end!

    This the coolest water assault course near you and it has the features to prove it; some of the obstacles include 2 trampolines, monkey bars, hurdles, an overhang climbing wall, and a giant iceberg(!) Excited to have a go?

  11. Box End Aqua Park, Bedfordshire

    Box End Aqua Park gets bigger and better every year! Boasting its own Mega slide, the aqua park has a few thrilling surprises in store. You’ll be slipping and tumbling all over the place, so prepare to make a splash (some of those falls will be hilarious!). Your one-hour session exploring the water obstacle course will pass and you’ll still want to go at it again.

    Suitable for kids as young as 6, this outdoor inflatable water park is the perfect activity to get your little adventures moving and having fun in the summer months.


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