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Simple and Easy Elf on a Shelf Ideas: It's Elf on a Shelf Season!

By Shivani Ladwa
Posted 6 December 2021
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Now that December is here, it's time for the magic of Christmas to begin! Start leaving the cheeky Elf around the house to make sure your little ones are good girls and boys this holiday season. Here's a list of easy Elf on a Shelf ideas you can do this year:

12 Days of Christmas Elf on a Shelf Ideas:

Cheeky Choccie Elf

You'll definitely have a box of chocolates somewhere in the house this Christmas so, let your cheeky Elf gobble a few of them down and leave the empty wrappers around the box with your Elf head first in the chocolates, with his legs dangling out! To add that extra fun element, rub some chocolate on the Elf’s face so the kids can see how he’s been munching secretly!

Elf Eating Chocolate

Image credit: Motherhood Uncensored Facebook Group

Toasty Roasty Elf

If you have some mini marshmallows in the cupboard, a candle and a few sticks (twigs or cocktail sticks), make your Elf "roast" some marshmallows over a candle (unlit of course). An innovative and cosy Elf on a Shelf idea, that will get your kiddies giggling at the naughty Elf having treats in the middle of the night! 

Elf Toasting Marshmallows

Image credit: Motherhood Uncensored Facebook Group

Elf on a Shelf Goes Sledding

A simple and easy idea is piling up some white bathroom towels and then opening up the towel on top of the pile to look like a snowy slope. If you've got a mini sledge decoration or something your Elf can sit in, then place it on the sloping towel with your Elf sitting in it and you've got an Elf on a Shelf going sledding! A brr-illiant Elf on the Shelf idea.

Elf Sledding

Image credit:

Hidden Elf

One way to surprise your little ones is hiding the Elf in a place where they'll find it. For example, in a cutlery draw, it's the perfect size for an Elf to hide in. Simply ask your kiddies to grab a spoon for their morning breakfast, they'll open the draw and discover the cheeky Elf trying to blend in with his surroundings! It's sure to get them giggling in the mornings.

Hidden Elf

Image credit:

The Candy Cane Elf

A really creative and cute idea is to have your Elf "grow" candy canes in a mini pot and the best thing about this one is that it's a 3-day idea! Grab a mini plant pot, fill it with crushed cookies to make the soil and stick some candy canes in the soil. On the first day, only show the candy canes a tiny bit, so the kids can see that the Elf has planted them and place a mini watering can next to him (if you have one!). Then the next day, bring the candy canes up a little bit to show that they're growing and the last day have the canes fully out of the soil because they've now grown! Just have your Elf move a little each night to show he’s waiting for them to grow!

Elf Planting

Image credit:

Feeding Ducks Elf

This one requires mini rubber ducks, but it's worth it! With the mini rubber ducks, fill the bathroom sink with some water, add the ducks and place the Elf on the bathroom sink with a chunk of bread so it looks like he's been feeding ducks overnight! A creative idea that your little ones will love finding this in the morning when they brush their teeth!

Elf and Ducks

Image credit: Ashley Byrom

Toothpaste Elf

A clever idea is to use your Elf to encourage your kiddies to brush their teeth if they struggle with the morning activity. Using toothpaste, write 'Brush Your Teeth' on the bottom of the sink and then prop your Elf on the bathroom sink, holding the toothpaste tube. And maybe your kids will listen to the Elf since he works with Santa Claus! An educational but fun Elf on a Shelf idea.

Brush Your Teeth Elf

Image credit:

Hot Chocolate Party

If your kiddies have hot chocolate in the morning as a treat, why don't you surprise them with the cheeky Elf preparing them! Have him propped up holding paper straws, against some mugs with hot chocolate powder in them and a pile of marshmallows by his feet. Add either milk or water and your little ones will be welcomed by a delicious, warm drink in the morning. A sweet idea for Elf on a Shelf!

Elf Making Hot Chocolate

Image credit:

Snow Angel Elf

A little messy one, but all in good fun! On your kitchen counter spread some flour out and place your Elf on the flour and move his arms and legs around, like you would if you were making a snow angel. Then when your kiddies go for their breakfast the next morning, they'll discover their Elf making snow angels!

Elf Snow Angel

Image credit:

Story-time Elf

Have your Elf to read to your kid’s other toys! Sit them down on their bedroom flow, with a book in his hands and place some toys around him. Could be dinosaurs, or dolls, plushie teddies, whichever toy is their favourite! And now, they’re all enjoying storytime!

Elf Storytime

Image credit:

Christmas Tree Elf

Have your Elf climb the Christmas tree or dangle him off the fairy lights decorating it and task your kids with having to find him! An interactive and fun Elf on a Shelf idea this festive season!

Elf Climbing Christmas Tree

Goodbye Elf!

When it’s time to finish Elf on a Shelf, create a send-off for him. If you have some toy cars lying around, place your Elf in the car, with his arm up so he’s waving goodbye and wrap some tiny boxes and place them in (or behind) the car, to look like he’s moving out! Now, think of some creative ideas for next year! 

Elf Goodbye

Image credit:

We hope we've given you ideas for your Elf on a Shelf this holiday season! Have some fun and create some jolly memories!