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Go Green: 10 easy eco-friendly tips and crafts

Posted 22 April 2021
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Looking for ways to make your everyday life a little bit more green? We know that navigating the work of eco-friendly parenting can be intimidating, but there’s plenty of simple steps, and most of these ideas won’t cost you a penny, so it’s a win-win! We’ve rounded up 10 easy eco-friendly parenting tips and some great eco-friendly crafts and activities for you to get stuck into too. 

  1. Get the kids involved in recycling 
    Most of us are probably aware of the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle”, but why not get the kids involved in the process? It’s a great chance to teach them how to recycle and the importance of it, and you could even turn it into a fun game! 

    A man helping a little boy ride a bike

  2. Go for walks or cycle rather than driving
    If you’re thinking about what to do with the kids to be more eco-friendly, it can be as simple as having a day outside! Whether you hop on your bike to go for a family cycle or heading off on a refreshing walk, it’s a great way to get the kids excited and learning all about nature, plus you don’t need to drive anywhere too. 

  3. Second-hand toys or clothes
    We all know how quickly kids seem to grow out of clothes when they’re still growing! So why not talk to family and friends and see if anyone has any clothes or toys you can borrow or get second-hand? Not only does it save you from getting brand new things, but it’s also a great way of saving some money too. 

  4. Discover the great outdoors
    There’s a wonderful world outside just sitting on our doorstep, so why not make the most of it! Getting outdoors is a great way to spend a family day (plus it’s free!), and you can get the kids excited to learn about nature with some outdoor games, or even a nature scavenger hunt to learn about different plants and animals. 

  5. Get crafty with some empty toilet roll
    Is your recycling filled with empty toilet roll holders? Turn those empty rolls into a super fun craft to do with the kids with these 5 toilet roll crafts. From lions to ladybirds, it’s a great way to get creative, and the options really are limitless. 

  6. Recycled tin robot 
    Speaking of recycling… Have a rummage and dig out some old tins and cans, and along with some basic craft supplies, you’ve got everything you need to create some recycled robots! This fun craft is a great way to turn your trash into a treasure, and it’s really fun too! 

    recycled robot crafts
  7. Cereal box crafts
    Cereal a really tasty breakfast food, but once you’ve finished the box, it’s really easy to use it for some crafts! You can try flattening your empty box and using it just like you would shop-brought cardboard for other crafts, or you could put your skills to the test and see what you can create out of the empty box.

  8. Make your own bird feeder
    Looking after our planet means looking after the animals too, so why not make it into something fun and make your own bird feeder? Not only is it great fun to do with the kids, but at the end of it you’ll have something great to show for it, and you’ll be able to sit and watch loads of birds come into your garden! 

  9. Create a bug hotel
    Looking for a great environmentally friendly idea for a sunny afternoon? Head into the garden and create your very own bug hotel! Not only is it really fun to make, but you’re also creating a special little home for some wildlife, and the kids will love checking in on their residents too. 

  10. Turn your old water bottles into crafts
    Got some empty plastic water bottles lying around? Rather than throwing them into the recycling, get your crafting supplies out and get creative. This list of 20+ water bottle crafts has plenty of great ideas, from elephants and jellyfish to creating your very own plastic bottle bubbles, you’ll be amazed at all of the things you can do with a plastic bottle! 

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