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Baby Boom: 10 places with cute baby animals!

Dela Lozanova

12 July 2019

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If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to get a collective ‘awww’, it has to be cute baby animals. Ahead of the summer holidays, we wanted to introduce you to some of the new faces you can meet all across the UK – from a newborn camel and tiger cubs, to fluffy red pandas and tiny lemurs. Time to meet the proud mamma animals and their babies!

WARNING: Danger of cuteness overload - pictures of baby animals included!

  1. Baby Camel at Dudley Zoo, West Midlands

    Come and say “Hi” to the baby camel Delilah at Dudley Zoo! The little Bactrian camel was born at the start of July and has already made her first steps into the outside paddock, which comes to show baby animals aren't just fluffy, they’re also brave and curious - just like our little explorers.

    Baby camel on a walk at Dudley Zoo

  2. Baby Red Panda cubs at Colchester Zoo, Essex

    It’s the summer of baby animals! Two red panda cubs were born at Colchester Zoo on the 18th of June 2019. Baby red pandas emerge from their nest only once they’re about 10-12 weeks old, so September might be your best bet to start seeing them out and about. Cub Cam snapshot below!

    Red Panda babies at Colchester Zoo

  3. Baby Meerkats at Chester Zoo, Cheshire

    Chester Zoo made this summer’s list of places to see baby animals as it welcomed these baby meerkats to the world on 28th May 2019. The lively little furry ones came out to play and say “Hi” this week, on 10th July.

    Baby Meerkats at Chester Zoo

  4. Baby Monkeys at ZSL London Zoo, Greater London

    What could be more adorable than a tiny cuddly baby monkey clinging to its mummy's back?! Visit ZSL London Zoo and spot the cheeky new additions the ape family, shown in the picture below.

    Baby monkey at London Zoo

  5. Baby lemurs at Paignton Zoo, Devon

    These cuddly twin red ruffed lemurs were born on Monday 22nd April 2019 at Paignton Zoo. It took their mum Tack a few weeks to start allowing her little ones to go out and explore the world but you can now visit the zoo and meet them!

    Baby lemurs at Paignton Zoo

  6. Baby lemurs at Newquay Zoo, Cornwall

    You can also tick lemurs off your list of baby animals to see this summer if you visit Newquay Zoo. This adorable pup born on 23th May 2019, belongs to the endangered crowned lemur species, native to Madagascar (King Julian, anyone?). We’re still waiting to find out if it’s a boy or a girl!

    Baby lemur at Newquay Zoo

  7. Baby penguin at National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham

    Another success for the breeding programme at National SEA LIFE Centre Birmingham - a rare Gentoo penguin chick was born in June and is now ready to welcome visitors. With royally named parents Prince and Hyacinth, we wonder what the tiny fluffy bundle of joy will be called!

    Baby penguin at SEA LIFE Birmingham

  8. Baby tigers at Colchester Zoo, Essex

    It’s a real baby boom at Colchester Zoo! On the 14th June 2019, mum Taiga and dad Igor welcomed three tiger cubs to their family. These adorable furballs belong to the endangered Amur tiger species, also known as Siberian Tigers - they’re the largest variety of tiger in the world.

    Here’s a snapshot from Colchester Zoo’s Cub Cam. Aren’t they the just some of the most adorable baby animals ever?!

    Tiger cub cam Colchester Zoo

  9. Baby African Painted Hunting Dogs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park , South Yorkshire

    Hot baby animal news here: two African Painted Hunting dog puppies were born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park just a couple of weeks ago. We learnt that they tend to spend most of their time in their cool underground den with their mum but their carers managed to snap a photo of them playing in the sun so we’ve got another addition to our collection of pictures of baby animals.

    Baby African painted dogs at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

  10. Baby snow leopards at The Big Cat Sanctuary

    Snow leopards aren’t common baby animals in the UK, that’s for sure! Hence, the team at The Big Cat Sanctuary (sister site of Paradise Wildlife Park) were over the moon when on 26th April, after four years of unsuccessful breeding attempts, female snow leopard Laila gave birth to these two healthy cubs.

    Snow leopard babies at The Big Cat Sanctuary

We’ll stay on the lookout for even more cute baby animals but meanwhile here’s a bit more inspiration material for all you animal lovers out there:

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Dela Lozanova

12 July 2019

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Dela is the Content Editor at Day Out With The Kids. Originally from sunny Varna on the Bulgarian seacoast, she now lives in Coventry and travels regularly throughout Europe to escape the rain.

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