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Prepare for Christmas Shopping with our Gift Guide!: A Guide for Kids Christmas Presents

By Shivani Ladwa
Posted 12 November 2021
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With November in full force, the Christmas season is just around the corner and that means Christmas shopping is about to begin (unless you’re an early bird like me and have already started!) Whatever the case, we’ve created a big list of Christmas present ideas for the kids, to make it easier for you. Whether you’re buying gifts for kids, like your babies, toddlers, teens and every age in between, we’ve got something for all the younglings. From tech gadgets, winter warmers to all things fun and creative, we've got gift ideas for all, so check it out!

Christmas Present Ideas for Kids

Christmas present ideas for Girls aged 2 - 5+ 

  1. Huggady Backpack
    Where: Kidly
    Price: £35.00
    If your kiddies struggle to keep their treasured items in one place when to go out on adventures, then a cuddly backpack is the perfect solution. They won’t want to part from it, and they can store whatever they want in it! And they come in 4 styles: a dog, dinosaur, elephant and hippo.

    Check it out here

    Teddy backpack

  2. Disney Frozen™ Pure Cotton PJs
    Where: M&S
    Price: £13.00 - £15.00
    For kiddies that are in love with anything Frozen™ related, they will love receiving these soft PJs to keep them warm this Christmas. It would also be the perfect dress up for a movie night too, and if you’re looking to shop environmentally friendly this year, these PJs are also sustainably sourced!

    Check them out here

  3. LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart
    Where: Smyths Toys
    Price: £39.00
    Encourage your kids as they learn and play with an ice cream cart! LeapFrog uses creativity and education with interactive games that incorporate sequence, memory and matching skills. Buy some ice cream from them and watch the fun begin! An educational, but enjoyable activity.

    Check it out here

  4. Glow Art - Neon Effect Drawing Board
    Where: Wicked Uncle
    Price: £25.95
    Fuel your little artist’s creativity and gift them a unique and present to remember a neon light-up board! Let their imagination run wild and draw amazing pictures with the bright fluorescent marker pens, turn the frame on and gaze at the colours illuminate before your eyes, in 36 different ways and colours! It’s a never-ending fun activity.

    You can buy it here

    Glow Art board

Christmas present ideas for Girls aged 6+ 

  1. Mr Men™ Bath Fizzer Trio
    Where: M&S
    Price: £9.50
    To ensure bathtime is fun and enjoyable, add these colourful character bath bombs to entice your kids for baths! It includes Mr Happy and Little Miss Naughty, with the sweet fragrance of vanilla and coconut and it’s also vegan!

    Buy it here

  2. The World of Peter Rabbit - The Complete Collection of Original Tales: 23 Books
    Where: Smyths Toys
    Price: £29.99
    This is an incredible gift for those who love to read and immerse themselves in the world of Peter Rabbit. They can join lovable characters such as Peter Rabbit, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten and many more!

    View it here

    The Peter Rabbit Collection

  3. iSporter Mini LED Metallic Pink
    Where: Smyths Toys
    Price: £34.99
    Watch your kids zoom around on their own scooter with colourful LED lights as they scoot past you. With soft rubber handlebar grips, quick stop brake and an adjustable handlebar, designed to grow with them. Perfect for any kiddies over 3 years and a gift that will last for years!

    Check it out here

  4. Mermaid 3D Lamp
    Where: Bright Minds
    Price: £19.99
    Mermaid lovers will be overjoyed to receive a gift like this, especially if they like to have a night light as they sleep. Let their dreams wander under the sea as they gaze at the colourful lamp as they drift to sleep.

    View it here

    Mermaid Lamp

Christmas present ideas for Boys aged 2 - 5+ 

  1. Personalised Wooden Train
    Where: Noth On The High Street
    Price: £5.00
    Treat your train-loving child with a personalised, beautifully decorative wooden train. A sweet gift to add that special touch to their room, or to play with too! Perfect for any occasion and built to last.

    View it here

  2. Baby Dinosaur Soft Toy
    Where: M&S
    Price: £14.00
    To accompany their bedtimes, why not give them a cuddly toy to snuggle with and help them fall asleep? This roar-some teddy will soon become their favourite, especially if they love dinosaurs and soft toys!

    Check it out here

    Dinosaur plushie

  3. Kinetic Sand Sandisfactor set
    Where: Smyths Toys
    Price: £19.00
    Mould the sand into any shape they can imagine, letting their creativity run wild and then smush it after for that satisfying and interactive experience. Endless hours of fun can be had with kinetic sand, especially with all-new tools and surprises to keep the playtime longer than before!

    Check out the website here

  4. Marvel™ Dressing Gown
    Where: M&S
    Price: £14.00 - £16.00
    Gift any superhero kid with their own Marvel™ dressing gown, providing them with the ultimate comfort and cosiness, with a design of their favourite characters. Made with soft fleece, it’ll be the perfect item for after Christmas movie nights.

    Check it out here

    Marvel dressing gown

Christmas present ideas for Boys 6+

  1. Build a Bee Hotel
    Where: Bright Minds
    Price: £12.99
    Set your kids minds to build mode as they build a home for the Bees. An educational way to teach them how important bees are to the ecosystem and how they should be protected and homed in something they’ve created!

    View it here

    Bee hotel

  2. Magic Hat
    Where: Thames & Kosmos
    Price: £25.00
    Enter into a world of magic and sorcery as your kids delve into the Magic Hat. With a rabbit puppet and 40 other props, they’ll be sure to entertain you and themselves for hours. With up to 35 tricks to learn, it’ll shock your socks off!

    View it here

  3. Kids Rocket Cushion
    Where: M&S
    Price: £14.00
    Spruce up bedtime with a rocket cushion that will surely help make going to sleep more fun. Especially with the glow in the dark finishes that will amaze them.

    Check it out

    Rocket cushion

  4. Bone China Retro Snowman Hot Chocolate Mug
    Where: Not On The High Street
    Price: £12.95
    On those cold days, warm up their bellies with hot chocolate in their very own personalised mug! It’ll make them smile as they banish those winter blues away.

    Check it out here

Christmas present ideas for Teen Girls

  1. Earth Rainbow Rug with Tassels
    Where: Yes I Want It
    Price: £13.00
    Teenagers tend to spend lots of time in their room, so why don’t you spruce it up and add a touch of boho with this rainbow rug, this accessory will brighten up any teen’s day. A simple but delightful gift this Christmas.

    View it here

    Rainbow rug

  2. Vlogging Light
    Where: Firebox
    Price: £19.99
    For those teens who love to document everything with their phones, maybe make TIkToks or record funny videos, this handy light will be a big help. It attaches to any surface, making it easier to record with their hands-free for extra exciting dance moves!

    Check it out here

  3. Gift Republic Dream Decoder
    Where: ASOS
    Price: £6.99
    Do you have a teenager that has an avid imagination and loves to analyse everything, including their dreams? Well, this might be the perfect Christmas gift for them. A dream decoder, that lists out explanations for any dream imaginable! A fun and interesting present that they won’t have seen before.

    View it here

    Dream Decoder gift

  4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera
    Where: John Lewis
    Price: £64.99
    Help your teen capture the memories of their young lives with their Fujifilm Instax Camera. They can print them out and decorate their room, scrapbooks or anything else, so their memories will last a lifetime. They’ll love this endlessly.

    View it here

Christmas present ideas for Teen Boys

  1. Duel Battle
    Where: Men Kind
    Price: £30.00
    Time for some fun and games! Let the battle commence and fun take over, as two people have some friendly competition with the inflatable gladiator game. Who will be the champion?

    Check it out here

    Inflatable Duel Battle

  2. Grow it - Carnivorous Plants
    Where: Prezzybox
    Price: £12.99
    Encourage their green thumb and gift them a Venus Flytrap! Watch their interest in nature grow as they look after the plant that feeds on flies and insects.

    You can find it here

  3. Land Rover Construction Kit
    Where: The Present Finder
    Price: £24.99
    Have your teens ever wanted to build a car? Well, they can’t, BUT can build a small model of a Land Rover! A unique and innovative gift for teenage boys who love to make stuff with their hands.

    View it here

  4. HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini for Nintendo Switch
    Where: Argos
    Price: £54.99
    Driving games on the Nintendo Switch will be made even more fun with an actual steering wheel that pulls you into an immersive gaming experience. And a Mario design is even better, colourful and fun!

    You can check it out here

    Mario Steering Wheel

Gender-neutral Christmas present ideas for kids

  1. CoComelon My First Puzzle Set 4pk
    Where: The Toy Shop
    Price: £6.00
    Give your little one a fun gift that’ll help develop their problem-solving skills. An interactive but rewarding gift, that will keep them occupied as they aim to fit the pieces together to find their favourite CoComelon characters!

    There are plenty more Cocomelon gifts here too, check them out!

  2. Personalised Solar System Craft Kit
    Where: Not On The High Street
    Price: £14.95
    For your budding astronomers, encourage their favourite subject with a personalised solar system and watch their eyes light up as they create their own planets using watercolour pencils, lolly sticks and eco glitter! Then stick them up in a display stand for everyone to admire.

    Check it out here

    Personalised solar system

  3. Articulate for Kids
    Where: Many shops like John Lewis
    Price: £15.99
    Bring the friendly competition and family-fun games with Articulate! The fast-talking game where the kids can get involved. Join the family together on Christmas Day and watch them laugh and giggle as they play the game.

    Check it out here

  4. Jiggly Pets Tan Tan Orangutan
    Where: Argos and other toy stores
    Price: £25.00
    If you kiddies love to have a boogie, they’ll love Tan Tan the dancing Orangutan! Press his foot and watch him shake his booty and boogie to his jungle music. And play with his soft and stretchy skin that wiggles as he dances, super fun! He comes with two sunglasses, one for him and one for you. A great way to get up and move, but also have lots of fun.

    You can buy it here

    Jiggly Pets Tan Tan

Gender-neutral Christmas present ideas for teens

  1. American Originals Popcorn Maker
    Where: Argos
    Price: £21.99
    Make those movie nights with your teenagers and family extra special and cinema-style with some popcorn! With this popcorn maker, it couldn’t be easier and you can watch it pop too. Perfect for those who are foodies and love popcorn too.

    Check it out here

    Popcorn machine

  2. Liar! Liar! - Pants on Fire!
    Where: Wicked Uncle
    Price: £12.95
    A fast-paced card game with 3 statements - 2 truths and 1 one. Your goal is to persuade your opponents that you’re telling the truth, even with the lie, while trying to keep a straight face!

    Look at it here

  3. Rock On Headphone Display Stand
    Where: Prezzybox
    Price: £15.99
    If your teen loves to listen to music this is a fitting and fabulous gift for them. To keep their treasured possession on display but in the best way. No more leaving it lying around, or in tangled wires, because the stand keeps it all neat and tidy!

    Check it out here

    Headphone stand

  4. Personalised Vegan Leather Airpods Case
    Where: Not On The High Street
    Price: £24.00
    To add that personal touch to their Airpods case, this vegan leather case will be the perfect accessory. And it’s vegan, which makes it even better! You can even select their favourite colours too.

    View it here

We hope we’ve given you plenty of ideas with our Christmas gift guide! ‘Tis the season after all and the perfect time for some Christmas shopping.