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Christmas Eve Ideas πŸŽ„: Merry Christmas Eve!

By Shivani Ladwa
Posted 10 December 2021
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The day before Christmas is an exciting day for everyone! The anticipation of Christmas Day is upon us, the gift-giving, present opening, food munching and the all-important quality time with the family. It really is the most wonderful time of the year! But why leave all the fun for Christmas Day? Because, Christmas Eve is just as magical with the twinkling lights, excited children, the smell of baked goods cooking and Christmas music and cheers filling the air. But if you're struggling to think of entertaining family traditions, fun activities or holidays ideas to do on Christmas Eve, then check out this list below:

Bake Christmas Cookies πŸͺ - 

There's no Christmas season without the sweet delicacies of Christmas cookies, no matter what kind you make. Whether they're sugar cookies, cinnamon flavoured biscuits, gingerbread men or just simple chocolate chip cookies. It's the perfect quality time activity to do with your kids and even more fun when you decorate them! An extra special treat, is to also gift them to your neighbours, they'll appreciate the thought and it'll make their Christmas Eve too! 

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Christmas Cookies

Write a Letter to Santa πŸŽ…πŸΌ - 

While you're tracking Santa on Christmas Eve, a great idea for your kids to do is write their letters for him! They can get creative too and decorate them with glitter, sparkles, gems and drawings after they write it. Then leave the letters by Santa's plate of cookies and glass of milk! And what you can do is write a reply back and leave that out after "Santa" comes to visit. Your kids will be amazed that Santa Claus replied back to them!

A Letter to Santa Claus

Host a Games Night with the Family 🎲 - 

Quality time can be spent any day with them and it's a great way to build excitement up for the following days. Whether you play board games, multiplayer on game consoles, Christmas bingo, you'll be sure to have a brilliant Christmas Eve! Maybe the winner of the games can be the first to open a Christmas gift the next day... πŸ‘€

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Family Boardgames

Make a Christmas Eve Box - 

Do your kids constantly ask you when they can open their presents? Well, you can avoid that by making a box they can open on Christmas Eve! You can fill it with all things magical and Christmassy, like sugar cookies, Christmas PJs, a festive movie you can all watch together, a Santa hat they can wear, a cute plushie or small toys, whatever you think your kids will love. It will satisfy their desire to open presents and it'll ensure you have the best start to Christmas. Don't forget to add reindeer dust (gold glitter!)

Christmas Eve Present

Set up a Hot Chocolate Bar! 🍫 - 

It's cold and the only way to banish those chills is whipping up some delicious hot chocolate. But let's make it fun! If you have some mason or glass jars in your kitchen, fill one up with hot chocolate powder and the other with mini (or big) marshmallows. Maybe grab some wafer chocolate curls too, you can't forget the whipped cream either! To add that Christmas touch, add some green, red and white sprinkles on top of the cream! A fun Christmas Eve activity you can do with your kids! 

Christmas Hot Chocolate

Go on a Christmas Eve see the Christmas lights! - 

When Christmas Day is just one sleep away, everyone who loves Christmas will have their lights up, twinkling in the night sky, spreading joy to all. Well, a great Christmas Eve activity is to wrap up warm, gather your loved ones and go for a leisurely walk around your local area to gaze at the glimmering lights. Fuelling the magic in your kids’ lives. 

Christmas Lights on Walk

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas... β˜ƒοΈ

It's more likely that this year we might actually get a white Christmas! And if we do, the most brr-illiant Christmas Eve and a fun idea would be to play in the snow! Whether you make snowmen, have a snowball fight, an igloo (depending on the amount of snow we get!), it's guaranteed to be a wonderful day!


Visit a Christmas Market - 

To make your Christmas Eve that more ✨magical✨ then a trip to your local Christmas market is essential! See the festive, glimmering lights in full force, hear the music and carol singers filling the air, smell the scrumptious crepes, German sausages and festive treats and have a cheeky pint or hot chocolate! 

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German Christmas Market

Wear Christmas Jumpers and Watch Festive Movies  🎬 - 

Dress in your best Christmas jumpers, cosy up, grab some popcorn and sugar cookies and a mug of hot chocolate and put on your favourite Christmas movies. This will get you into the Christmas spirit ripe and ready for the big day and it's the perfect Christmas Eve idea to spend quality time with your family.

Christmas Jumper

Christmas Eve Dinner πŸŽ„ -

Some families have an even special meal on Christmas Eve, whether it's different meats to what they'll have on Christmas Day or even a takeaway! Whether you make a hearty meal for everyone to enjoy or you order a Chinese, pizza or fish and chips, don't settle for a normal meal!

Takeaway for DinnerE

But most importantly, is to do whatever Christmas Eve activity you know you and your family will love. Christmas is the time for giving, quality time and being with those who you love, so do what makes you happy, whether it's a Christmas Eve idea off this list or your own family traditions! Merry Christmas!