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Christmas Card Ideas for Kids 🎄: Creative Christmas Cards!

By Shivani Ladwa
Posted 25 November 2021
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Christmas is the time to get creative, to dig out the glitter, glue, arts and crafts and the festive spirit. Personalised touches are always a win and nowadays making your own Christmas cards is the perfect addition to your windowsills and a heartwarming treat for your family and friends. Especially when your kids have spent their time making them while having fun! Here's a list of Christmas card ideas for kids:

Snowman in a Snowglobe Cards

This is a really creative card that your kids will have the most fun making! All you need, is a hole puncher, the lid of a pringles can, PVA glue, coloured pens, a few pieces of card, one to make the snowman with, one to make the base of the snowglobe and hole punch and the last one for the actual Christmas card.

  1. First, draw and cut out the snowman and stick it on the main card. Draw and colour in the extra features, like the face, hat, scarf and buttons. And you have your first part of the card made.
  2. Then with adults supervision, use the hole puncher to punch a bunch of holes out of a piece of card, this will act as the snow in the snowglobe. Once that's done, sprinkle the pieces of cards on the snowman, and make sure they stay together.
  3. After that, using PVA glue on the rim of the pringles lid, stick that over the snowman and the card you hole punched. Once the lid is fully stuck down, lift the card, give it a shake and watch the snowglobe you just created!

A brr-illiant and innovative Christmas card idea that is a joy to make.

Snowglobe card

Santa Claus Cards

These can be made using felt, fabric or even cardboard. Just draw a template of Santa on whatever material your kids want, cut it out, stick it on the Christmas card and add facial features like his eyes and beard and decorate with stickers and glitter.

Fingerprint Reindeer Cards

It's time to get those little fingers messy with this creative card! All you need is brown paint, a card, black and red markers. Dip your kiddies fingers into the brown paint, and stamp them on a piece of card, stamp multiple and it can be a herd of reindeer! Once the fingerprints are on the card, you can draw the antlers on each print and the eyes of the reindeer too. Then colour a red nose at the bottom, and there's your fingerprint reindeer card. A cute and creative Christmas card for kids.

Look at this example from Festive Fingerprints

Fingerprint Reindeer

Candy Canes Cards

Cut out strips of red and white cards and stick them on another piece of card in alternating colours, to make a candy cane. Then you can stick a little ribbon at the top of the candy cane and your card is finished!

Paper strip Christmas Tree

This idea is really fun because it involves so many coloured cards! Grab whatever colours you want, I'd say at least 5 different colours and cut thin strips out of each colour. Then grab the card you want to write it, and stick the strips on the front, lengthwise, in any way you want, to create your Christmas tree. Then once the tree is made, either draw a star at the top or use a star sticker. Add some glitter if you're feeling adventurous too! 

Paperstrip Tree

Snowflakes Cards

Create a simple paper snowflake using paper and cutting shapes into it, then stick the snowflake onto some card, use a Pritt stick over the snowflake so you can sprinkle some glitter on it and it's done! A wintery, Christmas card idea for your kids that they'll love. 

Button Baubles Cards

Everyone has buttons lying around the house, so let's make use out of them! Simply grab a handful of different coloured buttons, a piece of card, PVA glue and a marker pen. Then using the glue, stick how many buttons you want on your card, this will be your baubles and then use the pen to drawstrings, so it looks like they're hanging down. Now, you have your hanging button baubles! An innovative Christmas card!

Button Baubles

Christmas Lights Cards

Get your kids involved in designing these cute Christmas lights cards. All you need is colourful felt tip pens, a piece of card and a black marker pen. Have your kids draw and fill in different coloured circles all over the card, this will be representing the Christmas lights. Once that's done, use the black marker pen, to draw a string connecting them all together and that's it! A colourful, Christmas card idea. 

Pasta Christmas Wreath Cards

A wreath is such a classic Christmas decoration, so it'll make the perfect Christmas card! Simply get some bow pasta (uncooked), have your kiddies paint them green, add a little glitter to them while it’s wet and then stick them on a card in a circle to represent the Christmas wreath. Then draw a ribbon using a red felt tip and your pasta Christmas wreath is done! Have your kiddies write a thoughtful message on the card, and gift it to someone.

Glitter Pen Christmas Tree

A really easy but effective Christmas card idea is making a Christmas tree using glitter pens! Pick any colour your kiddies want, and squiggle a Christmas tree using the glitter, then once they've made the tree, sprinkle some sequins to represent the baubles and add a star to the top of the tree. Let it dry and there you go!

We hope we've given you some ideas for Christmas crafting! Have a merry holiday season!