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Character Costumes: Ideas for this World Book Day 2018

Harry Meredith

21 February 2018

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When is World Book Day 2018?

We’ll soon be turning into 2018’s third chapter and there’s already a plot twist; March 1st is World Book Day! It’s time to celebrate the best children’s literature and introduce your little one to worlds overflowing with wonder, characters and imagination. Most schools celebrate World Book Day by asking students to turn up dressed up as their favourite characters, so we’ve been searching for the best costumes out there to save you some time. What book will your kid discover this year?

  1. The Gruffalo

    Watch out foxes, owls and snakes because here comes the Gruffalo! Let your little one embark on a forest adventure and march into school with terrible teeth and terrible claws (or so the legend goes) this World Book Day. And if your little ones are fans of Julia Donaldson's other stories, have you ever spotted the tiny Gruffalo hiding in the books? If you don't believe us, see if you can spot one in Stick Man!

    A gruffalo costume for World Book Day

  2. Paddington Bear

    Wrap your kid in the iconic blue duffle coat and send them to school as the charming bear from Peru. Following a resurgence in popularity Paddington Bear, an old family favourite, has returned to our bookshelves. Share this childhood classic with your kid and they’ll love dressing up as this polite but clumsy bear. Top tip: Make sure to pack them a marmalade sandwich for lunch.

    a young boy dresses up as paddington bear for World Book Day

  3. Gangsta Granny

    This Gangsta Granny costume is for the kids who want to steal the show and maybe a crown jewel or two as well. Everything is not always as it seems and your kid won’t just be playing scrabble and eating cabbage soup. Just keep an eye on the biscuit tin, as you won’t want to be dipping diamonds in your tea!

    a girl dresses up as gangsta granny for World Book Day

  4. Willy Wonka

    This Willy Wonka costume is your golden ticket for World Book Day. Complete with a top hat and coat, the chocolate making genius from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory relishes in nonsense and is a big fan of mischief - something kids will love bringing to life! Why not see if they can create their own chocolate concoction for the day too?

    boy dresses up as willy wonka from charlie and the chocolate factory for World Book Day

  5. Newt Scamander

    Following the success of Harry Potter, J.K Rowling released a series of spin off books: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch through the Ages and The Tales of Beedle the Bard. Kids will look magical in this Newt Scamander costume and they can pretend to cast spells on their friends and teachers! 

    a boy dresses as Newt Scamander from Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them for world book day

  6. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    Hailed as one of the greatest children’s books of all time, your kids can wriggle into school dressed as The Very Hungry Caterpillar! With a very healthy appetite, be sure to pack them a big lunch to munch their way through - will they have turned into a butterfly by the end of the day?

    a young boy dresses up as the very hungry caterpillar for world book day

  7. Peppa Pig

    When else will your kid get the chance to go to school dressed as Peppa Pig? They’ll be snorting and oinking all day long in this outfit. Make sure to match the costume with a pair of wellies, as we’re sure kids will try to jump in muddy puddles! If you’d prefer to make your kids costume why not try and put together this DIY Peppa Pig costume?

    a young girl dresses up as Peppa Pig for her world book day costume

  8. The BFG

    The BFG himself would be whizz popping with delight if he saw these enormous ears. Take a trip to giant country and make sure to pack a snozzcumber for lunch! It’s time to pretend to be the big friendly giant where kids can catch and make dreams. We’re sure that with their new giant ears they’ll remember everything they learn at school.

    kid dresses up as the BFG for world book day costume this year

  9. Where's Wally? 

    Still searching for the perfect World Book Day costume? He may be elusive, but we’ve found the ideal outfit to recreate Wally’s iconic red and white stripes! Based on the popular puzzle books, just make sure you don’t lose your kid in a crowd - we hear these Wally’s can be hard to find…

    dress up as where's wally for 2018's world book day

  10. The Tiger Who Came to Tea

    Celebrating its 50th anniversary this children’s book has entertained kids for generations. Dress your kid up as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and they’ll be roaring with delight in their orange and black stripes. To make the costume feel extra special, why not take your little tiger to see Judith Kerr’s original artwork at Seven Stories?

    The tiger who came to tea world book day costume

  11. The Cat in the Hat

    Here’s a book that parents will definitely recognise! Feed your kids with a breakfast of green eggs and ham then send them to school dressed as The Cat in the Hat . Dr Seuss books have stood the test of time, and we’re sure your kid will love them too. Fingers crossed that in this costume your little one will invent a magical cleaning machine!

    boy dresses up as the cat in the hat for world book day

  12. Little Miss Sunshine & Mr Bump

    There’s a Mr Men or Little Miss character sure to match your kids’ personality, from Little Miss Chatterbox to Mr Happy. With over 90 characters and books in total, kids will love discovering the charming stories behind each, and they make for some pretty fun costumes too. Get creative by making your own, or pick up a ready-made Little Miss Sunshine or Mr Bump costume now - just hope they don’t become as clumsy!

    little miss sunshine and world book day

What character does your kid want to go to school dressed as? If you’ve got a little one that’s still to connect with books make sure to check out: In the good books: 5 tips to get your kids to love reading.

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Harry Meredith

21 February 2018

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Harry is our intern at Day Out With The Kids. After living in Leicester, Bath and Vermont he is always on the lookout for his next adventure. He loves anything to do with polar bears, and when he was 12 he was ranked the 14th best Pokemon player in the UK!

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