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Bubbles of fun! How to make bath time an adventure

Sarah Prestage

18 February 2017

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Bath time. Kids seem to either love it (which is great!) or hate it. My little girl seemed so content bathing when she was tiny and then one day, BAM, the bath was the worst place in the whole world. I can still remember the screams bouncing around the bathroom tiles. I won’t lie, I was desperate! So here are some ideas to help turn bath time into an adventure that will hopefully keep those tears away…even if it’s just until the next day…

Child laughing and playing with bubbles


So simple. If you haven’t already, pick up a bottle of children’s bubble bath. Perhaps let your little adventurer choose their favourite in the supermarket, and then let them help you pour a generous amount in the tub. Who can make the most bubbles appear by splashing and sploshing?

Each time the bath is running now I get the request, “Let’s do the blue bubbles, Mum.”

How about adding even more bubbles by blowing bubbles over the bath while the kids are bathing? Use a regular bubble mix and wand and together see how many pop and how many float on the water!

Child playing with toys in the bath

Favourite toy

“Sally needs a bath too. Do you want to wash Sally’s hair while I do yours?” I ask hopefully.

Get the toys involved. If your little one has a favourite action figure or doll (that’s waterproof) invite them along. Surely bath time is more fun with friends?


Little girl playing with her toys in the bath

A new bath time friend

Perhaps none of the current toys are suitable for water, or your child just doesn’t fancy sharing the bath with them? Well maybe it’s time for a brand-new bath time friend. Pick up a plastic (bath proof) toy on your next outing and explain that this new toy is only available to play with at bath time because they love the water so much!

Two little girls in bathing costumes with goggles on their head.

Go swimming

Is bath time a nightmare but swimming the most fun ever? Then for smaller kids the bath can be their very own mini swimming pool Why not get them dressed up in their swimming clothes and let them have a ‘swim’ at bath time?

Now my daughter’s baths are lasting a little longer, we quite often get asked “Watch me swim!”, while she rolls over onto her belly and kicks around.

Pile of glow sticks in the dark

Glow Sticks

Have an underwater, glowing adventure! Grab some child-safe glow sticks and pop them in the bottom of the bath – then turn on the lights and enjoy the bright lights! 

Child in bath wearing goggles and holding her nose


For bigger kids who are confident having their face under the water for a short time, fill up their bath and throw in several small objects for them to ‘dive’ in to find!

Child smiling and holding a toy cup whilst in the bath

Bottles, cups and jugs

The water itself can be so much fun! Add cups, jugs and bottles to your little one’s bath and encourage them to fill the containers and pass the water from one to the other. Create flowing waterfalls and watch how it makes ripples and bubbles as it hits the surface. Just be careful to instruct that all water must stay in the tub!

I brought a pack of 4 small plastic beakers when teaching my daughter to drink from an open top cup…these are now permanent features in our bathroom. “Fill up the green one Mum. Now pour it in my red one.” And over and over these cups get filled up and tipped out.

Young girl in the bath with her sponge

Special sponge

Does bath time go well until the shampoo comes out? Get the kids their very own special shampoo flannel or sponge, perhaps with their favourite character on. Explain that it is theirs to hold while in the bath and then when it comes to shampoo time they must hold it up to their forehead – and it will stop as much water going in their eyes!

A magic flannel. One small Christmas present which led to a great solution to the daily hair washing fight. As the flannel unravelled to reveal Pooh Bear and Tigger I stated “This is your special cloth to stop the water going in your face when Mommy washes your hair”…and it worked. Well for the time being anyway.

As always with toddlers and young children, distraction is key! Let us know how you survive bath time in your family.


Sarah Prestage

18 February 2017

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Sarah is the Digital Campaign manager at Day Out With The Kids. She lives in Birmingham with her boyfriend and daughter Lara.

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