Perfect Podcasts: 20 parenting podcasts you’ll want to listen to

Eloise Nelson

26 March 2021

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If you ever find yourself with a quiet moment, pop the kettle on, put your feet up and plug yourself in and get ready to enjoy one of these great parenting podcasts.
Listen to celebrity parents getting real about their triumphs and struggles, expecting parents chatting through all things pregnancy, and there’s even a fair share of experts weighing in with some top tips and advice. 

  1. Here We Go Again with Stacey Solomon
    Join everyone’s favourite celebrity Mumma, Stacey Solomon, as she chats through what it’s like being a mum of two. Be prepared for brutal honesty as Stacey gives a very much uncensored look into pregnancy and childbirth, it’s the honest chat we’ve all been waiting for! 

  2. Scummy Mummies 
    Comedy duo Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn are here to add some smiles and giggles into your day with their hilarious podcast about all things parenting. With a whole host of special celebrity guests joining in too, you’ll definitely be laughing your socks off at the end!

  3. Confessions of a Modern Parent
    Join Loose Women Panelist Nadia Sawalha as she sits down with her husband for a frank and honest chat about modern parenting. Got teenagers? This is one for you, as the couple talk through some of the modern complications with raising teenagers in the age of technology. 

  4. Happy Mum Happy Baby 
    Giovanna Fletcher hosts this inspiring podcast and chats to other celebrity mummas about all things motherhood. Bringing parents together and uniting in the highs and lows of raising kids, it’s definitely one you’ll need for your good days, and not-so-good days.

  5. Crib Notes
    We think the description gives this one away: ‘Things parents google at 3 am.’ New mum and Paediatric Doctor Sarah Blackstock and dad-to-be Rick Kelsey chat through all those burning questions you have that keep you up late at night, and offer some insight from experts on kids’ medical issues.

  6.  Beardy Dads
    This one is for all the dads out there, so join co-hosts Roo and Nick as they chat about all things, well, dads! While it may be an old podcast, being a dad definitely hasn’t changed too much and you’ll be greeted with a funny and honest chat from two dads who’ve been there and very much done it.

  7. Made By Mammas: The Podcast
    Looking for some great parenting tips? Zoe Hardman and Georgia Dayton sit down and chat through all their favourite baby brands and products that have helped them navigate the first year of being a mum! With famous faces (or voices should we say!) and experts popping up each episode too, you’ll be able to get all sorts of great tips and advice. 
  8. Common Sense Pregnancy
    Expecting your first baby? Sit down with labour nurse Jeanne Faulkner and hear some solid advice from someone who’s been there herself (4 times!), and who’s even been at the side of women for thousands of deliveries. Talking through all things pregnancy, labour, and everything in between, this is the stress-free pregnancy podcast you’ve been searching for.A pregnant Mum with headphones on

  9. The Motherkind Podcast 
    In need of a little me-time? We’ve got just the thing! Self-care enthusiast Zoe Blaskey is here to help you find your calm during the happy chaos that is motherhood. From self-care tools and tips to advice on staying calm during a toddler meltdown, plus there’s a whole host of well-being teachers popping up to help guide you along the way.

  10. Parent Pod
    Brought to you by BabyCentre, hosts Claire and Lucy give you a week-by-week guide of pregnancy and beyond, taking you all the way up until your newborn is 12 weeks old. Answering all those questions you think are too embarrassing and giving you helpful tips and real advice, this should definitely be on any mum-to-be list. 

  11. Parenting on Moncrieff
    If you’ve ever turned to google for an answer to your parenting questions, this is one for you! Moncrieff is joined by a parenting expert and a child psychologist each episode to try to give answers to real questions sent in from real parents, and if you ask us, this seems a bit better than google!

  12. The Parent Hood
    Dr. Chiara Hunt and Marina Fogle, founders of The Bump Class, have gone digital! There’s lots of things you want as a mum, from practical advice to some gentle reassurance that you’re doing it right, The Parent Hood is here to give you all that, plus loads more. 

  13. Parentland 
    Got questions about screen time, bedwetting, or sibling rivalry? Parentland from the BBC will answer all these questions, and plenty more, in this guide to navigate the tricky twists, turns and bumps in the never-ending journey of being a parent.

  14. Not Another Mummy Podcast 
    Being a parent is never straightforward or simple, and Alison Perry sits down with some special guests, including famous mums and dads, to talk it all through. Single mums and working mums join in too, and together everyone can chat about the ups (and downs) of being a parent.

  15. Mothers’ Meeting with Louise Pentland 
    Louise Pentland is joined by another mum each episode to chat through the real reality of being a modern mum! Together they talk about their parenting wins, everyday life, and even share some tried and tested parenting hacks too.

  16. Mom and Dad Are Fighting 
    One thing we can learn from this podcast is that parenting stays pretty much the same whether you are on the globe. Co-hosts Jamilah Lemieux, Dan Kois, and Elizabeth Newcamp offer up some of their advice and stories about bringing up tots and teens in America, and their triumphs and failures are still the same as ours too!

  17. First Class Fatherhood
    Another one for all your super dads out there! First Class Fatherhood might be from across the pond, but it’s still relatable and funny to everyone, and host Alec Lace is joined by plenty of famous fathers to chat about all things family and to talk about what it means to be a dad. 

  18. The Mom Hour 
    Yep, another podcast all the way from America, but The Mom Hour definitely deserves a listen just for all the parenting hacks! Over the course of 300 episodes co-hosts Megan and Sarah have covered plenty of parenting topics, and each episode is packed full of handy tips and honest advice. .A Mum with headphones on

  19. The Everyday Mum
    It’s what it says on the tin! Host Heidi Fitzpatrick talks about being an everyday mum in this crazy world, and chats about how things that make her life as an everyday mum easier, so if you’re looking for some great parenting hacks to make your day-to-day life just a tad easier, give it a listen now.

  20. Talking Twins & More
    Double trouble! Co-hosts Nix and Naomi are both multi-mums to twins and get together to chat about what it’s really like raising twins, plus they’re often joined by special guests to offer up their own twin stories and advice for looking after two heads!

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Eloise Nelson

26 March 2021


Eloise is an Online Content Executive at Day Out With The Kids. Originally from beautiful Somerset and now living in Birmingham, she can often be found enjoying the outdoors or exploring new places.