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Baby Boom: 10 places with adorable baby animals!

Lisa O'Keeffe

16 June 2017

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If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to get a collective ‘awww’, it has to be baby animals. Here at Day Out With The Kids, our inboxes are often filled with photos of the latest new arrivals at our animal attractions, from newborn giraffes and mischievous monkeys, to fluffy penguins and tiny porcupines.

Ahead of the summer holidays, we wanted to introduce you to some of the new faces you can meet all across the UK – how many can you find this summer? Don’t forget to leave us a comment below, or head over to our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to tell us your favourites!

1. West Midland Safari Park

Meet this adorable bundle of fluff, as West Midland Safari Park welcomed its first ever penguin chick, Frodo, back in May. The first to hatch in the park’s 44-year history, it was soon joined by three more chicks at the start of June!

Meet this adorable baby penguin at West Midland Safari Park

2. ZSL London Zoo

It wasn’t just Easter eggs hatching at London Zoo earlier this year, as two adorable Humboldt penguin chicks made their arrival. Still covered in fluff, the pair will remain in the incubation room until they’re 10 weeks old, at which point they’ll move to the zoo’s specially designed ‘penguin nursery’, where they’ll start swimming lessons!

Meet the fluffy penguin chicks born at London Zoo at Easter

At the start of June, the zoo also welcomed a Malagasy narrow-striped mongoose, and we hear that big sister Nancy is helping to look after the new little pup too! The zoo also welcomed a tiny spiny hill turtle on World Turtle Day, as well as a baby black and white colobus monkey, called Mandible, back in March.

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There's also a new baby mongoose at London Zoo

3. Cotswold Wildlife Park

Have you ever seen a baby porcupine? Say hello to the as-yet-unnamed twins born at Cotswold Wildlife Park recently. The first Porcupine twins born in the park’s 47-year history, they’re perfect miniature versions of adults, complete with a full set of quills. We’ve even been told that they’ve already picked up one of their mum’s habits; stamping their feet!

These baby Porcupettes were born with all their quills at Cotswold Wildlife Park

The wildlife park has also recently celebrated the birth of a rare lemur species, the Crowned Sifaka. The first of its kinds born in Great Britain, the new baby male, Yousstwo, can be found in the Sifaka enclosure, next to ‘Madagascar’.

4. Chester Zoo

There has been a host of new arrivals at Chester Zoo this spring, most of which belong to rare species. Earlier in June, the zoo welcomed two extremely rare Javan green magpie chicks, which have joined other new arrivals, including two Asian elephant calves, a pair of red river hoglets and a capybara pup.

Meet Tombol, the new Bornean Orangutan born at Chester Zoo

If that wasn’t enough, the zoo also welcomed a new baby Rothschild’s giraffe called Narus, who took his few wobbly steps in April, plus a critically endangered Bornean Orangutan, Tombol (Indonesian translation for button!), who was born in April. You can also find twin sengis, Ping and Pong, who are smaller than ping pong balls, but can reach speeds of 18mph! Blink and you might miss them…

These adorable sengis are one of our new favourites at Chester Zoo

5. Drayton Manor

As small as a fox, but as cute as its black and white cousins, have you seen the new Red Pandas at Drayton Manor Park Zoo yet? Named Tika and Pema, the playful pair are most likely to be found nestled in the trees and feasting on bamboo! Found in the 15-acre zoo, which is part of the popular theme park, the zoo is also home to meerkats, cotton-top tamarins, a Sumatran tiger and more.

Meet the Red Pandas at Drayton Manor Zoo

6. Bristol Zoo

There will be plenty of monkeying around at Bristol Zoo, after the arrival of an adorable baby gorilla on April 22nd! Recently named Ayana, the name was inspired by the name Daisy, in memory of the daughter of one of the keepers. Meaning ‘pretty flower’ in Ethiopian, the final name was decided by an online vote – did you take part?

Ayana is the name of the new baby gorilla, born at Bristol Zoo

That’s not all, the South West zoo has also recently welcomed a tiny pancake tortoise (the size of a 50p coin!), a crowned baby lemur and adorable warty pig quadruplets, who are yet to be named.

A crowned baby lemur has also been born recently at Bristol Zoo

7. Catanger Llamas

As we were writing this post, we were excited to discover that Catanger Llamas has welcomed a new arrival less than 24 hours ago! The baby girl has already been named Vixey, from the classic Disney classic, The Fox and the Hound, as suggested by recent trekkers. Already standing tall next to mum, Vixey joins another llama baby, Ulfey, who was born at the end of May!

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Catanger Llama Trekking has welcomed two new baby llamas recently

8. Odds Farm Park

Found in High Wycombe, this children’s farm park is no stranger to new arrivals this year. At the start of May, Shetland pony sisters, Treacle and Beanie, both gave birth to adorable foals, named Humble and Hagrid. Later in May, there were more happy hooves, as Miniature Mediterranean Donkey foal Herbie was born!

Meet the little piglets at Odds Farm Park

But it’s not just foals you’ll find at the farm park, with lots of little piglets arriving at their new home too! At the end of May, Sow and Emily welcomed a litter of piglets, followed closely by Polly and Pumba and their new family in early June! Super adorable, we’ve loved watching videos over on the farm’s Facebook page. Add to all this lambs, calves and more too, it’s a bumper season for adorable new arrivals at Odds Farm Park.

9. ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

It’s a case of fabulous fawns at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, as the park welcomed four new baby deer in May. The tiny Père David’s fawn, which weighed just 11 kilograms at birth, is declared extinct in the wild, making this birth one of the most significant for the zoo. After taking its first wobbly steps at the end of May, the adorable new addition is literally making leaps and bounds in the huge paddock.

This adorable baby deer was born at Whipsnade Zoo in May

Whilst at ZSL Whipsnade Zoo, don’t forget to look out for Elizabeth, the baby Asian elephant who celebrated her first birthday on 10th June. Gifted with some new footballs to play with, she was quick to show off her trunkful of skills!

Did you know you can book tickets for ZSL Whipsnade Zoo directly with us? Just click here!

Happy birthday to Elizabeth the Elephant, who celebrated her first birthday in June

10. Woburn Safari Park

If you’re a fan of giraffes, then you’re in for another treat, as Woburn Safari Park has also recently welcomed a baby Rothschild’s giraffe! Born on 14th May, Arrow has settled in well tolive at the park, alongside his siblings,Nkuru and Onyx. After finding his feet, you can see the little giraffe running around and stretching his long legs! 

Elsewhere in the park, try and spot two monkey babies in African Forest, as well as three eland antelope calves in the African Savannah drive-through reserves!

This baby Rothschild's giraffe was born at Woburn Safari Park in May



Lisa O'Keeffe

16 June 2017

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Lisa is Brand Manager at Day Out With The Kids. Originally from London, she now lives in Birmingham and is a big kid at heart!

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