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Sensory Cinema: All about 4D and where to find a 4D cinema near you

Posted 26 April 2022
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Have you been to a 4D cinema near you yet? If going to the movies is a family favourite, it would be hard to resist the temptation to check out the new tech. The way we watch movies is becoming more and more immersive. When Avatar came out in 2009, 3D was viewed as one of the most exciting things in entertainment. Today, ten years later, practically all new films are available in 3D. So how do cinemas spice things up? By throwing 4D into the mix, of course!

If you’re wondering what 4D cinema is all about, the answer is - an amplified sensory experience. It uses a technology which features full-motion seating combined with environmental effects. What this means is that as the action unfolds, your seat will move in synchronization with the what’s happening on the big screen. Some forms of 4D cinema include extra features, such as water, wind, lighting, scent, bubbles, fog and more. Sounds like quite the ride doesn’t it?

Speaking of types of 4D cinema, currently there are two available across the UK - 4DX cinema and D-Box. Read on to learn what the difference between 4DX and D-Box is, and where you can find a 4D cinema near you!

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4DX Cinemas in the UK

Fancy turning your cinema experience into a couple-of-hours-long roller coaster ride? Then a 4DX cinema is where you need to be. Raining on screen? You’ll have water sprayed on you. Fight scene going down? You’ll feel a hit in the back of your chair. Featuring special effects, such as wind and water sprays, strobe lightning and scent, a movie in 4DX will definitely engage all of your five senses.

This type of sensory experience feels quite extreme and completely changes the way you experience movies. It’s perfect for action films, as it will have you fully immersed in the action on screen. Those of you who are into simulated thrill rides (think Star Tours at Disneyland Paris) will love it, but if you’d rather just sit comfortably and relax while the movie plays, 4DX cinema may not be your cup of tea.

Currently, there are 21 4DX cinemas in the UK, all owned by Cineworld. Check out the list below and find out if there’s a 4DX cinema near you!

Cineworld 4DX Cinemas Near You
Aberdeen - Union Square | Basildon | Birmingham - Broad Street | Bracknell | Cardiff | Castleford | Crawley | Didsbury | Edinburgh | Glasgow - Renfrew Street | Ipswich | London - Enfield | London - Leicester Square | London - The O2 Greenwich | London - Wandsworth | Middlesbrough | Milton Keynes | Newcastle upon Tyne | Sheffield | Stevenage | Telford

4DX cinema

D-Box Cinemas in the UK

If 4DX is a bit too much for you but you still want to find out what 4D cinema is all about, you can try D-Box - a tamer version of 4D cinema, which uses motion purely to enhance your movie experience. D-Box seats vibrate and move in all directions to mimic the action on screen.

The D-Box experience doesn’t involve jets of air in your neck or water spraying in your face. You’ll also avoid the occasional punches in the back received courtesy to your 4DX cinema chair. Furthermore, you’ve got full control over the intensity of movement in your chair. If mid-way through the movie you realise D-Box isn't for you, you can even switch off the system completely and enjoy your movie as usual.

Fancy giving D-Box a go? We’ll help you find a 4D cinema near you! Here’s a list of the UK cinemas that currently support D-Box technology:

ODEON D-Box 4D Cinemas Near You
Liverpool ONE | Metrocentre

Cineworld D-Box Cinemas Near You
Aldershot | Boldon Tyne and Wear | Braintree | London - Feltham | London - Wembley

4D Cinemas at Attractions in the UK

Want to have a taste of 4D cinema before you commit to a full-length 4D movie theatre experience with the kids? No problem! There are quite a few family-friendly attractions in the UK that offer 4D experiences. Those are usually shorts specifically designed for kids. This is the easiest way to find out whether 4D is something you’d like to experience more of.

So, here are a few of the top attractions that offer 4D movies:

UK attractions with 4D Cinemas
Paultons Theme Park | Thorpe ParkMadame Tussauds London* | Drayton Manor Theme Park | Wookey Hole Caves | LEGOLAND Windsor | LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Manchester | LEGOLAND Discovery Centre Birmingham | Cadbury World

 *The 4D experience at Madame Tussauds London will be temporarily closed from 24th February 2020. A brand new Marvel show will launch in May 2020. 

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