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Egg-stra! Egg-stra! 10 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas & Free Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Jo Dorey

20 March 2018

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What makes Easter such a scrumptious time of year? Of course there’s the chocolate which kids pretty much expect on a constant drip. (However much they beg and barter, stay strong and keep the treats to a sane minimum!) Then there’s the world coming into bloom after a long winter kip with snowdrops springing up and an April shower or two. These are a few of our favourite things but you know what? Family activities at home are perhaps the best bit - no matter what the weather - with crafts, games and Easter egg hunt ideas. 

So you and your brood can make the most of family time, we’ve tracked down the very best Easter hunt ideas at home, in and outdoors, as well as crafting a special and totally free Easter egg hunt kit which you can easily download. Let the games begin!

Kids playing with a Day Out With The Kids Easter Egg Pack.

  1. Bunny tracks

    Using card cutouts or flour, leave bunny footprints on the kitchen floor, up the stairs or out into the garden; your curious critters can follow them until they find their goodies tucked away in rabbit-sized hidey holes. If you’re looking for Easter egg hunt ideas for toddlers, this is a cute way to capture their imaginations and create a little magic at home. Luckily enough we have some paw prints pre-prepared in our Easter Egg Hunt Kit, linked to below.

  2. Pirate treasure hunt

    How to do an Easter egg hunt really depends on your family, and this one is perfect for salty sea dogs in training! Dressing up in eye patches and bandanas would be a great way to get started but the most important part is creating your map. Draw a detailed diagram, including plenty of pirate slang, leading them to eggs hidden all over the house and garden - just don’t make it too arrr’d!
    Top tip: Soak the map in tea bags beforehand for that weather-worn look.

    Two boys on an Easter egg hunt.

  3. Rhyming clues

    Get groovy with rhyming clues. These can be hidden alongside the chocolaty treasure to lead kids to the next location or read out loud, but all of them have to rhyme and if possible, include an egg pun or two! Remember though that it’s not only a mental workout for the youngsters as the grown-ups have to actually come up with these crafty clues. Now, what rhymes with egg..?

  4. Easter Charades

    While charades are typically a Christmas staple, we don’t see why they can’t be played every day of the year. Give each of your kids an Easter-related idea that they then have to act out - for example, Easter Bunny. Working in teams they can go hopping mad trying to guess what it is before winning a point (and an egg) for their team. We think this would be ideal for indoor egg hunts.

  5. Alphabet eggs

    This is a great way to get your gang using their brains as well as their tummies. Draw or stick a letter onto every treasure in your Easter egg trail and scatter them randomly around the house. Once the kids have found every single egg they have to form them into words (say ‘chocolate’?) and only then can they tuck in.
    Top tip: For older kids, this can also be adapted to word association games. If one of the chocs is hidden under a flower pot, say the word ‘plant’ and see if they can figure it out.

    A kid drawing on an egg.

  6. Obstacle course

    Considering egg hunts are run on chocolate, it makes sense to throw in a little exercise for balance. The best way would be with an Easter obstacle course. If you’re outside you could create a list of challenges like star jumps down the path or running around a tree. Inside, have them doing a silly dance or climbing over cushions and under sheets. Either way, it’s loads of physical fun.

  7. Colour coded eggs

    Colour coding eggs is a surefire way to stop one of your brood gobbling them all up! Give each of your kids a hue and then using coloured tissue, paint or really anything you have in the house, count your eggs out into groups and brand them based on each of your kids’ colours. Your trailing tykes could even take part in the painting beforehand while larger groups could be put into teams.
    Top tip: Take a look at our ‘3 easy ways to decorate eggs’ post for inspiration.

    Painting an Easter egg.

  8. Child-led hunt

    If our experience of littluns is anything to go by, they love to take charge so rather than racking your brain for Easter egg hunt ideas, let them! With a child-led egg hunt, you can let them rule the roost and plant their precious cargo all over the garden or inside the house. Just remember A. Not to spot them too soon and B. Share the spoils - it’ll be best for everyone.

  9. Bunny coupons

    We’ve hatched a radical idea: what if for your Easter hunt you didn’t include chocolate..? Hear us out; instead of eggs, you could create coupons from the Easter bunny (signed with their paw print, of course) and hide them around the house. These could have special treats enclosed like an extra serving of pudding or no tidying up for the day. In fact, they may well be far more tempting than the sugar.

  10. The golden egg

    While every egg is special - particularly when it’s made of chocolate - some are just a little more exciting than others and that’s where the golden egg comes in. You could combine this with number 9 in our list and have a series of special coupons leading up to the final prize, in all its golden glory. With one for each of them, you won’t have to worry about kids squabbling either.

These are just a handful of the egg-cellent Easter egg hunt ideas out there so we hope one them will do, especially for when it’s raining or you have the entire extended family round for Easter dinner. And as a final tasty treat here’s one we prepared earlier…

Our Easter Egg Hunt Kit.

Download Our Free Easter Egg Hunt Kit

Downloading an Easter Egg Hunt Kit means you can run your very own hunt at home with all the egg-stra trimmings. We’ve put together some signs for you to place wherever inspiration takes you; peek behind the rose bushes, dip past the pond - just be sure not to tumble down a rabbit hole!

Once all the chocs have been demolished, keep your bunnies busy by having a crack at the activities in the kit. Crafty kids will love colouring in, while the whole family can team up by solving the word search, playing spot the difference or helping Bunny escape from a maze.

Download yours here.

On the other hand, if you’ve decided that you’d rather get out and enjoy a trail which has been organised for you, let us help! You can look at our UK round-up to find an Easter event or an Easter Egg Hunt near you or if you want to focus on the main event (chocolate, obviously), here’s our pick of the best Cadbury’s Easter Egg Hunts in 2018.



Jo Dorey

20 March 2018

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Jo is a Copywriter at Day Out With The Kids. She’s lived all over the world in places like Pakistan, Hungary and Hong Kong - these days though she loves a good, long walk and hanging out with her cat, Fergus.

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