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Chicken Pox Park

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Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

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Attraction Information

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Ages: 0-12

Venue type: Outdoor

Did you know that there’s a day out with a difference at Chicken Pox Park! The place where spots and speckles are always welcome.

Got a big family wedding coming up in a few months?  Get chicken pox out of the way now.  Planning a holiday abroad in the summer?  Make sure the pox doesn't scupper your trip.

Have you got 99 problems but an itch ain’t one? If you want your child to catch the pox at time to suit you and your family schedule, then this state-of-the-art adventure park is sure to have your child stricken with chicken in under an hour.  Complete with already infected children, slides, ball pits and pox parties, who would have thought that the spots could be so much fun?

If your kids have already got a dose of the dots, then come and meet like-minded parents to share tops tips, learn about the latest remedies and simply get out of the house. On arrival every visitor is gifted a pair of silky soft mittens and introduced to other parents. Avoid the judging glares when you take your spotty children out in public at a park where everyone has 'opted in.

And, for all those days taken off school, there’s an interactive learning centre where kids can catch up on homework while parents catch up on sleep.

  • The place to visit if you want your kid to catch the pox
  • A state-of-the-art infection adventure park

  • Get the latest in top tips and homegrown remedies


  • Wheelchair Wheelchair Friendly
  • Pushchair Pushchair Friendly

Getting There and Contact Information


April Square, , Hampshire, PO14DX, England


Click here to visit Chicken Pox Park's website

Standard Opening Times and Pricing

Opening hours

Open all day, with popular times from 10:00 - 16:00.


Completely free!

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Weather policy

You can go and enjoy Chicken Pox Park come rain or shine.


So much fun!

4 star Rating 4 / 5

Written by Mitch . 31.03.17

Had a great time with the kids here only to be asked if we could go back. I explained and it led to tantrums, oh dear.

Chickenpox achieved!

4 star Rating 4 / 5

Written by Jo14 . 31.03.17

After weeks of trying to get our two kids (3 and 5) to catch chickenpox, we'd given up hope. All the playdates in the world weren't helping, but then we came here and it only took a few rounds in the ball pit before the spots started to appear. Such a relief! The coffee isn't bad either.

Such a relief

5 star Rating 5 / 5

Written by Sarah03 . 31.03.17

It was so great to be able to keep little Timmy entertained and distracted while he had chicken pox. So much better than being kept at home with nothing to do but watch paw patrol and scratch his spots! And because the other kids their has chicken pox too he didn't feel like he was poorly anymore.

Such a relief to get it over with

5 star Rating 5 / 5

Written by catherinew . 31.03.17

Sully's older brother has had it already but we really just wanted him to get it age 4 1/2 as I read somewhere that this is the perfect age - and it fitted in between a family holiday at a Christening. The spots literally appeared as soon as we got home, I couldn't have been happier. Then we took him back to play while he was covered in them - really the only place we could go. I met another mum there who had been 5 times, with all of her kids when she wanted them to get them. They should have them all over the country.

We caught a little case of April Fools... lucky for us there's a cure.

Say goodbye to Chicken Pox Park, there's nothing to see here!

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