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Torran in Highlands
Torre in Devon
Torries in Grampian
Torrin in Highlands
Torton in Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Torbay in Devon
Torbeg in Strathclyde
Torne in South Yorkshire
Torphin in Fife
Tornaveen in Grampian
Torksey in Lincolnshire
Torbrex in Central
Torvaig in Highlands
Torver in Cumbria
Towan in Cornwall
Torquay in Devon
Tocher in Grampian
Toward in Strathclyde
Townend in Derbyshire
Toulton in Somerset
Torpoint in Cornwall
Towyn in North Wales
Towton in North Yorkshire
Townsend in Somerset
Torphins in Grampian
Totton in Hampshire
Torrance in Strathclyde
Toronto in Durham
Torwood in Central
Tostary in Strathclyde
Totaig in Highlands
Totland in Isle of Wight
Totley in South Yorkshire
Totties in West Yorkshire
Toton in Derbyshire
Totnes in Devon
Torry in Grampian
Tote in Highlands
Torquhan in Borders
Tomatin in Highlands
Ton-teg in South Wales
Tonmawr in South Wales
Tolvah in Highlands
Tolland in Somerset
Todber in Dorset
Toft in Cambridgeshire
Togston in Northumberland
Tonna in South Wales
Tonge in Leicestershire
Toome in Ulster
Torness in Highlands
Tormarton in Gloucestershire
Torbryan in Devon
Tow Law in Durham
Tovil in Kent
Toldish in Cornwall
Torcross in Devon
Torlundy in Highlands
Toulston in North Yorkshire
Toftrees in Norfolk
Town End in Buckinghamshire
Townshend in Cornwall
Todmorden in Durham
Torphichen in Lothian
Todwick in South Yorkshire
Townlake in Devon
Totnor in Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Townfield in Durham
Townhead in South Yorkshire
Towersey in Oxfordshire
Topsham in Devon
Torsonce in Borders
Tooting in Greater London
Tongwell in Buckinghamshire
Tongland in Dumfries and Galloway
Torrylinn in Strathclyde
Torryburn in Fife
Tonyrefail in South Wales
Tonwell in Hertfordshire
Tontine in Lancashire
Torridge in Devon
Torworth in Nottinghamshire
Tothill in Lincolnshire
Tonedale in Somerset
Tondu in South Wales
Tong in Shropshire
Torpenhow in Cumbria
Tosside in Lancashire
Tongham in Hampshire
Tostock in Suffolk
Toseland in Cambridgeshire
Towns End in Somerset