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Coxwold in North Yorkshire
Cowfold in West Sussex
Cornwood in Devon
Cotwall in Shropshire
Cosford in Warwickshire
Cockwells in Cornwall
Coanwood in Northumberland
Cockwood in Devon
Cotes in Leicestershire
Coton in Cambridgeshire
Cothill in Oxfordshire
Cotehill in Cumbria
Costock in Nottinghamshire
Cosmore in Dorset
Cossall in Nottinghamshire
Cottered in Hertfordshire
Coston in Norfolk
Cottown in Tayside
Cowley in Devon
Cowlow in Derbyshire
Cowshill in Durham
Coxford in Hampshire
Cowes in Isle of Wight
Cousland in Lothian
Cottisford in Oxfordshire
Cotton in Suffolk
Coseley in West Midlands
Cotwalton in Staffordshire
Cotteylands in Devon
Corston in Somerset
Colwell in Northumberland
Colwall in Herefordshire and Worcestershire
Colworth in West Sussex
Colyford in Devon
Comford in Cornwall
Colston in Mid Wales
Colscott in Devon
Codsall in Staffordshire
Coleford in Gloucestershire
Colestocks in Devon
Colmworth in Bedfordshire
Concord in Durham
Conford in Hampshire
Corscombe in Dorset
Corsley in Wiltshire
Coalford in Grampian
Cortworth in South Yorkshire
Cornwell in Oxfordshire
Cornholme in Durham
Conisholme in Lincolnshire
Consall in Staffordshire
Copford in Essex
Copsale in West Sussex
Coscote in Oxfordshire

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