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Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens

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Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens has an impressive range of monkeys, birds, pandas, wild cats and other animals nestled in naturalistic habitats housed in the grounds of Thrigby Hall.

Known for their rather unique tree boardwalk viewing platforms The Tiger Tree Walk, where one can look down on the big cats from on high.

Also offering reptile and swamp house, plus Sulawesi Crested Macaque and gibbon enclosures.

In summer feeding begins with the leopards at 2.30pm, followed by the tigers at 3pm, then the monkeys at 3.30pm and lastly the otters at 4pm. If the weather is hot enough the crocodiles will be fed at 3.30pm.

Visitor Reviews

If your kids like getting up close to nature then Thrigby Zoo is the place. I have never been to a zoo that lets you get so close to the animals. There are ‘walkways through the trees’ where you can look in on the Monkeys at their highest point in the trees and feeding time with the Black Panther and Leopard is un-miss-able; both fascinating and scary in equal measure either viewing at ground level or from a crow’s nest-like vantage point above their enclosure.
The wooden walkways through the animal enclosures is a highlight – particularly through the Tiger’s enclosure – although you are high up and out of harm’s way, you can’t help feeling a rush of adrenaline as you look down on the prowling cats below you.
The Swamp house is another highlight although I can imagine it getting crowded, hot and uncomfortable during high season - but the close-ups you get of crocs, alligators and snakes will be worth any discomfort. This is also one of the few places that my kids actually took in the many information posters as they are written in really short, read-able sentences with interesting illustrations.
To break the day up there is a playground and a large open grassed area as well as a reasonable café decent food and plenty of tables and chairs. All in all, a surprisingly good day out.

- Martin Hutchinson | May 2014

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens
Great Yarmouth
NR29 3DR
Telephone: 01493 369477
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Admission: 2014 Prices:
Adult £12.50
Child 4 to 14 £9.50
OAP £11
  Opening Times: 2014 Opening Details:
Every Day from 10am.

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