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Ripleys Believe It Or Not

Ripleys Believe Or NotThe London Pavilion
1 Piccadilly Circus
Central London
Greater London
Telephone: 020 3238 0022
Kids for 1p
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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Take a single step into the infamous Ripley's Believe It Or Not and you'll be hooked for hours: this place is literally amazing! Throughout the whole place you'll also come across no end of amazing historical artefacts and what they quite accurately refer to as the weird and wonderful! From a knitted Ferrari to a model Titanic made from 147,000 matchsticks to a Car Tyre Gorilla, measuring 3 metres tall and weighing 225kg to real South American shrunken heads, the great joy of Ripley's is truly never knowing what you're going to see next.

They have interactive exhibits too which are even more fun than the walk rounds: get lost in the infinities of the Marvellous Mirror Maze; try to keep your balance (and your cool!) on the bridge of the Black Hole vortex and make your mark on the Digital Graffiti Wall!

The Gallery Of The Greats features some amazing artwork with iconic public figures from Kate Middleton to Michael Jackson recreated in unusual mediums including sweets, lipstick kisses and even toast! Next you can explore some Curious Cultures and explore notions of beauty from around the world, not many of whom would appear in the following gallery of Remarkable People like the Dog Faced Man, Cuban Eye Popper and Vampire Woman! The Incredible Nature selection is also pretty unusual, with things like a lunar meteorite and an 8 legged calf sitting alongside prehistoric shark teeth and an albino alligator!

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It may be worth checking out Ripleys Believe Or Not's website to see if there are any special events or seasonal fun things to do that may be going on during the day.

We do strongly suggest you contact Ripleys Believe Or Not before you set off on your family day out, just to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices, as there is nothing worse than disappointed kids in the back of your car after a long journey.

Opening Times

2016 Details:

Monday to Friday: 10am until midnight
Saturday and Sunday: 10am until midnight

Prices & Admission

2016 Prices:

Walk Up Prices:
Adult £27.95
Child 4 to 15 £20.95
There are no family tickets at the door
Fast Track Entry is £3pp extra

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Ripleys Believe Or NotThe London Pavilion
1 Piccadilly Circus
Central London
Greater London
Telephone: 020 3238 0022