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Culloden WoodInverness
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Culloden Wood offers an ideal site for a family ramble, with way marked trails offering either a 3km trip including several local landmarks or a much shorter one in and out of the trees for those with smaller legs.

It's also an area full of history: the trees cover part of the site of the battle of Culloden (the last battle fought on British soil) and the Prisoners' Stone is a grim reminder of those days… this is where the last 17 of Prince Charles' troops were executed by firing squad.

The brutal folk of the Jacobite Army then bashed in the bonces of the shot soldiers to be sure. Despite all this, one of them, Fraser, survived and managed to sneak away and escape! A gory story but with a great message: never give up!

Also don't forget to take a few coins for making a wish or 2 in St Mary's Well, though tradition dictates that if it's a wish for healing then you're better off to leave a scrap of cloth belonging to the poorly person… nonsense of course but the nice kind!

Please note that the postcode provided is for Satnav to get you close but please plan your journey thoroughly and independently.

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It may be worth checking out Culloden Wood's website to see if there are any special events or seasonal fun things to do that may be going on during the day.

We do strongly suggest you contact Culloden Wood before you set off on your family day out, just to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices, as there is nothing worse than disappointed kids in the back of your car after a long journey.

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2016 Opening Details:
Year round daylight access.

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2016 Prices:
No fees. Parking may charge.


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Culloden WoodInverness
Telephone: 01463 791575