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Butterfly and Fountain World

Butterfly and Fountain WorldStaplers Road
Isle of Wight
PO33 4RW
Telephone: 01983 883430


The charming Butterfly and Fountain World provides kids with the opportunity to see hundreds of butterflies flying freely in a natural environment! It's like being in a jungle! The family can study the egg-caterpillar-chrysalis-imago life cycle first hand with informative boards and living examples! There are also have cute exotic finches flying about freely too and a hoard of pretty little Chinese Painted Quail who dart about munching on the uninvited insects!
'Small World' is set in a dark fairytale setting with decorative lighting and an animated diorama of animals and other characters, including an arctic pirate scene and a clown band playing music.
Plus Jumping Jets, which shoots jets of water three and a half metres high and five metres across in a synchronised display and other 'get wet if you want to' water features!
And alongside these features they also have the amusing Fountain World, the wonderfully themed Italian and Japanese gardens, plus you can also catch expertly informed feeding talks at the beautiful Koi ponds.

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It may be worth checking out Butterfly and Fountain World's website to see if there are any special events or seasonal fun things to do that may be going on during the day.


We do strongly suggest you contact Butterfly and Fountain World before you set off on your family day out, just to make sure they are open and to confirm admission prices, as there is nothing worse than disappointed kids in the back of your car after a long journey.

Opening Times

2016 Details:

Main features open from 23rd March to 3 November.
Monday through Saturday 10am to 4.30pm.
Sunday 10am to 4pm.

Prices & Admission

2016 Prices:

Adults £7.99
Children £5.50 (Age 4 to 15yrs)
Children under 4 years Free
Seniors £6.50
Family from £21.99


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Butterfly and Fountain WorldStaplers Road
Isle of Wight
PO33 4RW
Telephone: 01983 883430